We have all heard the phrase “Fiddling while Rome burns.” Well this nation is “diddling while Baltimore burns,” and the diddling is blackmailing ourselves as to the root cause of the burning of a major city here in America we watched Tuesday night.
Never have the words of the twentieth century Communist leader, Lenin, rang so loud and clear, when almost a hundred years ago, he predicted the Socialist Communist take over of the United States and said, “The United States we shall not have to attack, it will fall into our hands like overripe fruit.” And so it has!
I have written any number of articles on my web-site, explaining the power of words, and how this once powerful nation has been transformed from a nation of a free people to the bondage of Socialism with words and not a shot being fired.
As we watched from our living rooms the destruction and burning of a major city, Baltimore, Maryland, just outside Washington DC, go up in flames as high school students took over as police stood by and watched, if this is not a wake-up call to the reality of why this nation is buried to the gills in Socialism, I don’t know what is.
In Part One, I outlined a bit about the history of blacks versus whites in this country. Our problem is not blacks versus whites, it’s Socialism versus Freedom. Pitting blacks against whites is the game plan to effect the “transformation of America.”
If one listens to the rational voice of such leaders as the niece of Dr. Martin Luther King, Jr., then you will know we in essence all want the same thing, that is peace, freedom, protection of Rights to own property, opportunities to work, raise and educate our children, to live and let live.
As we watched from our living rooms, we saw high school students throw rocks and bottles to back off police as they destroyed and burned Baltimore. Stealing cars and driving them into the burning fires in the streets of Baltimore. One very sad and disturbing televised event was one mother chasing and beating up on her son, who participated in the destruction.
Banks, business and vehicles were looted, burned and destroyed, by a group of rioting high school students, backing police off with rocks and bottles.These were students attending the local public schools, paid for with taxes from the very businesses students were destroying.
To understand what is taking place one must understand the meaning and purpose of Government operated public schools.They are classrooms that breed and indoctrinate students into the Philosophy of Socialism. A system of Socialism cannot teach otherwise, by its very nature.
It is the nature of a duck to quack and nature of a bird to fly. It’s the nature of a system of Socialism to indoctrinate into the Philosophy of Socialism and 12 years of indoctrination breeds students into Socialists. Those high school students who burned and destroyed a major city yesterday, was not a black issue, it was an issue of indoctrination into the philosophy of socialism. Socialism does not teach the Rights and principles of Ownership, quite the contrary. Those destructive high school students are not taught about the Rights to ownership of property and had no qualms about their destructive acts.
One’s inalienable Rights to Freedom and ownership of property as set forth in the documents by our founding fathers is not taught in public schools. Those high school students on a rampage yesterday have no concept of the Principles of Freedom and property ownership. They are just angry and frustrated about they know not what. Their interest is in entitlements. They perceive they are entitled to do whatever they wish, take whatever they want and have fun destroying, because they are products of a Socialist school system.
There is nothing anyone can do to change the system for the better because the system itself is an immoral one based upon a system of thievery.
The only solution is dismantle the system and place education in the Free-enterprising system. Which can be done from a local level, because school boards that operate the system are local. However so long as one values “free” indoctrination above paid education, nothing is going to change in the direction this nation is headed.
The ditch this once Free Country is now mired to the gills in, is the direct result of Socialistic school teachings. Every nine months we graduate millions indoctrinated into the philosophy of Socialism, which is the antithesis of a free Republic.
I discovered this way back in the sixties when I read the textbooks my children brought home. Back then, I thought I could do something to improve the system and counter-brainwashed my children, only to discover there is nothing anyone can do to inprove the schools, because they are the essence of Socialism, goverrnment operated.
The situation in Baltimore is tragic, however it’s an opportunity for a wake-up call to reverse the direction this Country is headed, by changing the schools of indoctrination, and revise by installing free-enterprise schools of education. A daunting task indeed, but can and must be done to save this country from the jaws of Socialism. We are now into six generations of indoctrination, and the results out-pictured via the conditions we face in this once glorious and free country. The bearer of bad news is never very popular. The dismantling and change-over in the educational process is good news and bad news.
The up-bringing and education of one’s children is the responsibility of parents, not others. Private schools, quite expensive are popping up as some realize their children are not receiving education in public schools, however the same indoctrination into Socialism is in the textbooks they use, make no mistake about that.
The destructive burning of a major city by high school students yesterday, is the most glaring example of the results of Socialist public schooling we have seen to date. No foreign rebels are destroying this country, it’s an inside job stemming from that which they are taught in public schools.The blame for that event lies with us, the parents, not the victimized students. The students have no clout to change the system, that responsibility lies with the parents.
There’s an interesting book one can read titled “The Twelve Year Sentence.”
I did not invent this story of the cause of the conditions, I simply discovered it years ago when my children were in school, and faced arrest more than once for home-schooling when it was unacceptable to home-school. Now my grandchildren are in private schools and taught the Philosophy of Freedom by their parents.
The rioting and destruction we witnesed in Baltimore is not the end of our problems, but simply an out-picturing of the frustration of students, and most likely more is to come, unless we the people wake up to the reality of the cause of the ditch we are in currently and decide to do something about it.
It was Reverend Wright, the former minister of our President, who cursed America, then said, “The chickens have come home to roost.”  Then it was the Mayor of Baltimore who said, “Give rioters space to destroy.” Which informs us, we cannot look to ministers and politicians for the solutions to our problems. The answer to our problem is in the hearts and minds of those who love Freedom and America. That’s you, the parents of these misguided children.
A quote from Mark Twain who said: “For in a Republic, who is the Country? Is it the government which is for the moment in the saddle? Why, the government is merely a servant – merely a temporary servant, it cannot be its prerogative to determine what is Right and what is wrong, and decide who is a patriot and who isn’t. Its function is to obey orders, not originate them.”
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