Since Hillary Clinton made her run for President official, majority of news talking about her, so I decided to add my two cents worth and then move on.
Seems as though she has been around forever on the political scene in one position or another, and runing for nearly a decade for Presidency of the United States of America.They don’t get any more “establishment type” than Hillary.
I’ve been around and lived through a number of presidential campaigns, and seems there usually one remark they make in campaign speeches that sticks with me and defines the candidate.
With reference to President Obama, it was in his first campaign speeches when he informed us he wanted to transform America. I recall back then wondering why anyone living in the greatest Country on the planet, founded on Individual Freedom, would want to “Transform” that. But here we are well into second term, living in the era of that promised transformation.
News pundits in a frenzy quoting, analyzing every word and move of Hillary. For me, the one thing that struck a note I will remember is her remark, “Everyday Americans need a Champion.” Inherent in that statement, tells me more than anything else she said.
“Everyday Americans” implies “Ordinary” to me. And Champion implies above the fray, smarts above the average ordinary, suggest Hillary knows best, so listen to her and vote her into power. You ordinary Americans, you need her to champion you.
Republicans are lucky she has announced her candidacy as the Democratic nominee, because she has so much baggage she’s the easiest to defeat. And on top of all her baggage history, she has no record of achievements, to fall back on.
When I see Hillary on TV I can’t help but recall the times her husband, President Bill Clinton, was on the hot seat for impeachment and the pictures of the two walking to board a plane and Hillary was walking ten paces behind Bill. A time that many of us felt empathy and sadness for Hillary, listening all the news about his infidelity.
And the second memorable image was all the publicity and stories about how they toted stuff out of the White House before departing. Whether true or not, I don’t know, but there were news reports of looting.
Therefore when she presents herself as the one to “Champion Everyday Americans,” my question is, how does she plan on doing that? And what’s in her resumé that qualifies her as “champion?”
In my opinion, Hillary Clinton should be pitied more than censored. The strange look in her eyes when she appeared on camera to try and explain her email behavior, appeared to be someone quite frightened. Her eyes kept shifting from right to left, in a peculiar fashion. A rather strange body language, for someone in the hot seat over emails.
Let’s face reality, this nation is in dire need of Leadership to pull this Country from the jaws of Socialism, we are up to our gills in. And conditions are worsening daily. We need someone with proven leadership history, to take control of the reins to return this nation to the founding principles handed down to us by our founding fathers. Someone like Donald Trump or Scott Walker, whose record of achievement tells us what their capabilities are. The Freedom of this country is at stake.
There’s no time to waste listening to the whining of Hillary, and no time to waste using energy beating up on her. And so wrapped up in her desire to be the “Champion,” she tries to convince voters, “what difference does any of it make?”
In the event there’s anyone out there who does not know the difference in the American way of Life in Freedom and a way of life under the bondage of Socialism, we need a leader to remind the uninformed, during the coming months of campaigning before the 2016 election.
This is not a nation of “Ordinary Folks” but extraordinary citizenry, some informed and some misinformed and some uninformed. We need a candidate running for President who talks about American Exceptionalism, and how to regain it to inspire the people of this nation, to return to it again.
Hillary Clinton should retire and enjoy being a grandmother, now that she has a grandchild. Instead of portraying herself as the poster person for seduction of politics, and kidding herself she’s the “Champion of the Ordinary Folks.” She’s not going to be the next President of the United States! Why she has set herself up to be the whipping board for the Republican party, is beyond rationale, but someone who doesn’t understand what “difference it makes.”
It’s not the citizenry of this nation that’s “ordinary folks,” it’s Hillary Clinton an ordinary politician. And what’s an ordinary politician?  One who devotes their life to getting into power and staying into power, to take and rake from the extraordinary producers of this nation. The producers of this Country are the true Champions, and if there are “Ordinary Folks” it’s the politicians who feel entitled to take from producers, re-distribute to non-producers and take their rake off the top.
This is going to be a long drawn out Presidential Campaign. Because the War of Ideas which has transformed this country has been accomplished with words without a shot being fired. We are overdue to pay special attention to the words of politicians, as they define themselves and their intentions, in general, and how they define us,  the citizenry of this nation.
“Absolute, arbitrary power over the lives, liberty and Property of free men, exists nowhere in a Republic, not even in the largest Majority.”  A quote from the Kentucky Declaration of Rights. And a “republic” was the original form of government handed down to us by our founding fathers. We have lost it by allowing the elected to squander it. Are we going to continue down this road, are we going to continue, or we going to straighten up our backbone, stand up, speak up and act up to regain that which is lost? Personal freedom.
Just me AC
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