Here we are in April of 2015, burning our cities down, destroying property, killing and fiddling while “Rome burns.”
Yesterday I watched television from 3 am until 10:30 last evening. I stayed on Fox news to watch the riots in Baltimore, Maryland, here in the United States. A major city near the capitol of Washington DC. A staggering revelation of what’s going on here in this beautiful America, the land of the Free.
I don’t usually write on race issues, however inasmuch as we are living in an era with a black President, black Attorney General, watching the destruction of a major city, with a black Mayor and reported mostly black police department; watching a black mom beat up on her rioting school-age black son, one must ask, is this the equality blacks have aimed for since the days of Martin Luther King, Jr., whose mantra called for peaceful demonstrations?
It’s glaringly apparent that blacks have reached a position of superiority, in charge and running the show, as evidenced on television yesterday. With a mayor on TV news suggesting giving “rioters space to destroy.”
As they say in poker, “Jacks for openers.” I wish to point out, I grew up among blacks, living on a farm in Northeast Georgia, before all the problems created among races was taking place. A time in our history when some whites mistreated blacks, but in my family circle, a time when blacks helped whites and whites helped blacks and got along. We lived among each other, with mutual respect and caring and had no problems. However I knew of some other families who did mistreat blacks.
This was a time in our history, before and during World War two, when my grandparents supported a number of blacks living on the farm, with food, clothing and shelter, and the blacks worked alongside whites on the farm. I don’t recall any problems between the races on the farm I grew up on. However there were some problems in other family circles among the races. But nothing to compare to the destruction we witnessed yesterday.
Today I live in a neighbood where blacks and whites live among each other with no problems.Therefore I don’t believe the root problem is whites versus blacks, but a created problem, disguised and created as blacks versus whites. Therefore a solution lies in the reality of the root cause, which can be found in political Socialism, versus Freedom. Our problem in this country is not one of color, but lies in the reversal of the political structure, between a people living in a country founded on the principles of individual Freedom, and those who lust for power to destroy that system and replace with Socialism of a One World government.
Let’s be honest with ourselves and take an objective look at happenings yesterday in Baltimore, played out before our eyes as we watched from our living room television. It was an event where high school students rebelled and rioted against an entire city, while local police stood by and watched. It just so happened a majority of rioters were black local students and a majority of police were black tax-paid policemen. And a majority of those in positions of political power were black. Therefore an out-picturing of the problem, not blacks versus whites, but something else is the cause.
When we watch high school students, attending tax-supported  public schools, take control of destruction of a major city, robbing stores, stealing and burning cars and backing down police with rocks and bottles, it’s time we faced the truth relative to the cause of the downfall of this Republic.
Lo these past years, I have maintained the downfall and destruction of this Republic is the direct result of the Socialistic public school system, where Socialism is taught in a Socialistic system. And every nine months, millions graduate indoctrinated in the Philosophy of  Socialism, at a cost of fifty billion-plus for the fifty States, funded via taxpayers. And never more glaringly apparent than yesterday as we watched the destruction of a major city, while the people and police   stood by and watched in horror.
It all seems so surreal. Living in this information age, of an educated people, we are so blindsided, unable to admit the root cause of conditions in this nation, on the verge of collapse from Freedom to bondage, the cause is indoctrination into philosophy of Socialism, is taught and ingrained into the minds of the millions of students attending the Public School system, starting before the first grade.
Yesterday’s televised event was NOT some foreign enemy invading this country destroying, it was accomplished by high school students!!
It was Reverend Wright, the church minister of the President of the United States, who said, “The chickens have come home to roost.” And yesterday we saw the out-picturing results of this.
Continued in Part Two
Let Freedom Ring 
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