America the beautiful is today just a shadow of its former self. The land of the Free and home of the brave is no longer. That wonderful American dream rooted in the Capitalistic, free enterprising system has been replaced by a different system of political government, which is socialistic, and a mixed brand of Fascism and Communism.
For the past eight years I have been posting articles on my web-site,, with over one thousand articles posted. My dominant theme is Freedom, and understanding its meaning. In my ninety-plus years, I have watched my Country sink from a life in Freedom to the bondage of Socialism. It was back in the sixties when I discovered the real meaning of Freedom, and the realization that the decaying of America was caused by an absence of understanding Freedom, and the devaluation of it by the majority of the citizenry. Therefore I set out to understand the Philosophy of Freedom and once I did, I went on a crusade to others to understand its meaning, and stand up for it. And Freedom is a total concept.
Unfortunately we have squandered it, and failed to maintain and sustain it by adhering to its requirement of “eternal vigilance.” Consequently, this great America is in the ditch, as conditions worsen daily. I do not know if conditions can be reversed. What I do know is to begin the return back to American Exceptionalism, in Freedom, requires a leader, one who understands the problem, cause and cure, to begin turning things around.
Currently we are buried up to our eyeballs in political theft, rules and regulations, and saturated with a group of politicians who have led this nation down the road of bondage, while they stuff their stomachs, pocketbooks and desires of pleasure with tax-paid dollars, coming from producers in this country.
Now they are lining up, standing in line as hopefuls to be elected for continuation of the same policies that brought us to this brink of disaster. For any one American citizen to even consider voting into power any one of those politicians who have contributed to the conditions we face today, ought to hang their head in shame. And anyone who has been elected to Congress in Washington, is guilty of contributions to the hellish conditions we face today. They are not entitled to remain in positions of power, to rob current and future generations of the Freedom handed to us by our forefathers who fought to sustain it through generations of brave men and women.
No American is entitled to keep their head inthe sand and refuse to recognize the wake-up call so evident in all areas of our lives, we’re experiencing today. If you love America, Freedom, and your children, and prefer Freedom over bondage, then you will this day, seriously consider doing something about it.
Currently conditions are so bad in this country and worsening every 24 hours, this nation is in dire need of a Leader. There are a couple of very capable candidates like Walker and Rick Perry. But Donald Trump is the man of the hour, who understands our problem and the cause, and knows how to Fix it. His success as a businessman, having eough money to finance his own campaign, understanding the cause of our dilemma, with a clear-cut vision of the solution, and a willingness to take on the magnitude of the job, sets him apart from all others.
Donald Trump is no stranger to any of us. We know who he is and aware of his capabilities. We’ve been watching him on the “Apprentice” for the past several years. We know he can be charming and at times abrasive. He is well-liked by many and disliked by others. Regardless of any personal opinions about him, his exposure of who he is and his capabilities are well advertised. Nothing mysterious about Donald Trump, what you see is what you get. A very smart entrepreneur and very successful business man who loves to talk about his hair!!
Just a few days ago he announced he’s running for the Candidacy of President of United States. We need him at the helm in charge in Washington. And we are lucky he decided to take on the challenge. He is the most qualified to lead us out of the ditch. He understands how to operate the Capitalistic free-enterprise system this country founded on and thrived on for the first 200 years.
Wouldn’t it be wonderful to return to an era when it was ok for a kid to try his hand in business by being allowed to set up a lemonade stand in his front yard?
Not only that, he makes no bones about how he will go about regaining and returning to the American people all that has been snatched away by foreigners in collusion with the elected in Washington, specifically our money and productivity via the way of jobs.
To all my faithful readers over past few years, take a good long hard look at Donald Trump and consider backing him to do the job of returning America to Americans. Check out his record, listen to what he says and decide what it is you want, then make up your mind.
Let Freedom Ring
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