On Monday morning, after a week of celebrating over two hundred years of Americanism, we wake up facing more problems than Dick Tracy, trying to figure out a solution to all our problems here in this great country.
There’s an old Southern notion, the tempo of politics and political government is never far behind nor very far ahead of the tempo of the American people. Why is it necessary to have a political system of elected in Washington? Specifically, 535 elected Congressmen, nine appointed Supreme court lawyers and one president in the White House? These are the rulers, supposed to manage and protect the 300 million-plus citizens here in the United States, according to the laws of the US Constitution. Their purpose is to protect the citizenry from foreign and domestic enemies.
Instead, political government has pretty much become the source of most of the problems in this country. And we the people set it up and let it happen. Why is that when at one period of time in our history we had it all, here in this country under a system of free-enterprise capitalism, living with Freedom? We were the envy of the world and everyone wanted to come here.
Today this nation is billions in debt, over-taxed, with a dismantled military, the school problems so bad, news reports that young girls being sterilized with birth control implants, without knowledge of parents, living in a country overrun with illegals.
Hourly, news reports inform us of just how bad things are in this country. And daily more and more cropping up, jumping into the political arena to seek election, to the three areas of political power, preaching to the people, about their ideas of ruling. Same song, second verse of political rhetoric, we have heard over and over.
It’s all about the two political parties, Democrats and Republicans, and both systems in shambles. Now with over a dozen candidates, in the race to head up the broken system. Mostly well-intentioned men and women, scrambling among each other, trying to figure out what’s wrong, and trying to convince the citizenry, they have the means, the brains and know-how to solve the problems we face today. The week after 4th of July celebrations.
Suddenly, out of the blue, comes one individual, Donald Trump, with a proven record of accomplishments, with a game plan to return this Country to the greatness we once enjoyed.  Not empty promises of that which he can do, but a proven record of success in his life story, which is proof of his ability and know how to change the course of history.
Does he fall in line with the rest by asking for your financial support, when he announced his candidacy to run for President, like the rest of the pack? Oh no, he tells us he is rich and can finance his own political campaign!! He announces his desire to return America to greatness, with a specific game plan of how to do it.
And the most interesting news is, we know who he is and what he’s capable of doing. We know more about him than any other candidate. We know about his life’s work, his family history, his ability to produce and his love of America and freedom.
So what happens the minute he announces he wants to be president of the United States? He is attacked from all sides. Not only by our enemies but by red-blooded church-going Americans, in general and those in the Republican party in particular. Those in the Republican party crying in their beer over what he’s doing to the Republican party.
It smacks of a degree of insanity, at this juncture in our history and state of affairs, to be yelping about saving a political party when it’s this country that’s in the ditch, and over the cliff up to our gills in Socialism.
When and how did we the people become so brain-washed and propagandized, the concern is about saving a political party when this entire nation is in jeopardy, from enemies coming from all directions? What has happened to us, which causes us to be more concerned about a political party than protection of America and its people and the principles which made it great at one time in our history?
Remember the story about the Bourbon Street preacher in New Orleans? A lady called in and told him she was having trouble understanding Revelations, when he advised her to “get back to Mathew.” We need to get back to the basics of morality, and the core principles which made this country so great originally. It’s not complicated, mostly just common-sense thinking. And we begin by facing the truth about just how far in the ditch we have fallen.
We can make it popular to dicuss Freedom, and its desirability over the bondage of Socialism. No one, not one individual is entitled to sit back and do nothing about the hellish conditions we have set up and let happen in this country. And we need a leader of this country, who has a proven track record to lead us back to the greatness of exceptionalism. And Donald Trump is the man, whose record guarantees he is capable of doing that. There may be others running for President capable of leading us out of the ditch. But Donald Trump has a history of a proven record operating in the free-enterprise system of capitalism this nation was founded upon.
Get off his back and confront those attacking him unfairly. No other individual in the up-coming election is as successful using the free-enterprising system this nation was built upon as Donald Trump. The success of most others is the result of tax-payer money. The difference is, Donald Trump is successful, using the free-enterprise system this nation was built upon. He knows the formula it takes to return this nation to greatness, with a proven record that supports his claims  and position. Take a stand and support him. He doesn’t need your money, all he needs is your support and vote. And that’s a small thing to ask, to save this nation from the clutches of those out to destroy it, clamoring for a one world government.
Roger Sherman, first mayor of New Haven, Connecticut, said, “If the President alone was vested with the power of appointing all officers, and was left to select a council for himself, he would be liable to be deceived by flatterers and pretenders to patriotism.”
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