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An Octogenerian's Blog Eight Decades of Free Thinking Sun, 15 Nov 2015 20:26:06 +0000 en-US hourly 1 WAR OF IDEAS NOW IN FULL SWING – WE ARE NOT PREPARED FOR IT, WE ARE LIKE SITTING DUCKS (Issue 1245) Sun, 15 Nov 2015 20:26:06 +0000
A few days ago I posted an article about Equality. I was trying to convey one’s attention to the subject of just notice relative to where we are focused. When we should be focused on the war we are in the midst of. An ongoing “War of Ideas” we have been engaged in for quite sometime.
The terrorist attacks in France yesterday, killing a bunch of people, pre-occupied at an event. This horrendous unprovoked event in the evening was preceded by an announcement by our President in the morning, suggesting the threat from the ISIS terrorists was,”contained.”
The same day, yesterday, posted photographs of hundreds of illegals, the President has approved of, landing in New Orleans.
I’ve been writing and posting articles on my web-site,, for over eight years. And during that period have posted several articles about “The War of Ideas” we have been involved in quite sometime. But the people of this country are not listening nor paying attention to any meaningful degree.
I’m reminded of the story about the man who drowned and when he went through the pearly gates, first thing he did was ask God why he allowed him to drown. The story goes, God said, “I warned you about the rising waters and you stayed in your house. I sent a boat for rescue and you refused to leave. As the waters rose and you climbed on the roof, I sent a helicopter for you and you refused to grab hold of the rope I sent. The waters covered your house, you fell in and drowned. All this after I tried several rescue attempts.”
That pretty much describes the tempo of the majority now-a-days. Currently, all attention is on the terrorist attacks in France, which will die down in a couple of days and majority of attention will return to the same old notion of apathy, ignoring the facts of the aim behind the attacks. Which is domination via a “One World Government.” A system of Socialism, world wide.
Going back to the earlier part of the last century, in the twenties Lenin described the plan by saying Communism will take over Europe and mid-east countries, via a series of wars to conquer these areas. Then added, the United States we will not have to attack, because it will fall into our hands like overripe fruit.
Socialism is comprised of two brands, Fascism, like the German brand, and communism like the Russian brand. This country has already converted and been “transformed” to socialism. We are no longer a country of capitalistic free-enterprise. Currently being saturated with illegals, for the finishing touch preparation for a “one World Government.”
The powers at be in charge in Washington, have so dismantled our military which was our line of defense to protect from foreign and domestic enemies has been drastically dismantled.
Planes being blown to bits. Terrorists attacking on all fronts, and public schools indoctrinating the children into the tenets of Socialism while untold numbers walking around like they are catching dead flies, collecting food stamps and living in government housing. With no interest in Freedom. Non-producers on the backs of producers.
It just so happens, I spent many years married to a military officer, who fought in 3 wars for this country, world war two, a year in korea and a year in Vietnam, and I supported his being in the military, raising kids and taking care of his sick parents while he was away most of that time working as an air-sea rescue pilot during war conflicts.
I love this country and the Freedom afforded in the past and have always stood up for the Principles of Freedom, which is not free. There’s a price for it. Currently we are in the throes of the  last fragments of it left. And just a matter of time before those trained to destroy, will hit here. There is still time it can all be avoided, but time is of the essence, because the evil-doers are working day and night to bring about an incoming One World government.
Follow the aftereffects of yesterday’s attacks in France, to see and hear the purpose is for the establishment of a One World system of government. Our own President told us in pre-election campaign speeches his aim was to “transform” America and no one asked him how nor why. But one can now see how it is all unfolding.
We have a little time left but none to waste, if we are to reverse the currents and prove Lenin wrong. Time is of the essence.
Go back and read my last article to understand how the forces at be have used “equality” as one of their tactics to dismantle a system in this country which provided the greatest good for the greatest number known to civilization. And we have squandered it.
Remember Argentina, when Eva Peron and her husband transformed that country to Socialism then cried out, “Don’t cry for me Argentina.”  Remember Cuba, when Castro was touted as the “George Washington of Cuba.” When all the time he had been a dyed in the wool communist since age 16. 
Take note of the influx of illegals. These people are not to be pitied, but censored, because they have allowed their native countries to be destroyed by despots, now flocking here. Excuse for jobs – their countries have the same lands, air and water as we do here they should be creating jobs in their own countries, and over-throwing their leaders, who head up the misery in their lives.
And we the people of this nation should straighten up our backbone, and acquire that same “Root, Hog, or die” determination of our founding fathers to reclaim our freedom and this country. There’s not a minute to waste if we expect favorable results in this “War of Ideas.”
Time is of the essence.
Let Freedom ring
Just me AC
Lately it has become more and more apparent that the drive for a One World government and the totalitarianism of Socialism, to dismantle and destroy the foundational laws and purposes of a way of life in these United States, leaps out at me.
Not only does it disturb the status quo of life in this country, it contradicts and violates universal laws. Simply because it violates universal law, which is self-evident we are each different and un-equal. All one has to do to observe this is watch a few episodes of Forensic Files. 
I find it fascinating to watch how crimes are solved through forensics. When an investigator works on a case, they not only check that which is seen, but clues of the un-seen. It’s amazing how one’s individual strands of hair are different from anyone else, how one’s fingerprint and saliva are different from any other individual. A drop of blood or footprint can lead the investigator to the perpetrator of the crime, because it is different from any other individual on earth.
Each one of us look different, act different and think different than any other person on earth. Despite the fact there are many areas in which we are alike or have similarities. The way we are is the way we were created. And all of us created to be different with some similarities. 
In this connection, “Equality” means sameness. Which brings up the subject of why is it that political governments throughout the world have one trait in common, and that is to create sameness and equality among the population. Once this is discovered and recognized the question is Why?
Since there must have been a purpose in the whole, by our creator, to create each one of us differently, what is the purpose of some individuals who seek power over others, to set out and strive to create “equality.” It’s actually no mystery, and not rocket science. A child can understand once it’s recognized. The bottom line is a lust for power over others, to take and rake and use their energy, minds and bodies and property for the benefit of the taker, promoting equality.
A common theme in one’s drive to promote equality is that it is usually disguised as do-goodism by the perpetrator, under the cover of acts sugarcoated to deceive the victim into thinking they are acting for their benefit.
Ayn Rand, the noted writer on philosophy, wrote a well-known book titled “Atlas Shrugged.”  Another great book she wrote, less known, is titled “The Virtue of Selfishness.” She chronicles in detail, how frequently so-called acts of kindness disguises one’s aim to dole and control, to cover one’s underlying aim for a self-serving purpose, contradicting one’s nature of selfishness to maintain their “difference,” by doodle-bugging another to rule over.
Here in this country, the founding fathers attempted to create a system of government to protect one’s individuality and creativity, to protect themselves and their property. The main purpose of a centralized political government was to protect the individual from foreign and domestic enemies, designed to protect one’s life and property they owned.
Over time that original intent has been so eroded by self-centered taking and raking politicians, we now live under a different system of centralized politics. The powers at be who have changed life in these United States have accomplished their aim and power grab, mainly by a technique of passing laws to bring about equality. That is taking from producers to re-distribute to non-producers to implement “equality.” In direct opposition to our specific creation of “difference.”
Our value system is now so screwed up, brought about by a system that has promoted “equality” in direct opposition to our very nature and universal laws. There’s one thing we can count on, and that is, Nature will eventually have its way, and it’s all coming about, dismantling of the perpetrators who brought about this different way of life, brought about via one subtle methodology of pitching “equality.”
The methodology is so disguised, in just about everything the rulers do, it is difficult to detect that their acts are for their selfish gain, to make the people equal, while they enjoy the perks of a lifestyle of plenty as they strip the freedom and property away from those that voted them into power, creaming off the top before they re-distribute the rest.
We now have a candidate campaigning for leadership, so extremely rich, he’s not after your freedom and property, and is willing to take on the task of restoration, as president without pay, to make “America great again.” While we the people, i.e., the majority, are nit-picking trying to defeat him.
The nit-picking was never so glaringly apparent as a Face book post by a lady who posted she would not vote for him because she read a news item about his contributing money in the past to a liberal. My response was it was his money and not hers and he could do as he chose with his property. A glaring example of a sign of the times, i.e., the notion that the non-owner takes on the personna of deciding how another should forfeit their property according to the desires of the non-owner.
We must awaken to the fact, Freedom means ownership, that has certain criteria, and re-distribution, by decision of non-owners in order to achieve equality, violates natural order, and is the main reason this nation is in the ditch. It’s the “war of ideas” we have been in for a long time, that brings about the downfall of a system that brought about the greatest good for the greatest number known to civilization. We have squandered it via a political technique of “equality.”
Founder and chairman of Gun Owners of America, H.L. Richardson said, “When Legislature decides to steal some of our Rights and plans to use police force to accomplish it, what’s the real difference between them and the thief? damn little!! They hide behind the excuse they’re legislating democratically. The fact they do so by majority vote has no moral significance, whatsoever.  Numerical might does not constitute Right, no more than a lynch mob can justify its act because a majority participated.”
Let Freedom Ring
Just me AC
When I awaken in the morning, feeling gratitude for my life and all the things I enjoy, as the day progresses it has become a habit of eventually feeling great concern, for my freedom, my Country and future of my grandchildren. As the day progresses I find myself frequently trying to figure out what’s wrong, and the root of our problems in “My Country tis of Thee.”
Today, it seems to have leaped at me, two words, “Democracy and Equality.” The idea and expressions of Equality seems to saturate so much of everyday news. It’s disguised in news reports, speeches, laws passed, riots, schools and churches. That underlying notion, Equality, must be an enforced idea. If I could sum up the underlying cause  about the ditch this nation is in, the controlled economy, the sorry state of affairs in public Schools, dismantled military, saturation with illegals, release of prisoners, high taxes, exorbitant money alloted to entitlement programs, billions extracted to support public schools, neglect of our infra-structure, while sending money to other countries who hate us and on and on, and race riots, seemingly infinitum, the common thread in all of it is this intense notion of progressive liberals is to reduce this nation, once endowed with Freedom, to the shambles of “Equality.” It’s all designed to enforce “sameness.”
In the beginning of formation of this nation, the notion of our founding fathers was, design of a system different from aristocracy. And Oligarchy. That form of government in which the sovereign power resides in and is exercised by the whole body of free citizens, directly or indirectly through a system of representatives, distinguished from a monarchy.
A system that provided the greatest good for the greatest number known to civilization. And this country thrived for a number of years under capitalistic free-enterprise. That was yesteryear, and no more. Now we live under a system dictated by a centralized power in Washington, the yoke of socialism.
The depraved taste for “Equality,” a system which impels the weak, and unproductive, to lower the powerful producers to their level. It forces men and women to prefer equality by slavery to the inequality of freedom. Enforced by a despotic government, which is oppressive and restrictive, designed to bring the productive down to the level of the un-productive. Despotism, which allows just enough productivity to support the un-productive.This is the game plan now in effect, brought about to establish equality. 
Democracy does not guarantee peace and plenty. The destruction of Freedom in this country puts the minority of producers at the mercy of the mob, and works at cross-purposes to effectively create and use human energy of the individual initiative.
Criticism is silenced, and prohibited, which has stripped this nation of ability to exercise Freedom, and it has become very unpopular to even talk about Freedom. Why is that? Because freedom is inequality and verbalizing freedom, works at cross-purposes with the aim and goal of equality.
The condition I describe is what happened in Greece, and we know from published news reports the sad state of affairs that country is in. It’s no longer, “beware of greeks bearing gifts.”  Because they have no gifts to share, only a lesson in what happens when a country embraces the notion of equality, and accepts it in preference to Freedom, which is self-control and self responsibility by the individual who values ownership of property.
It was the Frenchman Frederic Bastiat who wrote “The Law,” who said: “and what is Liberty, whose very name makes the heart beat faster, and shakes the world? Is it not the union of all liberties – liberty of Conscience, of education, of association, of the press, of travel, of labor, of trade.”
It was Charles A. Lindbergh, Sr. who said, “A radical is one who speaks the truth.”
If you are an individual reading this and asking yourself, “What can I do?” you begin by recognizing and facing the reality of what has already happened in these United States. And the reality is, all you read and hear about now-a-days, in the courts, in Congress, in the Whitehouse, on the news on TV and newspapers, comes from a majority of the press, who promote the plan which has already transformed America, from a freedom loving, proud and productive citizenry to the abysmal mediocrity of equality in a socialistic system.
On a side note, a post on face-book this morning, a lady said she couldn’t vote for Donald Trump because it’s reported he in the past had given money to liberals. I responded it was his money, and not forced take-away from anyone else. It was an indictment of one’s choice to do with as they please with their property. It’s part of the pervasive notion, prevalent in this country, those who don’t have it have a right to decide what others do with their own property. That notion of Lyndon Johnson, to take from haves to give to have nots to promote equality in distribution of wealth.
A great book to read titled, “This Bread Is Mine” by  Robert LeFevre. A man who understood freedom, and practiced its philosophy in his everyday life, then founded a college where he taught it.
Sadly, this nation has rejected the responsibility of freedom, in favor of support of acts and ideas that promote “equality.” Furthermore, we the people have voted in power, 535 Congressmen, and one President, who have led this country down the bridle path of “equality.” Shamelessly in defiance of Freedom.
I’ve only written a couple of articles in the past two months. Woke up this Sunday morning, listening to news about Trump’s appearance on Saturday Night Live. I listened to the first 20 minutes of program and it was so boring I turned it off and went to bed.
Woke up early with other plans for my day, when a face-book friend reminded me of areas where Donald Trump is inconsistent with the Philosophy of Freedom, which is basically self-responsibility and self-control. On my web-site,, I have over a thousand articles posted, many of which vividly and graphically define the meaning of freedom. For those unfamiliar, I suggest reading the one on Principles & Value Judgments, detailing the meaning and essence of Freedom. Not anything I invented but discovered.
This nation was founded by a bunch of farmers tilling the land, taking care of themselves their families and property and rejected a political British king, who felt entitled to a share of that which did not belong to him. They took a stance, stood up and against overwhelming odds, fought and won for one thing and that was FREEDOM!
Then carved out the Declaration of Independence and the Constitution, to hand down to future generations the legacy of freedom. That Freedom endowed by our Creator and supported by those who fought to sustain and maintain.
The very foundational essence of freedom is Ownership of Property. And ownership of any and everything means control with boundaries. That’s elementary, dear Watson. Can’t own anything that does not have a boundary. So where does that individual ownership and control begin? Quite simply with one’s mind and body. Each individual has the Right and responsibility to control, maintain and control their bodies. No one can digest the food it takes to sustain life but the individual. And each individual has the right and responsibility to sustain the boundaries of that obvious fact.
As much as political government attempts to invade and remove this right by manmade laws, rules and regulations, it does not work to sustain life. The major role of this Constitutional political government is to protect this nation from foreign and domestic enemies. Failing in this duty and responsibility by deliberately bringing in illegals by the thousands to invade individual property Rights. In this year of 2015, we have been invaded.
There is an evil sinister force at work to destroy this nation and its individual inhabitants, coming from all directions. But those in charge of this destructive process, know it cannot be accomplished with a healthy population to resist. So what has the government done to assure their destructive success?  They have seized control of one’s health and medical care through Obamacare legislation. An act perpetrated upon the people without their consent and detailed in hundreds of pages of rules and regulations.
From government ordered genetically modified growing of crops to government ordered immunizations, the powers at be in Washington have seized control, by crossing the boundaries of one’s Right and responsibility to sustain life and health.
At this particular juncture in our history, with dozens of candidates vying for the job of Presidency to lead this nation, the majority of campaign rhetoric is on the Economy. Which means the focus is on our medium of exchange, namely money.
When it should be the invasion of individual boundaries, detrimental to one’s health and Life.There’s where the greatest danger to the citizeny of this nation lies. A political system has seized control of the manner in which food is grown, processed and controlled, and seized control of health issues and medical care. And we the people have set it up and let it happen.
Along comes a candidate running for President, Donald Trump, whose campaign mantra is to “Make America Great again.” A noble idea, and he’s the one person with know-how to make that happen. He has the brains, experience in Capitalism, and the drive to accomplish that goal.
However there’s one glaring flaw in his plans that will prevent him from accomplishing that goal, he must change or he will fail, and that’s his publicized position in support of One Payer Health issues.That’s support of government control over one’s health and medical issues. That’s socialized medicine.
It’s wrong, and violates the most fundamental essence of Freedom. It invades the most fundamental of one’s right to ownership of property, which begins with one’s  physical body. Unless he reverses his position, and supports one’s Right to decide on issues of health, he will fail on his notion to “make America great again.”
I personally think Donald Trump is a man of his word, a man of caring generosity, with deep-seated Principles of Right from Wrong. And it’s his good intentions to advocate the government take care of health issues, but he’s wrong on this one issue. Because it violates the very fundamental notion that Freedom means control of one’s property. Which begins with control and responsibility of their bodies.
If he changes his position, and vows to get the government off the backs of the people by controlling their health issues, which all came about through insurance companies’ lobbyists in Washington, he could be a shoo-in. And he can do that because he’s not dependent upon their money for campaigning, like other candidates are.
With so many issues of bondage of the American people, it’s my opinion this is an issue he has not thought through enough to understand its importance and impact on all other issues. Its importance overrides all others, as I view it. There’s much I don’t understand, but the Philosophy of Freedom is one subject I understand backwards and forwards.
As an individual who has lived through over a dozen presidential campaigns, I UNDERSTAND HOW SEDUCTIVE POLITICS CAN BE.  And it’s in the heat of the seduction of politics, one can easily overlook an important issue, as Donald Trump has on health issues, therefore it’s the responsibility of the American people to bring this to his attention and a demand to change position before elected and not afterwards.
We owe it to ourselves, our founding fathers and grandchildren to address this wrong before election day in 2016.
When President Obama was campaigning for the first election and kept saying he wanted to “transform” America, no one ever asked him what he meant by that while he was campaiging, but now we know after the fact. We must not allow this to happen, relative to issues of health and medical problems we now face.
His campaign must include repeal of Obamacare and return of responsibility for one’s health back to the people of this nation, first and foremost, or he will not fulfill his aim to make America great again. And it’s the responsibility of the people to address this very serious problem.
Freedom is self-responsibility and self-control and it begins with control of one’s health and well-being. And is not the responsibility of a political system of government. It is self-governing.
Just Me AC
Not everyone wants to make America great again, but I believe the majority of Americans do want to make it great again. And Donald Trump is the one person who has risen up from the ranks of capitalist, non-politicians, who has the ability to accomplish that feat, if enough get behind him elect him as the leader of this country and support his plans and ideas to get the job done.
I personally do not think there is anyone else on the horizon at this point in time who can lead us out of the ditch of Socialism and back to the greatness we once enjoyed. Definitely no one in the Democratic party who has the ability or the desire to take this task on.
Just this week we heard the Democratic candidates vying for the role as President of These United States. The two leading candidates, Bernie Sanders, admits he is not for Capitalism and is a socialist, and the other candidate Hillary, clearly stated she is a progressive. A socialist and a Progressive are two peas in the same pod. Both stand for political government rulership.
Donald Trump has a record of accomplishments unmatched by anyone on the horizon, who is now an announced candidate nor anyone on the horizon who is considering jumping into the fray to run this nation as its leader. He is a man who will do what he says he will do.
I believe that which made this nation great in the first place is the same pattern to follow to make it great again. So let’s take a moment to remind ourselves what those things were. This country thrived in its earlier years on the free-enterprise capitalistic system, before it fell in the ditch to Socialism.
The ground work for a capitalistic system was spelled out in the Declaration Of Independence and supported by the laws set forth in the U.S. Constitution.
The basic ingredient to perform and create this country in its earlier  years was the fact, we were endowed with Freedom. A God-given Right and supported by the documents our founding fathers fought and died for.
However, because of greed and lust for power over others and their property in some, bit by bit in the beginning, they rose to the ranks of elected office, and enacted laws to take from the “haves” to re-distribute to “have-nots,” raking and taking from the top for themselves.
In the beginning this nation was mostly Agricultural, which meant land-owners.  The citizenry owned land, and from that ownership, acquired ownership for other things they created and invented. It is inherent in ownership of anything, it must have boundaries. As this country thrived on ownership and creativity, rules and regulations were established to protect that which was created.
At the same time, lurking in the shadows were those who devised ways and means to take that which others Owned. Step by step and bit by bit, ways and means were devised by those who entrenched themselves in the political system of government, to take that which belonged to others.
The greatness of this Country rose to unheard of heights for one specific reason, and that was one’s  blessing of “Ownership.” By the same token, the fall into the depths of Socialism, has been because of the violation of the basic tenets of a basic tenet of ownership, means  one controls with boundaries. And that begins with our life and bodies. We own ourselves when we control ourselves with boundaries. Can’t own anything that doesn’t have a boundary. And an interesting facet of ownership is you can’t own anything you do not have the ability to destroy.
Inherent in our Right to ownership is our ability to destroy it.  We chop down trees to build houses and burn the wood for heat. We destroy cotton crops to weave cloth for clothing. Man raises food then destroys it, finds water then drinks it. Clay becomes bricks and lime used for mortar. By our nature we are consumers, which means we destroy.
Private ownership is important to any free society. In order to survive we must be able to destroy that which we privately own. It may sound like over simplification but you are destroying a hamburger when you’re eating it. But our Rights to destroy end when it comes to property of others. Hence it is imperative in a free society to recognize and respect boundaries of ownership of others. Whether it’s buildings,  automobiles, food, clothing or decorations, in order to be owned must have a boundary. Can’t own anything that doesn’t have a boundary.
So you buy a house and pay for it and think you own it, you can’t tear it down to build another, nor add a deck or new roof in most places without some governmental permission. Therefore you don’t own it, but a sort of share-cropper that possesses it.
To understand how this nation at one time reached heights of greatness, it’s because we had the freedom to create and own things, without permission from others. And there was a period of time when this was understood and everyone respected and understood the boundaries of each other individual. It was also understood the rights to moral ownership meant understanding one’s Rights to moral destruction. What one owns one can morally destroy.This Country became great because the citizenry could create or destroy with out tribal permission.
The great moral guide is the Ten Commandments.  And seven of those commandments have to do with ownership of property.
There is a universality of our requirement to own property. Therefore it is imperative if we are to live free to understand what constitutes property ownership. We have fallen into the ditch of socialism because we have violated the basic tenets of ownership of property.
When we look to a new hope of returning this nation to greatness, it’s imperative we understand what it is that caused us to fall from our original position of greatness once upon a time in this Country. And the key to our return to greatness, if we expect to reach that level again, must begin with an understanding and respect for Ownership of property.
And such things as “eminent domain” and government dictates of health issues, violates the rules of ownership. We can only return to greatness if we understand the validity of ownership and the basic tenets of freedom. We must overcome the tribal propensity for collective property. A return to Freedom and greatness has a price to pay. The Socialist system of government has claimed our property and in turn tells us it belongs to the people, and we have bought into that hogwash.
If we are to have any hopes of returning this nation to greatness, we must first admit to ourselves that which caused our fall from grace before we can reverse the horrible mess we have made of the great blessings we started with.
At one time in our history we achieved greatness, and our current conditions, fallen from grace have an underlying cause which lies in understanding ownership of property and re-claiming that freedom.
The promise of Presidential Candidate Donald Trump to return this country to greatness is achievable only if we the people get behind him to do that which is necessary to achieve that goal. And that means re-claiming our Rights to “Ownership.” There is no other way.
Let Freedom Ring
Just me
Anne Cleveland
SOCIALIST BOOTLEGGING (Issue 1240) Fri, 11 Sep 2015 14:06:07 +0000 Today there are so many newspapers, books, TV programs, politicians and ordinary individuals, who promote Socialism. A system that takes from haves to re-distribute to have nots. Implemented by the power of politics. It is a system of thievery. There are two major brands of Socialism, Communism and Fascism. The difference is in Fascist socialism, political government permits production of goods and services assigned to private entities, in name only while political government retains control of it. And under Communist socialism, the production of goods and services, remain under direct control by a political government in both name and operation.
America the beautiful was founded upon the Philosophy of Capitalism and Free enterprise after fighting the war with the British.Two documents born as a result of this nation winning that Revolutionary war. That is, The Declaration of Independence and the US Constitution of laws. Which paved the way for individuals to live their lives in Freedom. Therefore living in Freedom, to produce, made this nation the greatest country known to mankind, and everyone wanted to come here, because ours was a country which produced the greatest good for the greatest number known to mankind.
So what is Freedom? It’s self responsibility and self-control. At its core is ownership.  That is ownership of one’s self and that which individuals produce. Inherent in the ownership of property, are boundaries. Therefore Freedom means protecting your boundaries and respecting the boundaries of others. That’s your responsibility.
Probably not a large number living today remember the days of “bootlegging” in this country.  A time when there were no liquor stores, because making and selling liquor was illegal. But here in the south, liquor was manufactured in remote areas by privately owned liquor stills, mostly in mountain areas and referred to as “white lightning.” There was an entire culture of folks who made liquor, those who hauled liquor and those who drank liquor. It was illegal and referred to as boot-legging. I grew up in that era.
Before writing this, I looked up the term “boot-legging” in Black’s Law book, and it defines as “One who sells or keeps for sale, alcoholic beverages in violation of Law.”
One can readily see that which was declared illegal for individuals to make and sell, today is determined legal for the government to make and sell, and legal for individuals to make and sell, so long as they pay the government for a license. And so it is in so many areas of our lives. Conditions and situations which a few years ago were illegal, now-a-days, touted as legal and acceptable. And on the other hand, in many areas, that were legal now declared illegal.
For example kids used to be able to make spending money setting up a lemonade stand in their yard, now that’s illegal.. A young man could acquire a piece of land and start farming to make a living, now-a-days everything requires a license and subject to oversight by some political agency with a lot of rules and regulations and large fees to the government to do anything to make a living.
Back in the White Lightning days of liquor making, before complete takeover by political government, those in the business paid under the table money to government agents, to look the other way to continue making a living from their hide-a-way liquor stills.
I knew about this way of life back in the thirties, because I grew up on a farm at the foothills of the mountains in northeast Georgia, and had uncles who bought, sold, hauled, and made white lightning, also called moonshine. Frequently visited my parents and listened to the stories they told.
To understand what I mean by Socialist bootlegging, read my previous article about government controls and doles relative to health insurance we are forced to pay for and medicare.
In a nutshell, on top of regular monthly premiums I pay every month, beginning the first of this year an additional $300.00 per year imposed for prescriptions insurance, and I take only one prescription drug for thyroid. I vehemently resent being forced to pay this additional amount, so insurance cut in half, but I still have to pay an addition.
Lo so many years my husband and I paid into Social Security for this medical insurance. To medicate my upsetment over the additional charge, the government solution is I apply for medicaid, a government program “others” pay for and to check my eligibility for food stamps, a government program others pay for. These are called “entitlement” programs. That is acceptance of programs “others” are now paying for, I simply will not do that.
We have gone so far astray from a life in Freedom, to the totalitarianism of socialism, we’re in the ditch of what I term socialist boot-legging.
One campaigning candidate to lead this country, Donald Trump, promises to return this nation to the greatness we once enjoyed in freedom. He possesses the ability to do that if elected as the leader of this country.  Currently riding the crest of popularity. But still sooo many steeped to their eyeballs in love of Socialism, no one knows if he makes it to be elected over a year from now. And the love and acceptance of Socialism, is the direct result of the government operated school system, which is itself a socialist system of indoctrination and not education.
In essence this nation is overdue to face the reality of precisely what Socialism is. It is a system of thievery whereby political government mandates the haves pay for the have nots. And a child knows stealing is wrong. If you doubt it try taking away their toy. However, by the time they grow up in the public school system, they buy into all the propaganda of socialism, and its bootlegging nature.
Today we are reaping the results of leaping socialism, which was actually incorporated into high gear back in the thirties by the great socialist president FDR. Each president and Congress since added to and promoted until today we live under the full-fledged system, in direct conflict with the Principles this nation was founded upon, by those revolutionaries who pledged their lives and fortunes to hand down to us, with a mantra of  “Root, Hog, or die” mentality. Until today when the majority gives up and gives in, resulting in the ditch we are in today.
From Booker T. Washington comes this quote: “Dignify and glorify common labor, it is THE BOTTOM OF LIFE THAT WE MUST BEGIN, NOT AT THE TOP.”
Anne Cleveland
THE DOWNFALL OF AMERICA – CONVERSION FROM CAPITALISM TO SOCIALISM – BEGAN WITH PRESIDENT ROOSEVELT – 1930s (Issue 1239) Wed, 09 Sep 2015 16:50:25 +0000 I’m writing this article for a Facebook friend, David Jones, who in response to a post on Facebook about era of Franklin Delano Roosevelt, asked me to expand on that series of events. I have a number of newspaper clippings in scrapbooks about Roosevelt and the Great Depression, stored away. However I’m just going to write this extemporaneously from the top of my head as I recall.
I was born on a farm in Northeast Georgia, not too far from the Blue Ridge mountains. My parents were teenagers when I was born, therefore I had young paternal and maternal grandparents and lots of aunts,  uncles and cousins, I grew up around. All were farmers and landowners. Self-sustaining families, growing most of the food and cotton was the cash crop, referred to as King Cotton. It was a wonderful life growing up on that farm and I always felt such a sense of Freedom, as I roamed the farm, going to school and graduating from high school in the large county school everyone attended, riding a school bus every day.
As aunts and uncles graduated, some even younger than me, some attended college and became teachers and others went to work in the town of Commerce, where there were several cotton mills. Money was scarce, but those working in those mills always had money. I had chores to do on the farm, like drawing water from a spring, toting in firewood for the wood cookstove, and taking care of younger siblings, while my mom cooked, sewed, canned food, and processed meat for curing in the smoke house. Another chore was gathering eggs from the hen house, and helping my mom pick wild blackberries for jam and jelly canning. 
My mother made most of our clothes on an old pedal machine and quilted quilts for winter cover. We had beans, corn and etc., in a pressure cooker to carry us through the winter. We had no electricity, no phone, no running water, but we had a radio, and a newspaper every day. My aunts who worked in cotton mills had cars and came regularly with a load of stuff, like coffee, sugar, salt, cans of lye to make soap to wash clothes, and sometimes a toy or store-bought dress. It was always exciting to see them drive up out on the farm. We lived in a large house, which my great grandfather who fought in civil war built. Heat was from the fireplace. Light to study by was from oil lamps. And I still have the one I used.
I grew up in a world of plenty of everything I needed. Wonderful homegrown food and I grew up quite healthy. Without immunizations.
In the spring the thrashers came to process the wheat grown for flour. And in the fall corn gathered and taken to local mill for grinding for cornbread. In the fall cotton was gathered, taken to the gin and baled up for sale. Families of blacks were scattered around in small houses and helped work the farm. Never any problems, everyone worked together.
It was a good life and we had plenty of everything we needed. Not a lot of money but one grandfather quite wealthy with a lot of gold. My grandmother divorced him and I have her divorce papers, naming the amount of gold, and acreage she received in the divorce settlement.
I grew up in the thirties, and graduated from high school in 1942. Franklin Delano Roosevelt was President and he changed everything about life on the farm. He passed restrictive laws, and the most devastating one was restricting acreage to plant crops, which made it a struggle to make a living on the farm beginning in latter half of thirties.
Men were hired in each county to oversee the limited acreage assigned to farm. Not enough to survive and raise a family on.
So Roosevelt initiated a program called the WPA, and young men left the farm to work in WPA to survive. Then Roosevelt started World War Two and many young men joined the military to fight. Farm life totally changed, as laws of restrictions affecting all areas of farm life were enforced. I recall so many times hearing my parents curse Roosevelt. I lived through those years of depression he caused.
I left the farm after graduating from high school, moved to Atlanta and went to work for Sears Roebuck mail-order house in accounts payable and from there my life changed forever.
But those years growing up on a farm, in an era where farming life as we knew it was destroyed forever by President Roosevelt, a dyed in the wool socialist, stayed on for a third term and died at Warm Springs,  Georgia in 1945.
All presidents since have added bits and pieces of restrictive legislation to a once free America, and the current president is putting the finishing touches on the once land of the Free. But Franklin Roosevelt was the first really effective Socialist president.  He was loved by some and hated by others. Later on in the thirties, when we acquired a radio, I recall gathering around to hear his mesmerizing speeches and news about his fireside chats. My parents and grandparents hated and cursed him for the destructive toll he caused on life, causing the big depression.
This is just a capsule description about life during the Franklin Roosevelt regime of socialism as I recall it. Thank you David Jones for your interest and request on Facebook. On my website, many articles about various events in my life. Just recently, the Gainesville Times did an entire page story about me. I’ve had an interesting life, but now-a-days pretty much just stay home and write to encourage interest in saving this country and understanding Freedom.
Let Freedom Ring
Just me AC

Dear Sir, Yesterday I received a letter from Care Improvement Plus, an unsigned letter, relative to my on-going dispute, relative to monthly drug prescription charges. Care Improvement is the insurance company under United Health care, for my medical insurance.

My medical insurance is deducted from my Rail-Road retirement fund monthly. [...]]]> TO WHOM IT MAY CONCERN

Dear Sir, Yesterday I received a letter from Care Improvement Plus, an unsigned letter, relative to my on-going dispute, relative to monthly drug prescription charges. Care Improvement is the insurance company under United Health care, for my medical insurance.

My medical insurance is deducted from my Rail-Road retirement fund monthly. As I recall it was beginning of this year, you initiated an additional monthly fee of $29.00 month for prescription drugs, which amounts to an additional $328.00 annually, on top of the thousand dollar-plus annual fees deducted monthly Rail-road retirement income. Because I take no kind of drugs aside from one thyroid pill, I objected to this additional monthly charge.

Because I objected, your company sent a representative to visit me to explain this additional cost was initiated by Medicare and not the insurance company. I had refused to pay the extra 29.00. However when the representative explained, I paid the back premiums, and began sending $29.00 each month. Simply because it is imperative I have medical insurance in the event it’s necessary to be hospitalized.

Because my income is limited, paying an extra $328.00 annually for prescription drugs for one prescription, seems unreasonable to me. Aside from the one drug, I don’t even take aspirin. However I take a number of nutritional supplements daily, which my insurance does not cover.

Because I’m charged $328.00 annually for prescription drugs and only take one drug, I co-pay for one refill. I contacted medicare and objected, inasmuch as you informed me they were responsible for the extra charge to your company.

Yesterday I received a letter from Care Improvement Plus, outlining an “extra-help” plan via Medicare, reducing my monthly payments to $15.00 monthly instead of $29.00 monthly. Now my extra payments for drug prescription for one drug supplement is an extra $160.00 extra annually. Stating I must still pay Medicare Part B premiums.

Further information in the letter suggested that I apply for Medicaid plus possible eligibility for “Food Stamps.” I don’t do medicaid nor food stamps.

My Rail-road retirement income, is the result of a husband working for the Rail-road and retiring, after serving over twenty years in the military, serving in World War Two, a year in Viet Nam and a year in Korea, fighting for this country. We filed jointly income tax those years.

After world war two, he retired from the military, and went to work for the rail-road. Then recalled back to duty during the Korean war. Retiring from the military in early sixties and returning to rail-road job. We divorced and now he has passed away. During those years in the military, I raised children and took care of his sick parents for him to remain to fight for this country. I have never received one cent government military pay, while he was in the military nor after he retired. However I was eligible to receive RR retirement benefits, which pay medical benefits.

I receive an income from a program he and I paid into. I receive no entitlement monies for anything we did not pay into. We did not pay for medicaid nor food stamps, therefore I would not apply for those government entitlement programs others pay for.

It is simply a matter of Principle. I expect to be paid for that which I’m eligible for and paid into. Conversely, I reject being forced to pay for anything I do not receive. Hence my complaints at monthly prescription cost over one drug eligibility on top of the monthly premiums deducted from my monthly income. I pay it because I must have medical insurance in the event I’m hospitalized for any reason.

I am grateful the monthly payments cut in half, however I still pay for something I’m not receiving benefit from. I go to a medical doctor for emergencies, otherwise into areas of natural healing. I go for chiropractic treatments regularly and my medical payments I pay do not cover those treatments.

I’m now past ninety years old and my monthly insurance payments do not cover all the vitamin supplements I buy every month, nor is there any coverage for chiro treatments, I receive regularly. But require I pay for drugs I’m not receiving in order to sustain medical insurance.

When I objected for the added drug monthly fees, I was informed it was not the insurance company, but medicare which required the payments. When it’s the insurance companies that hire highly paid lobbyists in Washington, to influence politicians to pass laws to gouge. Then claim it’s not the insurance companies that require the extra fees, it’s the government through medicare that requires it.

I will pay the extra $168.00 premium annually, simply because I must sustain and retain medical insurance to prevent cancellation. After being forced to pay this, the suggestion for “extra-help” is apply for medicaid and food stamps. Never. It’s no wonder this once great nation is in the ditch. After supporting an air force pilot to fight in three wars for freedom in this country, this is the state of conditions. A socialist country.

The Irish comic, George Bernard Shaw said; “A socialist is somebody who doesn’t have anything, and is ready to divide it up equally among everybody.”

Let Freedom Ring!
Anne Cleveland


]]> 1
In the past I have written a few articles about the era of the Korean and Vietnam wars. Because I was married to a command pilot who spent a year in each war, as an Air-Sea rescue pilot, flying helicopters, and wrote regularly about his experiences, flying behind enemy lines to rescue American soldiers, pick up wounded and those killed by the enemy.
At this particular time, lo so many years later, I had no plans to write anything further about either war, the captured and the brainwashing techniques used on American soldiers by the enemy.
However, the up-coming presidential election, and the many candidates in the running, has erupted into a brawl, between Donald Trump and the other candidates, with John McCain as the centerpiece of news because he is a United States senator, whose history reveals he was captured and held by the enemy in Viet Nam for five years. Which has brought on a lot of fireworks conversations back and forth from both sides.
My interest stems from love of Freedom and this country and my deep concern about the future of America. It’s in this connection I’m going to write about the history and events of that period as I recall, as I lived through it waiting at home while my husband was an active participant in both wars. I kept abreast of events via the news and regular correspondence with my husband, during the time he served.
Many young Americans fought and died in those two wars. Some were captured and returned. To be informed about that era and events which took place it is imperative to understand brainwashing. It was a term coined during the Korean war, and a word that showed up in the dictionary quicker than Spudnik. 
Those who were released after capture and subjected to brainwashing techniques were sent to a hospital in Japan where a military doctor Meyer treated in a de-programming program. He wrote an interesting paper about it and I obtained a copy of it early on. Not only did I study his reports, several years later living in Japan, I visited the hospital where the returning soilders were treated and de-programmed. I was intrigued by brainwashing techniques from the moment I first heard the term.
I will describe as I recall from memory. When a soldier was captured by the enemy in Korea, and later in Viet Nam, the goal of the enemy was to train the captive against the United States. A number of techniques were used to re-train the mind of the captive to be an enemy of his country he was sent to fight for.
Topping the list of techniques was torture, to gain control of the mind of the captured to hate his mother. They would be blind-folded in a solitary room, while food and water withheld, and trained interrogators took turns around the clock, with a constant barrage of statements demeaning about the captive’s mother. Sometimes there was physical torture, sometimes drugs were given to the blind-folded captive. Deprived of sleep, food and water, while being tortured with constant  derogatives about the mother, until the subject submitted in agreement, with hatred towards mother and country. Then the subject was used for propaganda purposes against the United States. He would do this after being brainwashed into submission to do whatever the captor told him to do.
In order to survive they were tortured to be a willing subject to do whatever the captor ordered. Those who survived had been the subject of these brainwashing techniques before they were released. And those who did survive were sent back to a hospital for de-programming treatment, before released back into society here in the United States.
No American prisoner spent any length of time as a prisoner of war in the korean and Viet Nam war, without being indoctrinated in their brainwashing techniques, to obey whatever their captors ordered. They were trained through indoctrination of brainwashing techniques, to collude with the enemy against their family and country. No exceptions for anyone who survived time spent as a prisoner of war.
Some from those eras, remember, “Tokyo Rose.” Now a firestorm of remarks by presidential candidates has re-kindled conversations and arguments about prisoners of war. All this current propaganda to sugarcoat as heroes, are uninformed about the reality of the brainwashing techniques used on American captives.
There’s an old Southern saying, “One can’t make a silk purse out of a sow’s ear.” Nor can one make a hero out of the captured in the Korean and Vietnam wars. If one survived, one capitulated, one hundred percent to what ever the captor brainwashed into their minds, body and soul. To be otherwise or do otherwise meant they returned in a body bag.
Inasmuch as my husband participated in both these wars, and I read all the Dr. Meyer reports on brainwashing techniques, I made it my business to learn everything I could about prisoners of war and what took place during their captivity. For anyone to try and sugarcoat the results of survivors of enemy captivity as acts of heroism, is spreading propaganda.
Prisoners of war followed orders of captors and did whatever ordered to do in order to survive. No heroism connected to it, submission was the only way to survive.
Lo these years later to try to re-write history and attempt to sugarcoat submission to enemy as a act of heroism, is hogwash. Don’t misunderstand me, I don’t blame anyone for doing whatever it takes to survive, however upon  fabricating heroic deeds out of survival in enemy captivity as heroic, re-defines the meaning of heroism.
From Thomas Jefferson comes this quote, “Were parties here divided merely by a greediness for office, to take part with either would be unworthy of a reasonable or moral man.”
Let Freedom Ring
DONALD TRUMP – “DAMN THE TORPEDOES – FULL SPEED AHEAD” (Issue 1236) Sun, 19 Jul 2015 23:24:46 +0000 THE FREEDOM LADY
A full-fledged battle between a slew of candidates, vying for presidency of the United States in full swing. It’s already on the verge of hair-pulling and gnashing of teeth. What’s at stake, involves all of civilization around the globe. As the United States sinks into the abysmal mediocrity of Socialism, because we have already lost and surrendered our role of leadership around the world, because we are a country without a leader who stands up for the Principles  of our founding fathers and the Constitution of laws which this nation thrived upon for a time in the past.
This beautiful country of 50 states and over 300 million citizenry, with a terrain which furnished all our needs, has fallen into dis-repair, and now other countries nit-picking over this country like it was the ugly duckling. I cry for the country and freedom I loved.
I don’t have a crystal ball, however, my vicseral feeling was that last year 2014, was our last big chance to salvage the remnants in the mid-term election, by electing a majority of Republicans. High hopes in their majority election, but a strange thing happened. Actually nothing happened to change the direction of our country, and it seems, the majority if not all in Congress fell lock-step with the status quo of Socialist agenda, of Democrats in power.
Today six months into the new term, those in charge in the executive branch, Congress and the Supreme Court all seem to be in lock-step with an unseen enemy destroying this nation. 
Specifically, 535 plus nine plus one, a total of 545 in charge have defied the laws of this nation and the will of the people, to totally transform America. Which is what President Obama said he planned on doing in his speeches before the first election.
So here we are today, facing more problems than Dick Tracy, but with a consensus of opinion, we need a leader to head up the digging out from under the rule of socialism.
When I read about all the positive things Scott Walker has done for his state, Wisconsin, I thought he would make a good president, but I also wrote a web-site article some months ago, expressing my vicseral feeling, a non-politician would rise up from the ranks to lead this country out of the ditch. When out of the blue, just recently Donald Trump announced his candidacy for President. And in my opinion he is the man who can and will, return this nation back to sanity and prosperity and greatness.
He’s no stranger to any of us. All about his private life and business ventures and success has been highly publicized. He is an entrepreneur who has successfully operated in the free-enterprise system to acquire his wealth. He has built golf courses, a skating rink, high rise with an escalator, written books, starred in a successful television series, and has a family of successful  beautiful children. Obviously a very smart business man, and stands up and announces he knows how to return this country to greatness. And his history and background attest to that claim.
We have all watched him on the Apprentice, and know he can be charming or abrasive. Many like him but some don’t. But the bottom line is he is the one individual with the know-how and capacity to return America to greatness again. And is willing to take on that job using his own money. Why is it so many tearing at him like a pack of mad-dogs?  Any and everyone in this country who cares about America, Freedom and the future of their children should get behind him and support him.
Unfortunately that element among us, who have brought us to this brink, mostly the elected and news media, are tearing away at him like a pack of wolves. Plus the majority of other candidates seeking power of presidency, going for his jugular vein like the hungry catapillar.
Just today which is Sunday, July 19th, news segments and talk shows are dominated by a drive to drive Donald Trump out of the running, with a variety of fabricated hog-wash to discredit him. But so far he’s standing his ground, with a determination that enhances his stance as a leader. So much of the criticism is fabricated out of the whole cloth.
Surely there’s enough red-bloodied patriotic ordinary Americans, who understand the depravity which has gripped this country, evil men and women, who have taken this nation down, in conjunction with the evils invading from other countries, to stand up and fight alongside Donald Trump to re-claim this country, which at one time was by the people and for the people, now in clutches of One Worlders, out to destroy.
Because the message of Donald Trump caught on so quickly, by a people so hungry for change he  zoomed out front so quickly, it caught the “in-crowd” of destroyers off guard, which scared the crap out of the powers at be and now they are so desperate, they have gone all out to fabricate lies about him, then get on the news and report as though they speak truth. Donald Trump is the real deal, with a record and background of accomplishments like no one else, running for President. He has the capacity to lead this nation back to the greatness we once enjoyed. What we must do is support and protect him. There is no question about it, he loves this country, and we are all lucky he stepped up to the plate and offered his services to do the job which must be done, with no time to waste.
His candidacy is a modern day Paul Revere Run. He is sounding the alarm, with a game plan of know how to return this country back to the greatness we once enjoyed. All we the people have to do is support him and back him up. The alternative is sinking further and further into the abysmal mediocrity of the slavery of socialism. Our choice is bondage or Freedom. There is no in between.
We have been at war for quite sometime. A war of ideas and losing. The great military strategist, SUN TZU said, “If you know the enemy and know yourself, you need not fear the result of a hundred battles. If you know yourself but not the enemy, for every victory gained you will also suffer a defeat. If you know neither the enemy nor yourself, you will succumb to every battle.”