A few days ago I posted an article about Equality. I was trying to convey one’s attention to the subject of just notice relative to where we are focused. When we should be focused on the war we are in the midst of. An ongoing “War of Ideas” we have been engaged in for quite sometime.
The terrorist attacks in France yesterday, killing a bunch of people, pre-occupied at an event. This horrendous unprovoked event in the evening was preceded by an announcement by our President in the morning, suggesting the threat from the ISIS terrorists was,”contained.”
The same day, yesterday, posted photographs of hundreds of illegals, the President has approved of, landing in New Orleans.
I’ve been writing and posting articles on my web-site, octogenariansblog.com, for over eight years. And during that period have posted several articles about “The War of Ideas” we have been involved in quite sometime. But the people of this country are not listening nor paying attention to any meaningful degree.
I’m reminded of the story about the man who drowned and when he went through the pearly gates, first thing he did was ask God why he allowed him to drown. The story goes, God said, “I warned you about the rising waters and you stayed in your house. I sent a boat for rescue and you refused to leave. As the waters rose and you climbed on the roof, I sent a helicopter for you and you refused to grab hold of the rope I sent. The waters covered your house, you fell in and drowned. All this after I tried several rescue attempts.”
That pretty much describes the tempo of the majority now-a-days. Currently, all attention is on the terrorist attacks in France, which will die down in a couple of days and majority of attention will return to the same old notion of apathy, ignoring the facts of the aim behind the attacks. Which is domination via a “One World Government.” A system of Socialism, world wide.
Going back to the earlier part of the last century, in the twenties Lenin described the plan by saying Communism will take over Europe and mid-east countries, via a series of wars to conquer these areas. Then added, the United States we will not have to attack, because it will fall into our hands like overripe fruit.
Socialism is comprised of two brands, Fascism, like the German brand, and communism like the Russian brand. This country has already converted and been “transformed” to socialism. We are no longer a country of capitalistic free-enterprise. Currently being saturated with illegals, for the finishing touch preparation for a “one World Government.”
The powers at be in charge in Washington, have so dismantled our military which was our line of defense to protect from foreign and domestic enemies has been drastically dismantled.
Planes being blown to bits. Terrorists attacking on all fronts, and public schools indoctrinating the children into the tenets of Socialism while untold numbers walking around like they are catching dead flies, collecting food stamps and living in government housing. With no interest in Freedom. Non-producers on the backs of producers.
It just so happens, I spent many years married to a military officer, who fought in 3 wars for this country, world war two, a year in korea and a year in Vietnam, and I supported his being in the military, raising kids and taking care of his sick parents while he was away most of that time working as an air-sea rescue pilot during war conflicts.
I love this country and the Freedom afforded in the past and have always stood up for the Principles of Freedom, which is not free. There’s a price for it. Currently we are in the throes of the  last fragments of it left. And just a matter of time before those trained to destroy, will hit here. There is still time it can all be avoided, but time is of the essence, because the evil-doers are working day and night to bring about an incoming One World government.
Follow the aftereffects of yesterday’s attacks in France, to see and hear the purpose is for the establishment of a One World system of government. Our own President told us in pre-election campaign speeches his aim was to “transform” America and no one asked him how nor why. But one can now see how it is all unfolding.
We have a little time left but none to waste, if we are to reverse the currents and prove Lenin wrong. Time is of the essence.
Go back and read my last article to understand how the forces at be have used “equality” as one of their tactics to dismantle a system in this country which provided the greatest good for the greatest number known to civilization. And we have squandered it.
Remember Argentina, when Eva Peron and her husband transformed that country to Socialism then cried out, “Don’t cry for me Argentina.”  Remember Cuba, when Castro was touted as the “George Washington of Cuba.” When all the time he had been a dyed in the wool communist since age 16. 
Take note of the influx of illegals. These people are not to be pitied, but censored, because they have allowed their native countries to be destroyed by despots, now flocking here. Excuse for jobs – their countries have the same lands, air and water as we do here they should be creating jobs in their own countries, and over-throwing their leaders, who head up the misery in their lives.
And we the people of this nation should straighten up our backbone, and acquire that same “Root, Hog, or die” determination of our founding fathers to reclaim our freedom and this country. There’s not a minute to waste if we expect favorable results in this “War of Ideas.”
Time is of the essence.
Let Freedom ring
Just me AC
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