This is a follow-up article on my last one about “words.” Because our life and world are run and operated on electricity and Words, and there is a great similarity between the two. Not the least of which, both are extremely powerful.

We live in a country founded upon the Principles of the Christian Religion and the Bible is the book of words which explains the foundation of Christianity and it starts with “In the beginning was the Word___.”

Electricity is a powerful force of energy which effects so many areas of our lives, positively and negatively. Discovered by Benjamin Franklin, playing around flying a kite. We know that it’s an element which can power various things which sustain our lives, improve and enhance our lives, but can also destroy life.

Our language of “Words” has the similar power of electricity. Words can enhance our lives, even be used to save our lives, and on the other hand be used to destroy our lives.

This great Country of America was carved from the hearts and minds of our forefathers, beginning with words. There was a declaration in words to no longer be subject to the rulership of a king, living in another country, and a decision was made with words of agreement, to act to be rid of that bondage, resulting in the American Revolution.

Once fought and won, the formation of a government, based upon individual Freedom, in an economic system of capitalistic free enterprise.This decision was set in concrete with words in documents, namely the Declaration of Independence and the US Constitution of laws, to live by and be governed by.

Fast forward from 1776 to 2015 and recognize the amazing progress we have made in just over two hundred years. We have gained so much through our creative determination, but lost a large degree of the Freedom acquired which provided the basis to create so much.

The Revolutionary war was fought and won with guns, bows and arrows, to throw off the yoke of bondage which the British king wielded over the colonies. Today we are living under a system of political government centered in Washington DC, which is the bondage of a Socialistic form of government, in opposition to the one this nation originally founded upon. Did those now in charge acquire their power of position with a war of Guns? No, they have accomplished the transformation with words. By the pattern of Dialectic Materialism, as set forth in Karl Marx’s Socialistic manifesto. Nothing happenstance about this. It has been accomplished cleverly by Design.

In other words, those who lust for power by transforming America, have used the power of words to socially, culturally, theologically and economically, destroy a way of life here in America that at one time provided the greatest good for the greatest number known to civilization.

A few days ago my 8 year old grandchild, in the third grade, came in from school and I asked what she learned that day. Imagine my surprise when she said she had been studying the word “Idiom.” I asked her what it meant and she had no problem defining it.

I went to the dictionary which defines Idiom as “An expression peculiar to a language, not readily understandable from the meaning of its parts, as to put up with [ tolerate,endure]. The language of dialect. The distinctive charactor of a specific language.”

When I asked this eight year old for an example of usage of the word Idiom, without hesitation she said, “It’s raining cats and dogs!”

In my previous article, I discussed the two current words used pervasively by the leadership in this country to mislead and brainwash, and they are “Amnesty” and “sanction.” It’s been raining “cats” and “dogs” promoting Socialism with Amnesty and Sanction.

Day by day we sink further into the absymal mediocrity of the double talk used to mislead and brainwash. We could turn the tide of the onslaught of Socialism if we just stopped and thought about today’s language and the meaning of everyday words.

Instead we are currently being bombarded in the news with the word “Announcement.” Political hopefuls to run this country, climbing over each other to make “Anouncements.” Nothing new in these announcements, same old boring rhetoric. Take control of your life, world and business and start paying attention to the language you hear and speak. Take charge by discussing Freedom and its meaning and ask your school child if they know what “Idiom” means. That could be an enlightening and entertaining discussion.

And be reminded: In the beginning were the “Word” Educators, parents, teachers and preachers could change the course in this nation, if attention and discussions about the meaning of words, were the topic of the day.



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