Lately it has become more and more apparent that the drive for a One World government and the totalitarianism of Socialism, to dismantle and destroy the foundational laws and purposes of a way of life in these United States, leaps out at me.
Not only does it disturb the status quo of life in this country, it contradicts and violates universal laws. Simply because it violates universal law, which is self-evident we are each different and un-equal. All one has to do to observe this is watch a few episodes of Forensic Files. 
I find it fascinating to watch how crimes are solved through forensics. When an investigator works on a case, they not only check that which is seen, but clues of the un-seen. It’s amazing how one’s individual strands of hair are different from anyone else, how one’s fingerprint and saliva are different from any other individual. A drop of blood or footprint can lead the investigator to the perpetrator of the crime, because it is different from any other individual on earth.
Each one of us look different, act different and think different than any other person on earth. Despite the fact there are many areas in which we are alike or have similarities. The way we are is the way we were created. And all of us created to be different with some similarities. 
In this connection, “Equality” means sameness. Which brings up the subject of why is it that political governments throughout the world have one trait in common, and that is to create sameness and equality among the population. Once this is discovered and recognized the question is Why?
Since there must have been a purpose in the whole, by our creator, to create each one of us differently, what is the purpose of some individuals who seek power over others, to set out and strive to create “equality.” It’s actually no mystery, and not rocket science. A child can understand once it’s recognized. The bottom line is a lust for power over others, to take and rake and use their energy, minds and bodies and property for the benefit of the taker, promoting equality.
A common theme in one’s drive to promote equality is that it is usually disguised as do-goodism by the perpetrator, under the cover of acts sugarcoated to deceive the victim into thinking they are acting for their benefit.
Ayn Rand, the noted writer on philosophy, wrote a well-known book titled “Atlas Shrugged.”  Another great book she wrote, less known, is titled “The Virtue of Selfishness.” She chronicles in detail, how frequently so-called acts of kindness disguises one’s aim to dole and control, to cover one’s underlying aim for a self-serving purpose, contradicting one’s nature of selfishness to maintain their “difference,” by doodle-bugging another to rule over.
Here in this country, the founding fathers attempted to create a system of government to protect one’s individuality and creativity, to protect themselves and their property. The main purpose of a centralized political government was to protect the individual from foreign and domestic enemies, designed to protect one’s life and property they owned.
Over time that original intent has been so eroded by self-centered taking and raking politicians, we now live under a different system of centralized politics. The powers at be who have changed life in these United States have accomplished their aim and power grab, mainly by a technique of passing laws to bring about equality. That is taking from producers to re-distribute to non-producers to implement “equality.” In direct opposition to our specific creation of “difference.”
Our value system is now so screwed up, brought about by a system that has promoted “equality” in direct opposition to our very nature and universal laws. There’s one thing we can count on, and that is, Nature will eventually have its way, and it’s all coming about, dismantling of the perpetrators who brought about this different way of life, brought about via one subtle methodology of pitching “equality.”
The methodology is so disguised, in just about everything the rulers do, it is difficult to detect that their acts are for their selfish gain, to make the people equal, while they enjoy the perks of a lifestyle of plenty as they strip the freedom and property away from those that voted them into power, creaming off the top before they re-distribute the rest.
We now have a candidate campaigning for leadership, so extremely rich, he’s not after your freedom and property, and is willing to take on the task of restoration, as president without pay, to make “America great again.” While we the people, i.e., the majority, are nit-picking trying to defeat him.
The nit-picking was never so glaringly apparent as a Face book post by a lady who posted she would not vote for him because she read a news item about his contributing money in the past to a liberal. My response was it was his money and not hers and he could do as he chose with his property. A glaring example of a sign of the times, i.e., the notion that the non-owner takes on the personna of deciding how another should forfeit their property according to the desires of the non-owner.
We must awaken to the fact, Freedom means ownership, that has certain criteria, and re-distribution, by decision of non-owners in order to achieve equality, violates natural order, and is the main reason this nation is in the ditch. It’s the “war of ideas” we have been in for a long time, that brings about the downfall of a system that brought about the greatest good for the greatest number known to civilization. We have squandered it via a political technique of “equality.”
Founder and chairman of Gun Owners of America, H.L. Richardson said, “When Legislature decides to steal some of our Rights and plans to use police force to accomplish it, what’s the real difference between them and the thief? damn little!! They hide behind the excuse they’re legislating democratically. The fact they do so by majority vote has no moral significance, whatsoever.  Numerical might does not constitute Right, no more than a lynch mob can justify its act because a majority participated.”
Let Freedom Ring
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