A full-fledged battle between a slew of candidates, vying for presidency of the United States in full swing. It’s already on the verge of hair-pulling and gnashing of teeth. What’s at stake, involves all of civilization around the globe. As the United States sinks into the abysmal mediocrity of Socialism, because we have already lost and surrendered our role of leadership around the world, because we are a country without a leader who stands up for the Principles  of our founding fathers and the Constitution of laws which this nation thrived upon for a time in the past.
This beautiful country of 50 states and over 300 million citizenry, with a terrain which furnished all our needs, has fallen into dis-repair, and now other countries nit-picking over this country like it was the ugly duckling. I cry for the country and freedom I loved.
I don’t have a crystal ball, however, my vicseral feeling was that last year 2014, was our last big chance to salvage the remnants in the mid-term election, by electing a majority of Republicans. High hopes in their majority election, but a strange thing happened. Actually nothing happened to change the direction of our country, and it seems, the majority if not all in Congress fell lock-step with the status quo of Socialist agenda, of Democrats in power.
Today six months into the new term, those in charge in the executive branch, Congress and the Supreme Court all seem to be in lock-step with an unseen enemy destroying this nation. 
Specifically, 535 plus nine plus one, a total of 545 in charge have defied the laws of this nation and the will of the people, to totally transform America. Which is what President Obama said he planned on doing in his speeches before the first election.
So here we are today, facing more problems than Dick Tracy, but with a consensus of opinion, we need a leader to head up the digging out from under the rule of socialism.
When I read about all the positive things Scott Walker has done for his state, Wisconsin, I thought he would make a good president, but I also wrote a web-site article some months ago, expressing my vicseral feeling, a non-politician would rise up from the ranks to lead this country out of the ditch. When out of the blue, just recently Donald Trump announced his candidacy for President. And in my opinion he is the man who can and will, return this nation back to sanity and prosperity and greatness.
He’s no stranger to any of us. All about his private life and business ventures and success has been highly publicized. He is an entrepreneur who has successfully operated in the free-enterprise system to acquire his wealth. He has built golf courses, a skating rink, high rise with an escalator, written books, starred in a successful television series, and has a family of successful  beautiful children. Obviously a very smart business man, and stands up and announces he knows how to return this country to greatness. And his history and background attest to that claim.
We have all watched him on the Apprentice, and know he can be charming or abrasive. Many like him but some don’t. But the bottom line is he is the one individual with the know-how and capacity to return America to greatness again. And is willing to take on that job using his own money. Why is it so many tearing at him like a pack of mad-dogs?  Any and everyone in this country who cares about America, Freedom and the future of their children should get behind him and support him.
Unfortunately that element among us, who have brought us to this brink, mostly the elected and news media, are tearing away at him like a pack of wolves. Plus the majority of other candidates seeking power of presidency, going for his jugular vein like the hungry catapillar.
Just today which is Sunday, July 19th, news segments and talk shows are dominated by a drive to drive Donald Trump out of the running, with a variety of fabricated hog-wash to discredit him. But so far he’s standing his ground, with a determination that enhances his stance as a leader. So much of the criticism is fabricated out of the whole cloth.
Surely there’s enough red-bloodied patriotic ordinary Americans, who understand the depravity which has gripped this country, evil men and women, who have taken this nation down, in conjunction with the evils invading from other countries, to stand up and fight alongside Donald Trump to re-claim this country, which at one time was by the people and for the people, now in clutches of One Worlders, out to destroy.
Because the message of Donald Trump caught on so quickly, by a people so hungry for change he  zoomed out front so quickly, it caught the “in-crowd” of destroyers off guard, which scared the crap out of the powers at be and now they are so desperate, they have gone all out to fabricate lies about him, then get on the news and report as though they speak truth. Donald Trump is the real deal, with a record and background of accomplishments like no one else, running for President. He has the capacity to lead this nation back to the greatness we once enjoyed. What we must do is support and protect him. There is no question about it, he loves this country, and we are all lucky he stepped up to the plate and offered his services to do the job which must be done, with no time to waste.
His candidacy is a modern day Paul Revere Run. He is sounding the alarm, with a game plan of know how to return this country back to the greatness we once enjoyed. All we the people have to do is support him and back him up. The alternative is sinking further and further into the abysmal mediocrity of the slavery of socialism. Our choice is bondage or Freedom. There is no in between.
We have been at war for quite sometime. A war of ideas and losing. The great military strategist, SUN TZU said, “If you know the enemy and know yourself, you need not fear the result of a hundred battles. If you know yourself but not the enemy, for every victory gained you will also suffer a defeat. If you know neither the enemy nor yourself, you will succumb to every battle.”
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