Not everyone wants to make America great again, but I believe the majority of Americans do want to make it great again. And Donald Trump is the one person who has risen up from the ranks of capitalist, non-politicians, who has the ability to accomplish that feat, if enough get behind him elect him as the leader of this country and support his plans and ideas to get the job done.
I personally do not think there is anyone else on the horizon at this point in time who can lead us out of the ditch of Socialism and back to the greatness we once enjoyed. Definitely no one in the Democratic party who has the ability or the desire to take this task on.
Just this week we heard the Democratic candidates vying for the role as President of These United States. The two leading candidates, Bernie Sanders, admits he is not for Capitalism and is a socialist, and the other candidate Hillary, clearly stated she is a progressive. A socialist and a Progressive are two peas in the same pod. Both stand for political government rulership.
Donald Trump has a record of accomplishments unmatched by anyone on the horizon, who is now an announced candidate nor anyone on the horizon who is considering jumping into the fray to run this nation as its leader. He is a man who will do what he says he will do.
I believe that which made this nation great in the first place is the same pattern to follow to make it great again. So let’s take a moment to remind ourselves what those things were. This country thrived in its earlier years on the free-enterprise capitalistic system, before it fell in the ditch to Socialism.
The ground work for a capitalistic system was spelled out in the Declaration Of Independence and supported by the laws set forth in the U.S. Constitution.
The basic ingredient to perform and create this country in its earlier  years was the fact, we were endowed with Freedom. A God-given Right and supported by the documents our founding fathers fought and died for.
However, because of greed and lust for power over others and their property in some, bit by bit in the beginning, they rose to the ranks of elected office, and enacted laws to take from the “haves” to re-distribute to “have-nots,” raking and taking from the top for themselves.
In the beginning this nation was mostly Agricultural, which meant land-owners.  The citizenry owned land, and from that ownership, acquired ownership for other things they created and invented. It is inherent in ownership of anything, it must have boundaries. As this country thrived on ownership and creativity, rules and regulations were established to protect that which was created.
At the same time, lurking in the shadows were those who devised ways and means to take that which others Owned. Step by step and bit by bit, ways and means were devised by those who entrenched themselves in the political system of government, to take that which belonged to others.
The greatness of this Country rose to unheard of heights for one specific reason, and that was one’s  blessing of “Ownership.” By the same token, the fall into the depths of Socialism, has been because of the violation of the basic tenets of a basic tenet of ownership, means  one controls with boundaries. And that begins with our life and bodies. We own ourselves when we control ourselves with boundaries. Can’t own anything that doesn’t have a boundary. And an interesting facet of ownership is you can’t own anything you do not have the ability to destroy.
Inherent in our Right to ownership is our ability to destroy it.  We chop down trees to build houses and burn the wood for heat. We destroy cotton crops to weave cloth for clothing. Man raises food then destroys it, finds water then drinks it. Clay becomes bricks and lime used for mortar. By our nature we are consumers, which means we destroy.
Private ownership is important to any free society. In order to survive we must be able to destroy that which we privately own. It may sound like over simplification but you are destroying a hamburger when you’re eating it. But our Rights to destroy end when it comes to property of others. Hence it is imperative in a free society to recognize and respect boundaries of ownership of others. Whether it’s buildings,  automobiles, food, clothing or decorations, in order to be owned must have a boundary. Can’t own anything that doesn’t have a boundary.
So you buy a house and pay for it and think you own it, you can’t tear it down to build another, nor add a deck or new roof in most places without some governmental permission. Therefore you don’t own it, but a sort of share-cropper that possesses it.
To understand how this nation at one time reached heights of greatness, it’s because we had the freedom to create and own things, without permission from others. And there was a period of time when this was understood and everyone respected and understood the boundaries of each other individual. It was also understood the rights to moral ownership meant understanding one’s Rights to moral destruction. What one owns one can morally destroy.This Country became great because the citizenry could create or destroy with out tribal permission.
The great moral guide is the Ten Commandments.  And seven of those commandments have to do with ownership of property.
There is a universality of our requirement to own property. Therefore it is imperative if we are to live free to understand what constitutes property ownership. We have fallen into the ditch of socialism because we have violated the basic tenets of ownership of property.
When we look to a new hope of returning this nation to greatness, it’s imperative we understand what it is that caused us to fall from our original position of greatness once upon a time in this Country. And the key to our return to greatness, if we expect to reach that level again, must begin with an understanding and respect for Ownership of property.
And such things as “eminent domain” and government dictates of health issues, violates the rules of ownership. We can only return to greatness if we understand the validity of ownership and the basic tenets of freedom. We must overcome the tribal propensity for collective property. A return to Freedom and greatness has a price to pay. The Socialist system of government has claimed our property and in turn tells us it belongs to the people, and we have bought into that hogwash.
If we are to have any hopes of returning this nation to greatness, we must first admit to ourselves that which caused our fall from grace before we can reverse the horrible mess we have made of the great blessings we started with.
At one time in our history we achieved greatness, and our current conditions, fallen from grace have an underlying cause which lies in understanding ownership of property and re-claiming that freedom.
The promise of Presidential Candidate Donald Trump to return this country to greatness is achievable only if we the people get behind him to do that which is necessary to achieve that goal. And that means re-claiming our Rights to “Ownership.” There is no other way.
Let Freedom Ring
Just me
Anne Cleveland
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