Conditions in America are going from bad to worse at an expedited rate. Headline this morning reads, “Homeland Security Working Overtime to Naturalize 9,OOO,OOO new Americans, by 2016 Election.”
I urge my readers to pay special attention to the words in this announcement. These are foreign illegals, being imported and elevated in verbiage to New Americans, before they arrive. No, they are not new Americans, they are foreign illegals, who  want to come here to drag this country down, after they have screwed up conditions in their native country. They are non-American persons being brought in by loads to eventually be set up as voters, to support and sustain the current regime and its policies of “transforming America.”
Before the 2008 presidential election, Barack Obama told us in his campaign speeches his plans to “transform” America. I recall thinking why would anyone desire to transform America, the greatest country which provided the greatest opportunity to the greatest number known to civilization. Then after the first four years the people put him back in office for another four years, while he promoted “Obamacare” in his re-election speeches.
It’s a well known fact, “That which takes place in the scheme of things in the political government, is never far ahead of nor far behind the tempo of the American people.” The disastrous conditions we face today in a country on the verge of collapse, is a result of the actions of the people, who take no responsibility for their actions and now are blaming Obama for everything.  He is simply doing that which he promised to do from the outset, before he was ever elected the first time. It was after he was elected he announced “how” he would transform, i.e., with a pen and a phone.
A reminder of the story of the man who drowned, then demanded of God why he allowed him to drown. The answer was, “As you stood on your roof top, I sent a boat and you refused to jump in, then I sent a helicopter in a second attempt to save you and you refused to grab hold of the rope, when you slipped and went over. I did not abandon you, the drowning was your idea and decision.”
So it is in the downfall of America today, we the people have done it to ourselves, then refuse to take responsibility for the results. Three hundred million-plus citizens have allowed 345 congressmen, 100 senators, nine supreme court and one president to rule and takeover this great country.
And it has been accomplished with words, without a shot being fired. On this eve of saturation via illegals, on the verge of martial law(police state), and confiscation of the internet, we the people are in a state of denial of the cause of the problem of bondage we face today.
Nothing is going to reverse the conditions we face today, until the people wake up to the reality of the cause, which is “Us.” We are doomed to live in a Socialist country, under the rules of combined Fascism and Communism, which is a state of enslavement, and an absence of Freedom.
There’s an old saying in the South, “Can’t make a silk purse out of a Sow’s ear. Neither can you live in freedom, via voting into power a Socialist regime of political government, then just groaning about it and blaming those you voted into power to take, rake and confiscate all the great things our founding fathers left us to enjoy.
They provided the groundwork, with a “Root, Hog, or die!” determination and gave us the Declaration of Independence and a Constitution as a guide, and we have squandered it. Then refusing to take responsibility for the mess we have made. And sadly, no future in Freedom, which was handed down to us, for the next generation. In a state of denial that it is not of our doing! Then act as though we are entitled to do nothing about it as we continue to blame “others” for current conditions. Flocking to the polls to re-elect the same “lust for power” individuals who have clearly stated they stand for a One World government.
The Communist leader Lenin predicted in early part of the last century, “The united States we shall not have to attack, it will fall into our hands like overripe fruit.”  And so it has!!
I have a website with over a thousand articles posted, mostly about understanding the Philosophy of Freedom, which is simply self-responsibility and self-control, a state of being we the people have abandoned and voluntarily handed over to “others” to control.  It is not their fault, it is ours, i.e., We the people.
Now in the latter stages, the very premise upon which this nation was founded,”Christianity,” is now under a concerted assault. And we are losing.
Abraham Lincoln said in a speech Feburary 12, 1865, “The people are the Rightful masters of both Congresses and Courts, not to overthrow the Constitution, but to overthrow the men who pervert the Constitution.”
Let Freedom Ring 
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