Dear Sir, Yesterday I received a letter from Care Improvement Plus, an unsigned letter, relative to my on-going dispute, relative to monthly drug prescription charges. Care Improvement is the insurance company under United Health care, for my medical insurance.

My medical insurance is deducted from my Rail-Road retirement fund monthly. As I recall it was beginning of this year, you initiated an additional monthly fee of $29.00 month for prescription drugs, which amounts to an additional $328.00 annually, on top of the thousand dollar-plus annual fees deducted monthly Rail-road retirement income. Because I take no kind of drugs aside from one thyroid pill, I objected to this additional monthly charge.

Because I objected, your company sent a representative to visit me to explain this additional cost was initiated by Medicare and not the insurance company. I had refused to pay the extra 29.00. However when the representative explained, I paid the back premiums, and began sending $29.00 each month. Simply because it is imperative I have medical insurance in the event it’s necessary to be hospitalized.

Because my income is limited, paying an extra $328.00 annually for prescription drugs for one prescription, seems unreasonable to me. Aside from the one drug, I don’t even take aspirin. However I take a number of nutritional supplements daily, which my insurance does not cover.

Because I’m charged $328.00 annually for prescription drugs and only take one drug, I co-pay for one refill. I contacted medicare and objected, inasmuch as you informed me they were responsible for the extra charge to your company.

Yesterday I received a letter from Care Improvement Plus, outlining an “extra-help” plan via Medicare, reducing my monthly payments to $15.00 monthly instead of $29.00 monthly. Now my extra payments for drug prescription for one drug supplement is an extra $160.00 extra annually. Stating I must still pay Medicare Part B premiums.

Further information in the letter suggested that I apply for Medicaid plus possible eligibility for “Food Stamps.” I don’t do medicaid nor food stamps.

My Rail-road retirement income, is the result of a husband working for the Rail-road and retiring, after serving over twenty years in the military, serving in World War Two, a year in Viet Nam and a year in Korea, fighting for this country. We filed jointly income tax those years.

After world war two, he retired from the military, and went to work for the rail-road. Then recalled back to duty during the Korean war. Retiring from the military in early sixties and returning to rail-road job. We divorced and now he has passed away. During those years in the military, I raised children and took care of his sick parents for him to remain to fight for this country. I have never received one cent government military pay, while he was in the military nor after he retired. However I was eligible to receive RR retirement benefits, which pay medical benefits.

I receive an income from a program he and I paid into. I receive no entitlement monies for anything we did not pay into. We did not pay for medicaid nor food stamps, therefore I would not apply for those government entitlement programs others pay for.

It is simply a matter of Principle. I expect to be paid for that which I’m eligible for and paid into. Conversely, I reject being forced to pay for anything I do not receive. Hence my complaints at monthly prescription cost over one drug eligibility on top of the monthly premiums deducted from my monthly income. I pay it because I must have medical insurance in the event I’m hospitalized for any reason.

I am grateful the monthly payments cut in half, however I still pay for something I’m not receiving benefit from. I go to a medical doctor for emergencies, otherwise into areas of natural healing. I go for chiropractic treatments regularly and my medical payments I pay do not cover those treatments.

I’m now past ninety years old and my monthly insurance payments do not cover all the vitamin supplements I buy every month, nor is there any coverage for chiro treatments, I receive regularly. But require I pay for drugs I’m not receiving in order to sustain medical insurance.

When I objected for the added drug monthly fees, I was informed it was not the insurance company, but medicare which required the payments. When it’s the insurance companies that hire highly paid lobbyists in Washington, to influence politicians to pass laws to gouge. Then claim it’s not the insurance companies that require the extra fees, it’s the government through medicare that requires it.

I will pay the extra $168.00 premium annually, simply because I must sustain and retain medical insurance to prevent cancellation. After being forced to pay this, the suggestion for “extra-help” is apply for medicaid and food stamps. Never. It’s no wonder this once great nation is in the ditch. After supporting an air force pilot to fight in three wars for freedom in this country, this is the state of conditions. A socialist country.

The Irish comic, George Bernard Shaw said; “A socialist is somebody who doesn’t have anything, and is ready to divide it up equally among everybody.”

Let Freedom Ring!
Anne Cleveland


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  1. That really stinks. I am a firm believer in receiving what you pay for, and not paying for things you don’t use. Anything else is theft.