It’s been awhile since I’ve written an article about Freedom. However in the thousand-plus articles I have posted on my website, many articles are devoted to understanding the philosophy of freedom.
Because Freedom is a God-given “Right” to everyone, and in this country, our founding fathers left us the legacy of Freedom, after fighting and winning the Revolutionary war against the King of England, along with two documents, the Declaration of Independence and the U.S. Constitution of of laws, many of us have taken Freedom for granted. And it’s definitely not a condition of living one can just take for granted and expect some kind of magic wand will retain and sustain. It in fact does require that “eternal vigilance” our founding fathers warned us about.
In my growing up years during the great Depression years, the subject of freedom along with history was taught in school and reinforced by teachings of parents. But such is not the case today. It’s actually a taboo subject in the socialized government-run public school system.
Freedom is a total concept of self-responsibility and self control. A condition of living, whereby one has it or doesn’t have it. To the degree “others” mandate rules and regulations relative to your ownership of property is the barometer to judge whether or not you live with any degree of Freedom. And that ownership begins with yourself – that is your degree of control you have beginning with your body and mind. Extending to any and all inanimate objects you acquire throughout your life, which belong to you.
Taking an honest objective look at life in America today, it is obvious others control a large portion of our lives, relative to property ownership, and direct and influence the thinking of the marjority. If Freedom is a total concept, which means 100 percent, what percentage do you have today in this year of 2015? If you answer honestly, most likely it is less than fifty percent.
I personally view “freedom” and ownership as a commodity. A very desirable commodity, simply because the antithesis of Freedom is bondage and enslavement.
If we take a look at history of civilization, Freedom has been acquired, sustained or lost through wars, between countries and individuals, that is armed conflict. But here in America today, we have lost a large degree of Freedom without a shot being fired. Why is that and how is that?  Quite simply, the loss has occurred as the result of brainwashing techniques through words. Quite simply, individual Freedom has been surrendered to a small group, who lust for power to rule over others, seeking a One World government.
In this information age, we did not lose Freedom via guns and war. We the people have voluntarily surrendered to those who seek to rule. We have lost Freedom by a branch of logic called “dialectics.” A branch of logic which teaches rules and modes of reason. And that modus operandi is accomplished by a conviction that “others” can run your life and rule over your property better than you as an individual can, therefore individual freedom was surrendered, without a shot being fired.
The loss of Freedom is not yet 100%, but daily we hear more and more on the news of confiscation, by announcement and stroke of a pen. One of the latest ploys by the centralized power to take is control of local and State control of police by the centralized power in Washington. And advertised plans for National takeover of the internet. The control of guns being accomplished by centralized control of ammunition. And on and on, bit by bit, daily confiscation of any degree of freedoms left.
And how is this being accomplished? By the dialectic materialism usage of words. Two of the most pervasive usages of words, leaps out at me daily, and that is “amnesty” and “sanctions.” As I perceive it, the meaning of an understanding of those words by the general population, and the implied meaning by those in charge, like the President and Congress have an entirely different meaning than that perceived by most on Secretary of State.
The word “sanction” can be used as a verb or a noun. According to Black’s Law Dictionary, used as a verb it means, “To assent, concur, confirm, reprimand, or ratify.”
When used as a noun it means, “A punitive act taken by one nation against another nation which has violated a treaty or international Law.”  “Penalty or other mechanisms of enforcement used to provide incentives for OBEDIENCE with the law or with rules or regulations. That part of a law which is designed to secure enforcement by imposing a penalty for its violation, or offering a reward for its observance.”
In frequent news items those two words used in one sentence followed by another. Therefore when the word “sanction” is used so pervasively, do you understand it may be being used as a punishment or reward? And how do you know which?
Further defining the word “sanity” in Black’s Law book, it means “Sound understanding.” When “sanction” is used and can mean confirm or ratify, or can be used to reprimand, according to sound understanding, which is it?  Further the word Amnesty, according to Black’s Law Dictionary is defined as “A sovereign act of forgiveness for past acts granted by a government, to all persons who have been guilty of crimes, treason, rebellion, and etc.
Amnesty is further described as the “abolition and forgetfulness of the offense, pardon is forgetfulness.”  A word used frequently relating to the millions of illegals accepted into this country. In other words news items filled with crimes committed by illegals, then reports by political government employees telling us to forgive, forget and ignore, by a government stroke of the pen for “amnesty.”
The news propaganda being pumped and poked at us continually is Amnesty for those criminals our goverrnment officials have allowed to invade by the millions. Then on the other hand, constant bombardment via the news about Sanctions, from those in foreign countries who have vowed to destroy this country, the sum of  principal and interest, by those elected to be in charge of protecting this nation from foreign and domestic enemies, violates that oath, via the very notion and acts of Amnesty and Sanctions, promoted constantly as reported in the news.
Simple arithmetic of two plus two, i.e., promotion of Amnesty for those already here illegally and Sanctions via those threatening to come and destroy, by those who have taken an oath to protect this nation and its people from the very acts they are promoting, provides the insight into why we the people have lost Freedoms, and doom and gloom, looms in the future of this nation unless we change course and return to the legal definition of “sanity” which is “sound understanding.”
And sound understanding will not be reached, unless we face the reality of what the current political promotion of Amnesty and Sanctions is doing to destroy and undermine the very fabric of the Principles this nation was founded upon, which is freedom of the individual and laws of the U.S. Constitution. Freedom means self-responsibility, and we the people have abandoned that requirement of self-responsibility and have allowed the conditions we now face to take place in this once great Nation of the people, by the people and for the people. Now operated by a few in seats of power in Washington, transforming this Country, to conditions we face today, accomplishing their goals by the propaganda of brainwashing with words. Why are we accepting bondage via the pardon of forgetfulness?
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