We need further discussion about the power of words, to fully understand How and Why this grand and glorious Country of America has been transformed from a way of life in Freedom and economics of the capitalistic Free-enterprise economy, to a country of three-hundred million plus, bound by a political system, elected by the people which has taken us down the road of bondage by transformation via the language, without a shot being fired.
It’s my observation there’s a list of a few words, used repeatedly in various situations, which profoundly change situations, in our daily lives and promoted in the news media, like a mantra, to convey a convoluted meaning, to suit the scheme of transformation of this Country.
In previous articles I have pointed out two of those words being, “Amnesty” and “Sanction.” One of the on-going news stories that so glaringly reveals my point about the power of the usage of the word “sanction”  and how it is used to sway public opinion in a brainwashing fashion, is the story of Sergeant Bergdahl, a young man in the military who defected by desertion. An unlawful act of military discipline.
According to news reports, he took off and left his fellow soldiers and went looking for the enemy to join. Apparently found them and joined up with them. It’s reported five fellow soldiers have lost their lives as a result of looking for him to rescue from an enemy the Sergeant voluntarily joined.
Those searching for him were simply following orders of “no soldier left behind” policy of the military. Those in his platoon have appeared on news several times, telling their experiences trying to rescue Bergdahl.
The President of the United States appeared in a newscast in the rose garden of the White House with the sergeant’s parents, airing his story to the American people, with his parents at his side. The sergeant was found, rescued, returned to his unit and back to the United States.
An unusual amount of news coverage, when it was revealed, our government gave up and transferred five of the worst prisoners from Guantanamo Bay prison in exchange for one American prisoner, who had voluntarily deserted. A story which has dominated the news for many months.
Fast forward to today, when the controversy continues, attempting to decide what to do with Sergeant Bergdahl. Debating whether to court martial, or release via discharge from the military.
It’s interesting how the “No soldier left behind” card being played, when the Marine soldier, Tahmooressi, was captured for making a wrong turn into Mexico and held for months and tortured unmercifully, as he describes telling the story of his capture, and this government regime, did nothing to expedite his release and return.
Currently much in the news, stemming from the top echelon of the Commander-in-Chief, supporting Sergeant Bergdahl as a hero and thus far no decision on punishment for his desertion from his military command post. Apparently, thus far exempt from punishment as a result of “Amnesty.”
Black’s Law Dictionary describes Amnesty as “A sovereign act of forgiveness for past acts, granted by a government to all persons, or to certain classes of personnel who have been guilty of crime or delict, generally, political offenses, treason, sedition, rebellion, draft evasion, and often conditioned upon their return to obedience and duty within a prescribed time. The 1986 Immigration Reform & Control act provided amnesty for many undocumented aliens already in this country. Amnesty is the abolition and forgetfulness of the offense, pardon is forgiveness. Usually addressed in crimes against the sovereignty of the nation.”
A recent news item reports the current political government has released over 60 thousand illegals, many with criminal records, back into the population here in the United States. An act of amnesty. Connecting the dots, the absence of punishment for Sergeant Berdahl’s military desertion, which caused the deaths of five other soldiers, presents him as the poster boy for Amnesty decisions by the federal government. He has become the symbol for the current political administration’s attitudes and decisions relative to Amnesty. Specifically, forgiveness for criminal acts by those who flaunt and defy the Laws of this nation, resulting in criminal acts to law-abiding citizens.
Currently in this country, there is anger, frustration and resentment over conditions in this once free country. Confusion as to the why of conditions and the majority wandering around, medicating their confusion by kidding themselves they can vote this nation out of the conditions we face today in the 2016 election. When the truth is, there must be a grasp of the nature of the cause of conditions and the word Amnesty is key to understanding the cause.
The Creation of this great country was carved out from the creation of a set of laws the founding fathers handed down as a guide to protect one’s freedom, life and property. However, the promotion and implementation of  “Amnesty” has replaced those laws of protection by ignoring and refusing to require consequences of those who break and ignore those original laws this nation was founded upon. Criminals are now in charge, covered by a different set of laws of Amnesty, promoted as a ploy for citizenship, when in fact it describes a condition of breaking the laws, and getting away with it with no consequences for the perpetrator.
It’s a “Bad Day at Black Rock” when criminals have a la carte sway of killing and destroying property of others. The climate in this country today is a political system that uses tax-payer money to catch the criminal, then via a system of amnesty, release back into the population to further kill and destroy the property of others, without punishment. Contrary to the Christian Principles this nation was founded upon, simply put, killing and stealing is wrong, violating Life, Liberty and property ownership.
Protection of Life, Liberty and property is the moral imperative. That is the Principle. Rampant violations are the value judgment of those in charge whose job and sworn oath is to protect this nation from foreign and domestic enemies. Replaced by constant promotion of “Amnesty.”
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