Today there are so many newspapers, books, TV programs, politicians and ordinary individuals, who promote Socialism. A system that takes from haves to re-distribute to have nots. Implemented by the power of politics. It is a system of thievery. There are two major brands of Socialism, Communism and Fascism. The difference is in Fascist socialism, political government permits production of goods and services assigned to private entities, in name only while political government retains control of it. And under Communist socialism, the production of goods and services, remain under direct control by a political government in both name and operation.
America the beautiful was founded upon the Philosophy of Capitalism and Free enterprise after fighting the war with the British.Two documents born as a result of this nation winning that Revolutionary war. That is, The Declaration of Independence and the US Constitution of laws. Which paved the way for individuals to live their lives in Freedom. Therefore living in Freedom, to produce, made this nation the greatest country known to mankind, and everyone wanted to come here, because ours was a country which produced the greatest good for the greatest number known to mankind.
So what is Freedom? It’s self responsibility and self-control. At its core is ownership.  That is ownership of one’s self and that which individuals produce. Inherent in the ownership of property, are boundaries. Therefore Freedom means protecting your boundaries and respecting the boundaries of others. That’s your responsibility.
Probably not a large number living today remember the days of “bootlegging” in this country.  A time when there were no liquor stores, because making and selling liquor was illegal. But here in the south, liquor was manufactured in remote areas by privately owned liquor stills, mostly in mountain areas and referred to as “white lightning.” There was an entire culture of folks who made liquor, those who hauled liquor and those who drank liquor. It was illegal and referred to as boot-legging. I grew up in that era.
Before writing this, I looked up the term “boot-legging” in Black’s Law book, and it defines as “One who sells or keeps for sale, alcoholic beverages in violation of Law.”
One can readily see that which was declared illegal for individuals to make and sell, today is determined legal for the government to make and sell, and legal for individuals to make and sell, so long as they pay the government for a license. And so it is in so many areas of our lives. Conditions and situations which a few years ago were illegal, now-a-days, touted as legal and acceptable. And on the other hand, in many areas, that were legal now declared illegal.
For example kids used to be able to make spending money setting up a lemonade stand in their yard, now that’s illegal.. A young man could acquire a piece of land and start farming to make a living, now-a-days everything requires a license and subject to oversight by some political agency with a lot of rules and regulations and large fees to the government to do anything to make a living.
Back in the White Lightning days of liquor making, before complete takeover by political government, those in the business paid under the table money to government agents, to look the other way to continue making a living from their hide-a-way liquor stills.
I knew about this way of life back in the thirties, because I grew up on a farm at the foothills of the mountains in northeast Georgia, and had uncles who bought, sold, hauled, and made white lightning, also called moonshine. Frequently visited my parents and listened to the stories they told.
To understand what I mean by Socialist bootlegging, read my previous article about government controls and doles relative to health insurance we are forced to pay for and medicare.
In a nutshell, on top of regular monthly premiums I pay every month, beginning the first of this year an additional $300.00 per year imposed for prescriptions insurance, and I take only one prescription drug for thyroid. I vehemently resent being forced to pay this additional amount, so insurance cut in half, but I still have to pay an addition.
Lo so many years my husband and I paid into Social Security for this medical insurance. To medicate my upsetment over the additional charge, the government solution is I apply for medicaid, a government program “others” pay for and to check my eligibility for food stamps, a government program others pay for. These are called “entitlement” programs. That is acceptance of programs “others” are now paying for, I simply will not do that.
We have gone so far astray from a life in Freedom, to the totalitarianism of socialism, we’re in the ditch of what I term socialist boot-legging.
One campaigning candidate to lead this country, Donald Trump, promises to return this nation to the greatness we once enjoyed in freedom. He possesses the ability to do that if elected as the leader of this country.  Currently riding the crest of popularity. But still sooo many steeped to their eyeballs in love of Socialism, no one knows if he makes it to be elected over a year from now. And the love and acceptance of Socialism, is the direct result of the government operated school system, which is itself a socialist system of indoctrination and not education.
In essence this nation is overdue to face the reality of precisely what Socialism is. It is a system of thievery whereby political government mandates the haves pay for the have nots. And a child knows stealing is wrong. If you doubt it try taking away their toy. However, by the time they grow up in the public school system, they buy into all the propaganda of socialism, and its bootlegging nature.
Today we are reaping the results of leaping socialism, which was actually incorporated into high gear back in the thirties by the great socialist president FDR. Each president and Congress since added to and promoted until today we live under the full-fledged system, in direct conflict with the Principles this nation was founded upon, by those revolutionaries who pledged their lives and fortunes to hand down to us, with a mantra of  “Root, Hog, or die” mentality. Until today when the majority gives up and gives in, resulting in the ditch we are in today.
From Booker T. Washington comes this quote: “Dignify and glorify common labor, it is THE BOTTOM OF LIFE THAT WE MUST BEGIN, NOT AT THE TOP.”
Anne Cleveland
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