Within the course of any thirty day period, news items appear from across the country relating to some child having vaccinations, or being kicked out of school for refusal to have the government mandated shots, required in the government operated public school system.
News items of bad effects from forced shots appear regularly. All kinds of health problems of children are attributed to immunizations, and some claiming death caused by shots. I cringe every time I see these stories because it’s unnecessary health problems and even death in innocent children, who are victims with no control over the decisions of their parents and the government.
When I read these stories, it immediately brings back my history of battling forced immunizations back in the seventies. Any number of articles have been written about my fight against forced immunizations. Because I filed a lawsuit in federal court, claiming forced vaccinations are unConstitutional, and won. The federal judges ruled in my favor and my son was reinstated in school under federal court order. He finished high school and never had any shots.
Just this week, a news item about 143 kids in Spokane, Washington, kicked out of school for refusing vaccinations and failure to provide any required documents. Usually one of requirements is furnished a notarized statement from a recognized church it’s against one’s religion.
In my case, I refused to provide a shot record nor any statement from any religious organization, therefore over a three year period, my son would be kicked out and after a period, forgotten how long, I would re-enroll, and then he would be kicked out again. This went on through the third grade.
During that period, regularly the truant officer would visit and remind me I was in violation of the compulsory attendance laws, after the school principal kicked him out. And I knew I would eventually face arrest. Therefore during that early period through 3rd grade I kept records of everything.
During that period of time, I had two older children, one hit by a train and another thrown out of a car and ran over. I had gotten a divorce, lived in the country, trying to make a living and taking care of my children. I had done a lot of research on adverse effects of immunizations and determined my son would not have them.
After several years battling with school authorities in general and a determined principal in particular, the day arrived when I was informed I would be arrested for non-compliance with attendance laws. That’s when I gathered up all my records, contacted the best lawyer in the southeast and proceeded to file a lawsuit in federal court.
I made front page news, because one lone woman living in the country was battling the political system and public school laws, rules and regulations. Top educators were quoted as saying I was crazy. I said I might be but my child is not having shots. There was no one on my side and I bore all the legal expenses, and cost of filing a lawsuit. It was a costly and difficult battle.
But I was well aware it was my responsibility to protect my children, and felt so strongly vaccinations were detrimental to their life and well being.
I’m just amazed, lo these years later, the same situation I faced is still going on, and parents not standing up and protecting their children from the onslaught of political action so adversely affecting their children. And feel tremendous empathy towards innocent children being subjected to conditions contrary to their well-being, in my opinion and supported by reports of the adverse effects of immunizations.
As I see it the bottom line is a failure of parents to assume the self-responsibility required by Freedom, to protect their children from the onslaught of political government take-over, to control their children. The tax supported school system itself is a Socialist system, of indoctrination of children into the philosophy of Socialism.
This great country of America, founded upon the Principles of Individual Freedom, has been hi-jacked and converted to Socialism, incorporating both kinds of Fascism and Communism, and it all begins in the goverrnment controlled public school system, forcing all producers to finance the system.
Nothing in this nation is going to change and return to a nation of personal Freedom and free-enterprise unless the public school system is addressed and dismantled, because there’s where the indoctrination into Socialist philosophy is bred into each generation of children. It was the Communist leader Lenin who said, Give me a child until he’s five years old and I will make a Communist out of him.
I raised my children with what I called “counter brainwashing,” by teaching them the Philosophy of freedom. One cannot teach their children anything they do not understand, and because the past several generations have been brought up in public schools, only a recognition there’s a misunderstanding about Freedom, can we expect this nation, to be saved from the jaws of Socialism.
As we enter the coming months of unprecedented indoctrination via political hopefuls to lead this country, unless the people demand a return to the Principles upon which this great country was founded, we are doomed to bondage and enslavement.
The NEA is the most powerful union in the country, and thus far, I have heard no politician dare approach the compulsory tax-supported school system as the root cause of conditions we face today. Because it’s operated by local school boards, change can only come by addressing it at its root level, which is local. We have become a nation of fear to dare confront the root cause, of our dilemma, which has been born and bred in the so-called public school system.
Expensive private schools are cropping up around the country, but even so, the teachings of the Philosophy of Socialism are saturated in the textbooks. The same as those used in public schools.
Most seem to be unwilling to face the fact, this nation is in a ditch, buried to the gills in the philosophy of Socialism. So imbedded, it’s taboo to even discuss Freedom. And the source is tax-supported, government operated public schools.
General MacArthur said: “No man is entitled to the blessings of Freedom, unless he be vigilant in its preservation.”
Let Freedom Ring
Just me AC
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