As soon as a new news cycle erupts every few days, the first thing we read about is questions as to “Why” this, that and the other happening. And we should deal with the “why” – the problem is once we figure out answers, we start all over with the next occurrence with the same questions, as if each occurrence is something different and mysterious.
The latest news saturation is the horrible actions of the 21-year old Dylann Roof in South Carolina, who entered a church armed with gun and ammunition, listened to the prayer service about an hour before pulling out the gun and killing nine people in the church service. An act so horrendous, it’s difficult for us to wrap our minds around to comprehend and everyone starts asking why?
Then as information is reported, we learn about the background of the killer. He answered a few questions when he appeared in court. He’s a 21-year old male, unemployed and not in school, lives in South Carolina, and has a background of rabble-rousing.
The question is, who has been supporting this 21-year old male? When he was arrested, he was driving along the highway. Who pays for his vehicle and gas? Then it’s reported he’s on drugs, who is paying for his drugs? Who buys his clothes and food? It’s reported his father bought him the gun, who buys the ammunition.
Then it’s reported he has a website, called The Last Rhodesian, filled with a lot of photos of shooter Roof. Who pays for the website. Because I have a website, I know first hand there’s an expense involved. Apparently shooter Roof spends a lot of time promoting his anger and resentment on the internet.
As more information is reported daily about this 21-year old white male, a profile emerges, which shows here a human being on the earth 21 years, who has never contributed anything but hatred, venom and anger, has no job and others support. Instead of asking “Why” he has chosen this path of destruction, the question is why not? And secondly the question is, who is behind him, supporting his life and life-style? Who are his enablers? Is it family? Friends? Groups? Organizations? Government?
He reported in court he is 21 years old and has no job. Therefore, “others” have supported his lifestyle, with a car, gas, a gun, a website, food, clothing and shelter. Therefore instead of asking “why” this young white male leads such a life of destruction, the question is, “who” are his enablers, that provides the means for his behavior?
It appeared a noble act for relatives of victims he killed to appear in court and state they forgive him. In my opinion, others do not have the power to forgive him, but do have the power to forgive themselves for the anger and resentment they feel towards him for the heinous acts he committed. What “others” can do is hold him accountable for his actions, and hold his enablers accountable. In any situation similar to this latest crime spree, there are always three components, the perpetrator, the victim, and the enablers.
From Chicago to Atlanta, these types of destructive behaviors, to varying degrees, erupt regularly. Just asking WHY will not provide the answers unless it’s accompanied by What, Where, When and by Whom.
This young man in South Carolina did not reach this level of heinous behavior single-handedly. He had help along the way supporting his ideas and decisions. It seems the one thing these mass killings have in common is that they are all on drugs of one kind or another. And appears another common factor, they are unemployed. And it’s the government via NAFTA that has shipped the jobs to other countries. While those in charge keep whooping and hollering that the problem is lack of gun control.
There’s a huge gap in the understanding of “morality” in this country. Which can be found in understanding the meaning of Freedom. Specifically the understanding of  “Ownership,” which begins with the boundaries of the property of one’s life. And the boundaries of the lives of others.
Just Me AC
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