Today is Easter. After forty days of Lent and a lot of news about Religion coupled with subjects of political laws, sex, discrimination, and “Death to America” from foreigners, this Easter time is more about subjects aside from the Story of the Resurrection of Jesus Christ.
In the news in past forty days, much about Iran and their building an atomic bomb, stories about the so-called discrimination case in Indiana, over one’s sexual orientation, business operation values, politics involved from Federal to the State Governor, in the middle of the fray and a young lady and her father at the center, closing their pizza business, topped by news media coupling all of it under the umbrella of “Religious Freedom.”
Despite the fact it’s touted as Religious Freedom being at the core of the dispute, hardly a peep out of church leaders, standing up for “religious Freedom” aside from  the appearance of Baptist minister Robert Jefferies in Texas speaking up on Kelly File Program about what’s going on in this country relative to concerted attacks on Christianity.
Starting with a campaign of “death to America” which began in other countries, we are in the middle of a fire-storm of attacks and resistance to Christianity beliefs, values and Principles in the Country.
I don’t usually write articles about religion, because religion is such a private and personal choice one is entitled to, as set forth in the U.S. Constitution of laws, however there’s a larger underlying game plan on the recent attacks on religion in this country. Because the foundation of the Principles set forth by our founding fathers is based upon values & Principles of Christianity.
To recognize what is happening relative to current attacks on Christianity, one must realize all that has preceeded this action, relative to taking this country down to form a “One World Government.” All the political laws and acts emanating out of Washington the past few years have been designed to “transform America.”
All the clamping down on economics of  “free enterprise,” government-run education, rules, regulations and restrictions on private property ownership, dismantling of military, rulings via executive order, now talk about federalizing all police departments to bring about martial law, which is a police state, to mention a few of the changes lately, brings us to this next step, which is attacks on personal Christian religious beliefs.
It did not just happen, but goes back to the methodology of conquering as set forth in Karl Marx’s Communist Manifesto, relative to political and economic issues. Then fast forward to the Korean War, where methodology of brain-washing techniques were introduced to dismantle and destroy family values and religious beliefs to reduce the subject to compliance.
There’s nothing happenstance about the current expedited attack on Christian Principles. To complete the “transformation” of America, from a country of freedom to a totalitarian state of Socialism, the very foundational values and Principles this Nation was built upon, must be dismantled and destroyed.
A reminder of what Lenin told us, almost a hundred years ago, after conquering Europe, he said, “The United States we will not have to attack, it will crumble from within, like overripe fruit.” And so it is, without a shot being fired, this country and its exceptionalism, being destroyed by those in power in Washington, who make no bones about plans to transform.
Church pews are still being filled with Christians, but little opposition to what’s happening, as all this news about business owners, gays and politicians, the topic of the day, very few bothering to understand it’s all about a much bigger game plan of transformation of America. This current concerted attack on religious views of Christianity, is an attack on Freedom of the individual, and a way of life in America. The persecution and killing of Christians around the globe, now rampant and the chant “death to America,” the mantra of the day.
Franklin Graham sometimes speaks out and now Robert Jefferies, a Baptist from Texas speaking out, but aside from those two, very little meaningful opposition from Christians in general. The current news topic coming out of Indiana, is projected as a discrimination case between gays and Christians. That’s the ploy, it’s the current ploy of a much larger game plan, to destroy America and American way of life, coming from all directions and attack on Christians is only one face of the game plan. The next step in the forerunner to take this nation down and transformed to an entirely different political system. It’s all a disguised trap.
Therefore Christians and non-Christians can wake up to the reality of what’s happening, speak up, stand up and rise up, or wake up living in a country in bondage to a different way of life in bondage. Because the current attack on Christians is simply part of a larger scheme in the “Transformation of America.”
Remember history teaches us “freedom” is not free and requires “eternal vigilance.”
Let Freedom Ring
Just me AC
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