I’ve only written a couple of articles in the past two months. Woke up this Sunday morning, listening to news about Trump’s appearance on Saturday Night Live. I listened to the first 20 minutes of program and it was so boring I turned it off and went to bed.
Woke up early with other plans for my day, when a face-book friend reminded me of areas where Donald Trump is inconsistent with the Philosophy of Freedom, which is basically self-responsibility and self-control. On my web-site, octogenariansblog.com, I have over a thousand articles posted, many of which vividly and graphically define the meaning of freedom. For those unfamiliar, I suggest reading the one on Principles & Value Judgments, detailing the meaning and essence of Freedom. Not anything I invented but discovered.
This nation was founded by a bunch of farmers tilling the land, taking care of themselves their families and property and rejected a political British king, who felt entitled to a share of that which did not belong to him. They took a stance, stood up and against overwhelming odds, fought and won for one thing and that was FREEDOM!
Then carved out the Declaration of Independence and the Constitution, to hand down to future generations the legacy of freedom. That Freedom endowed by our Creator and supported by those who fought to sustain and maintain.
The very foundational essence of freedom is Ownership of Property. And ownership of any and everything means control with boundaries. That’s elementary, dear Watson. Can’t own anything that does not have a boundary. So where does that individual ownership and control begin? Quite simply with one’s mind and body. Each individual has the Right and responsibility to control, maintain and control their bodies. No one can digest the food it takes to sustain life but the individual. And each individual has the right and responsibility to sustain the boundaries of that obvious fact.
As much as political government attempts to invade and remove this right by manmade laws, rules and regulations, it does not work to sustain life. The major role of this Constitutional political government is to protect this nation from foreign and domestic enemies. Failing in this duty and responsibility by deliberately bringing in illegals by the thousands to invade individual property Rights. In this year of 2015, we have been invaded.
There is an evil sinister force at work to destroy this nation and its individual inhabitants, coming from all directions. But those in charge of this destructive process, know it cannot be accomplished with a healthy population to resist. So what has the government done to assure their destructive success?  They have seized control of one’s health and medical care through Obamacare legislation. An act perpetrated upon the people without their consent and detailed in hundreds of pages of rules and regulations.
From government ordered genetically modified growing of crops to government ordered immunizations, the powers at be in Washington have seized control, by crossing the boundaries of one’s Right and responsibility to sustain life and health.
At this particular juncture in our history, with dozens of candidates vying for the job of Presidency to lead this nation, the majority of campaign rhetoric is on the Economy. Which means the focus is on our medium of exchange, namely money.
When it should be the invasion of individual boundaries, detrimental to one’s health and Life.There’s where the greatest danger to the citizeny of this nation lies. A political system has seized control of the manner in which food is grown, processed and controlled, and seized control of health issues and medical care. And we the people have set it up and let it happen.
Along comes a candidate running for President, Donald Trump, whose campaign mantra is to “Make America Great again.” A noble idea, and he’s the one person with know-how to make that happen. He has the brains, experience in Capitalism, and the drive to accomplish that goal.
However there’s one glaring flaw in his plans that will prevent him from accomplishing that goal, he must change or he will fail, and that’s his publicized position in support of One Payer Health issues.That’s support of government control over one’s health and medical issues. That’s socialized medicine.
It’s wrong, and violates the most fundamental essence of Freedom. It invades the most fundamental of one’s right to ownership of property, which begins with one’s  physical body. Unless he reverses his position, and supports one’s Right to decide on issues of health, he will fail on his notion to “make America great again.”
I personally think Donald Trump is a man of his word, a man of caring generosity, with deep-seated Principles of Right from Wrong. And it’s his good intentions to advocate the government take care of health issues, but he’s wrong on this one issue. Because it violates the very fundamental notion that Freedom means control of one’s property. Which begins with control and responsibility of their bodies.
If he changes his position, and vows to get the government off the backs of the people by controlling their health issues, which all came about through insurance companies’ lobbyists in Washington, he could be a shoo-in. And he can do that because he’s not dependent upon their money for campaigning, like other candidates are.
With so many issues of bondage of the American people, it’s my opinion this is an issue he has not thought through enough to understand its importance and impact on all other issues. Its importance overrides all others, as I view it. There’s much I don’t understand, but the Philosophy of Freedom is one subject I understand backwards and forwards.
As an individual who has lived through over a dozen presidential campaigns, I UNDERSTAND HOW SEDUCTIVE POLITICS CAN BE.  And it’s in the heat of the seduction of politics, one can easily overlook an important issue, as Donald Trump has on health issues, therefore it’s the responsibility of the American people to bring this to his attention and a demand to change position before elected and not afterwards.
We owe it to ourselves, our founding fathers and grandchildren to address this wrong before election day in 2016.
When President Obama was campaigning for the first election and kept saying he wanted to “transform” America, no one ever asked him what he meant by that while he was campaiging, but now we know after the fact. We must not allow this to happen, relative to issues of health and medical problems we now face.
His campaign must include repeal of Obamacare and return of responsibility for one’s health back to the people of this nation, first and foremost, or he will not fulfill his aim to make America great again. And it’s the responsibility of the people to address this very serious problem.
Freedom is self-responsibility and self-control and it begins with control of one’s health and well-being. And is not the responsibility of a political system of government. It is self-governing.
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