As usual, I awakened this A.M. around 2 and made a pot of coffee. Then listened to current news, weather and traffic. Haven’t written anything in several days, after a weekend celebrating Mother’s Day with children and grandchildren.Then on Tuesday, May 12th, The Gainesville Times featured a story about me that covered almost one entire page. I received e-mails and phone calls as a result of that story. A great picture and well-written story by the reporter who interviewed me.
I was so delighted over the publicity, because anytime I receive publicity about me personally, it helps to promote my ideas about freedom, and brings attention to so many problems we face in this country at this particular time. I’m all for raising awareness about the reality of what’s happening all around us in this wonderful America, which has fallen from a government of the people, by the people and for the people, to a Socialistic system combined of Fascism and Communism ideologies.
As I listen to friends, family, neighbors, local and national news, it’s dominated by tragedies and politicians in office, plus those seeking to doodle-bug voters to elect them into office.
It was John Stuart Mill who said, “The worth of a State in the long run is the worth of the Individuals composing it.” We have 300 million-plus citizens here in this country, and the question is, what’s being done to salvage the remnants of Principles it was founded upon?
Hardly anyone understands the meaning of Freedom. Millions are on entitlement programs, from food stamps to  government housing, with millions of school kids attending the tax-supported school system, while our centralized government is bringing in by plane loads, illegals, who have messed things up in their native land, seeking refuge here to add to the burdens we have in this country.
My web-site articles go around the world and I have a lot of readers whom I try to inform about the meaning and importance of Freedom. My question this morning is this – What are you as an individual doing to understand Freedom, preserve freedom, and protect your private property today? If you have children in school, what are you doing to counter-brainwash the indoctrination into socialism which they are subjected to in the classroom?
Are you listening to the slew of political hopefuls pitching non compos mentis rhetoric at you, seeking your vote to put them in power, to continue on their do-nothing route? No question about it, this country is in desperate need of a leader to protect this nation from foreign and domestic enemies, but who on the horizon is capable of doing that? Those you have previously elected are not doing the job they were elected to do.
What has Hillary Clinton or Jeb Bush ever accomplished, that in any way, shape, form or fashion, protects or improves a way of life for anyone in this country. Have they developed anything? created anything?  discovered anything? Aside from drawing tax-paid salaries, which has provided for them above average lifestyles. We live in a country that has produced many creative individuals who have made tremendous contributions to all of us. The Henry Fords and Einsteins. But who among those running this country have created anything to improve the lives of others?
Our military is dismantled, infrastructure is falling apart, economy is in the ditch, schools are of indoctrination and not education. Our medical and health industry is in shambles, administering drugs around the clock. Private property ownership is taxed to the hilt. Police departments are under attack, being dismantled in preparation for martial law.
There are men among us who have the know-how and background to lead this nation back to greatness, such as Donald Trump, the entrepreneur billionaire, whose record reveals he has built impressive structures of business and housing, and created everything from skating rinks to golf courses, even created successful venues of entertainment. He loves America and understands what’s wrong and knows how to put Humpty Dumpty back together again. Why, I ask, are the people of this nation not behind a man like Donald Trump to recover all we have lost? Why is it the average person is supporting and backing a bunch of losers?
Then there’s Scott Walker, Governor of Wisconsin, whose record of achievement for his state is impressive.
I’m personally appalled at the absence of interest of the majority of the American Citizenry, with respect to returning this country back to greatness, as the leader of the world. Why have we settled for the mediocrity of Socialism, in preference to the glories of Freedom, in a world of free-enterprise capitalism?
H.L. Menken said: “Government is actually the worst failure of Civilized Man.”  I disagree with that. Moral self-government separates us from the uncivilized, and responsible self-government selects a leader to protect the nation from foreign and domestic enemies, not to enslave the people they rule over as is happening today.
I remind the reader of last year, 2014, when most believed electing a Republican majority in Congress would turn the tide, but it did not, because Republicans joined forces with Democrats to take this nation further down the road of bondage.
The answer and solution to our dilemma lies in the hearts and minds of the American people, who are currently asleep at the switch, listening to the same ones who brought us to this brink of disaster, expecting the current batch of candidates promise to do something they are not qualified to do. Can’t get blood out of a turnip.  Nor will this nation be returned to its original greatness, electing the same caliber of those of non-accomplishment backgrounds, crowding the field of hopefuls today.
Each individual must take stock of themselves, and decide whether they wish to live under the bondage we have currently, or whether or not to assume the self-responsibility for their lives, children and property required by freedom.
Freedom is not Free, it has a price and always has. Grab hold, take charge and do something while you still can, because the window of opportunity closes by degrees with the passing of each 24 hours. Freedom is not inherited, only the opportunity to sustain and retain it is.
Let Freedom Ring
Just me AC
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