On my website, I have over one-thousand articles posted.  I write on a variety of subjects, but more about Freedom than anything else. I avoid writing about below the belt issues and religion. Despite the fact I may periodically touch on perimeter edges of these two subjects.
Current news devotes a great deal of space to the controversy going on in Indiana, between Governor Mike Pence, between “Gays,” religion and the people. One news item this morning states, “Refusing services because of religious belief doesn’t lend solace to those who are seeking complete ‘EQUALITY’ without exception.”
Then a news item stating “Governor Pence announced Tuesday that he would push his state’s assembly to pass legislation stating that the new law does not give businesses a Right to deny service to anyone.”
So much TV and news coverage devoted to this latest outcry of dissension and confusion. Doesn’t take a genius to see this latest upheaval involves Sex, Religion, Freedom, Equality and Politics, all rolled up in one ball of wax, dominating the news. It’s been awhile since I have seen this much confusion promoted, by coupling so many buzz words together, plus compounding by throwing in misconceptions about one’s “Rights.”
To help my readers clear the fog of confusion, “Rights are not granted by any government but given to every individual by their creator. Freedom by definition is self-responsibility and self-control. Religion is a belief system. Equality is a non-existent fantasy and illusion. Sex is a Choice, and politics covers a multitude of divergent views and opinions. And Truth is that which is.”
So here we are, living in this wonderful “information age” in a state of confusion, promoted by the  “One Worlders” determined to transform America, with such lust for power to wrap the people in bondage, to take, rake, use and abuse, to satisfy their lust, we’re living in an era on the verge of “martial law” which means a police State, the antithesis of freedom in total violation of the First Amendment of the Constitution of Laws, designed to “protect” the freedom of the Citizenry.
One news item this A.M. stated, “After a difficult week of criticism and protest aimed at Indiana, Governor Mike Pence announced Tuesday that he would push his State’s Assembly to pass legislation stating that the new law does not give business a Right to deny service to anyone.” That’s hogwash, the State can’t give anyone a “Right” to do or not do anything. Doesn’t the governor know one’s Rights come from a higher Power and are inalienable, and cannot be granted nor taken away by politicians?
No individual is equal to another. We are all unique and un-equal, and those promoting in rants about “equality” are seeking Superiority. They seek control over lives and property of others, under the guise of “equality.”
We are overdue in this Country to begin some common sense comprehension of that which is according to Universal Laws, and not political man-made laws which contradict natural Law. And the Ten Commandments and the Declaration of Independence are two documents one can observe as a guide to common-sense morality. Begin by abandoning the crazies promoted by politicians, and news reports that support the insanity of irrational thinking.
There  is still in this Country plenty of good, decent, generous and rational thinking individuals, on the other hand there are many, confused, mis-informed and non-thinking relative to the reality of what’s happening in America. And just Awakening is not enough, one must stand up, speak up and act up to save this Country and return to the Principles of our Creator and handed down to us by our founding fathers, whose motto was, “Root, Hog, or Die!” in documents of the Declaration of Independence and the U.S. Constitution and described in their writings.
Let Freedom Ring 
Just me AC
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  1. Chris Gorham says:

    We are together in these views Anne. well said.