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From a One-Room School House to the Blogosphere
Anne Cleveland takes on new technology with the launch of her personal blog site

ATLANTA—Anne Cleveland, an Atlanta-area resident, isn’t looking to sit back and quietly enjoy retirement or let her voice in society fall on deaf ears. Instead, she has launched a blog, (meaning 80-year-olds), where she can write, share life stories, and interact with others around the globe.

Discussing topics spanning from politics, freedom and current events to health, grandparenting, and life experiences (like growing up on a farm in northeast Georgia where she once attended a one-room school house and living in Japan where she played bridge with a royal partner in the Prince Takamatsu Cup Tournament), Cleveland’s blog is witty, forthright, and profound.

“The world of computers has created a completely new language and channel to relate to people everywhere,” said Cleveland. “When I first heard the word blog, I thought it was in reference to the Rorschach test—a psychiatric term meaning the interpretation of inkblot designs spattered on a sheet of paper.”

Cleveland further confesses her shortcomings with the latest technology to her readers in one blog post, “I type with two fingers, my spelling and grammar may not be that of a fresh college grad, my eyesight is not what it used to be, and sometimes think my brain is on rewind. But one thing is for sure…I enjoy writing.”

Cleveland’s latest blogging hobby has allowed her the platform to share life events, voice concerns and issues with the government, and interrelate with other bloggers about health, grandchildren, and current events.  As she candidly says, “getting older has its rewards and drawbacks, but I for one am not interested in the alternative at this stage in my life.”


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