On my website of over one-thousand posted articles, the most popular has been the article on “Principles and Value Judgments” followed by the next most read is the article on “SAN PAKU.”
Here we are in the middle of year 2015, with more problems than Dick Tracy, in the final stages on the precipice of the New World Order. It’s so painful for me to say that, it’s hard to swallow. However it was last year, 2014, I realized the mid-term election was our last big chance of reversing directions. The people did vote into power a Republican regime, to reverse the direction the Democrats have taken this country, but sadly those elected in 2014 have failed to turn the tide of direction towards NWO.
At this stage of the game, and state of affairs, it appears little can be done to change the currents, but I felt compelled to remind my readers of the difference in Principles and value judgments. This world we live in is part of a Universe which operates on Law. Undeviating and immutable Universal Law, in 24 hour cycles. Universal law is a Principle and operates separately from anything we as human beings, think, believe or understand.
Whether or not an individual believes or understands the intent of our founding fathers, when they carved out the Declaration of Independence and the US Constitution of Laws to govern future generations, their intentions were to insure Freedom for the individual, by laws of limitation for political government. Which worked so well the first couple of hundred years, providing the basis of the greatest good for the greatest number known to civilization.
In the scheme of things among human beings is a sinister force, which is evil and enslaving, and somehow out of 300 million citizenry, we managed to elect a select few in Congress, the White House and Supreme Court, whose nature is dominated by that sinister force, and the elected have elected to dismantle and destroy our early adherence to Universal Principles, and have managed to replace by a set of manmade laws, contrary to Universal law.
Everyone knows that Freedom is sustained by “Eternal Vigilance” and we the people have failed to adhere to that notion, and gave power to that group now in charge, and nature governed by Universal Principles will always triumph over human value judgments. Simply put, we have failed to adhere to the Universal principle which tells us, “Freedom is self-responsibility.”
Instead of practicing self-responsibility, the majority elected others they handed their power of control over to, erroneously believing that “others” could better manage their lives than they themselves living in freedom. Therefore, the majority abandoned their self-responsibility to be free and now we live under a different set of rules of Socialism.
The essence of Freedom is Ownership of Property, which emanates from ownership and control of ourselves. The last straw was turning over the control of the health of our bodies to politicians, who passed the Obamacare laws.
The beginning of the end began about six generations ago, when we the people turned over education of children over to politicians, with power to indoctrinate into Socialism via the “Public School System”  operated by centralized government. And the final straw accomplished when we handed over control of our health to politicians. A group now operating to install a One World Government.
There is no force out there to reverse our present crisis, until or unless the citizenry of this nation understand the difference in Principles and Value judgments. Simply put, the values the majority now embrace are in direct conflict with Universal principles. We the people violated Universal Principles in favor of human value judgments, which are in direct conflict. And Nature is always going to have its way.
The American flag is symbolic of the Principles of freedom upon which this nation was founded. The sign of the times today is all the ranting  destructive forces promoting flag destruction. What fools we mortals be!!
We are living in an era when it is unpopular to even discuss Freedom. If there’s any glimmer of hope for this once great country, we must begin by discussing the meaning of freedom, and the difference between Principles and manmade value judgments, to instill a burning desire to live Free instead of in bondage.
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