Donald Trump is talking about running for President again. And I think he should. He is qualified to pull this country back from the brink of disaster if there is any one individual on the planet who can. He’s a proven leader and that’s what this nation needs more than anything currently, is a leader, and Donald Trump is qualified.
I first began paying attention to Donald Trump when my son gave me a copy of his book, “The Art Of The Deal,” several years ago. Because he has been in the news so much, about business deals, beauty pageants, marriages, his hair and The Apprentice, most everyone is familiar with Donald Trump.
He comes across as being American as apple pie. No question about it, he loves the Free-enterprise system, Freedom, family, and America. A smart shrewd businessman. He has the courage of his convictions, understands foreign relations, knows how to build everything from a golf course to a skating rink, and so gutsy he will stand up to any other foreign country and leader to fight for America, the American people and the Principles upon which this nation was founded.
A child needs a parent, a church needs a minister, a school needs a principal, a State needs a governor, this Nation needs a leader, who understands and follows the Declaration of Independence, the original Constitution, with respect for the founding father Principles this Nation was founded upon.
Currently the political field is getting quite crowded with political hopefuls to be President of the United States. The first thing any American voter should consider is a candidate with a successful record as leader of a state as Governor, or one who is a successful entrepreneur in the world of business. We do not need to consider anyone who has served in Congress, all too indoctrinated by lobbyists and special interest groups in Washington.
Because this nation was built on the Free-enterprise system, headed by business men who operated the Capitalistic system, among a once free people, we became known as a nation that furnished the greatest good for the greatest number known to Civilization. Now on the verge of collapse into the hands of Socialist advocates, the antithesis of the Principles which at one time made us the greatest nation on the planet.
Donald Trump has not held a political office, but clearly understands politics. He is a very smart businessman and knows how to operate a business successfully, and any president of the United States is in charge of operating the biggest business on the planet. Currently the business of running this nation is broken and in dire need of a leader who has the know-how to fix it, and Donald Trump knows how.
The other candidate qualified to turn things around in this nation is Scott Walker, because of his record as Governor of Wisconsin. A decent, smart fair-minded individual. But no one running for President has the qualifications of Donald Trump, nor the intestinal fortitude he has to achieve whatever he sets out to do.
I’ve been thinking for months some unknown would rise up from the ranks to step up to the plate with a resumé of qualifications, to save this Nation from collapse into Fascist-Communist Socialism. But Donald Trump is the one man on the horizon who is qualified to do the job. He is well-known to put his money and mouth where his Principles are to achieve success. His love of freedom and Country is well known. And he understands “The Art Of The Deal,” it requires to put Humpty-Dumpty back together again. Because we are definitely a nation which is now in the pits in more ways than one. And things getting worse on a daily basis. We are a Nation in distress on the verge of martial law, with a dismantled military, now shipping illegals in via the plane load.
Donald Trump is the most qualified person on the horizon, number one, and Scott Walker is the other. We definitely do not need another Clinton nor a Bush, nor any of those other elected politicians clamoring for the office of presidency. We are in dire need of a Leader, to pull us out of the ditch we are in, and Trump is capable of that job. His record proves he accomplishes whatever he sets his mind to do. He understands the problem and what it takes to “fix” it.
Therefore I suggest to any concerned American, who loves this Country and freedom, get behind Donald Trump!
Let Freedom Ring
Just me AC
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