All the rioting and property destruction in Ferguson had hardly subsided before the burning of cars and business erupted in Baltimore. There will be a lull before the next planned eruption takes place, as those rabble-rouser initiators of riots milk the news with their lies of propaganda to gain power and money.
The cause of race riots has never been about equality, the underlying aim has always been for superiority. In the case of race riots in Baltimore, we are living in an era with a black President, black Attorney General in Washington and Baltimore has a black Mayor and the majority of the police force is black. Those in seats of political power ordered the police to “stand down” and watch, while locals destroyed businesses, cars and other property which was not theirs.
An order to “stand down” means do nothing to stop the destruction and invasion of property Rights. Race riots have been going on since the sixties, and for the first time, America watched on television while the destruction took place and police stood on the sidelines and adhered to the stand down order.
What is it the race rioters want now-a-days? When it all began back in the sixties, blacks were angry because they couldn’t sit at white lunch counters, go to white bathrooms nor drink from white water fountains. Then they wanted jobs with equal pay. Then they wanted political positions.
With reference to the Baltimore riots, the news keeps reporting the dissension among blacks is because of lack of jobs. So what did they do? Burn down local businesses that provided jobs for locals.
Then the gripes and complaints made headline news over “police brutality,” accusations of white policemen targeting blacks. Now the majority of policemen are black. Therefore brutality is black on black.
Now-a-days blacks dominate entitlement programs. From food stamps to Section Eight housing, to government funded child support.
It appears from the reality of today’s conditions, blacks have accomplished all they wanted and more, so why are they still rioting, and destroying the property of others, and destroying their means of employment, by burning down the very businesses that employ them?
That which began over racial inequality of blacks, is no longer the problem.Blacks now are in charge of many political positions and schools, as evidenced in the recent school trials and scandal in the Atlanta area schools. The very place Martin Luther King, Jr. lived and racial riots began, which is the Atlanta area, which now has a black mayor.
Both blacks and whites still retain the Right of peaceful protesting, but we watched on TV as blacks burned hundreds of cars and business buildings in Baltimore. For what reason?  What’s the underlying cause of such apparent uncivilized type behavior?
Now in addition to racial riots, we face foreign terrorist rioters, already invading this nation via illegals. In my opinion we are overdue to lay down the hatchet of dissension between blacks and whites and come together to resist a very real threat from other enemies invading this nation.
I have written other articles about my life growing up in the South, living among blacks harmoniously, back in the depression years of the thirties. And trying to understand this current rioting among blacks and whites. Makes no sense to me, other than from the standpoint of a One World Socialist agenda, those in charge are the stirring stick, to use black rioting to further their agenda of the “transformation of America.”
Eric Schaub, Activist, said, “I cannot free another, and no one can free me. Freedom is acquired with the Responsibility that sustains it.”
Let Freedom Ring 
Just me AC
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