Those in charge of admittedly transforming America, now in the latter stages, seem to come up daily with endless ways and means to  rattle the cages of over 300 million Americans, to control, dole and mold this once Free nation into a New World order of their desires. As we say down South, it appears, we have lost the farm. So what’s next?
In the past week, the President of the United States, Barack Obama, has visited in the South twice. Last week he was at the 50th Anniversary of the Civil Rights march on Selma, Alabama. The President is a dynamic, mesmerising speaker, and the speech he delivered in Selma topped any he has delivered before. It came across to me as though he was in campaign mode, and I daresay the most effective speech I’ve ever heard him deliver. Was it a Civil Rights speech? The Civil Rights problem was settled back when President Johnson enacted Civil Rights legislation back in the sixties.
On the other hand it came across like a campaign speech for re-election more than anything else. How many say that can’t be, because his second term ends in 2016, and according to the Constitution, not eligible to continue as president.
Let’s just back up and review a bit of history. Moses five thousand years ago, and Franklin Delano Roosevelt, in the nineteen forties, nearly seventy years ago.To children of Israel, Moses said, “Pick up your shovels, mount your asses and camels and I will lead you to the promised land.”
Then along came the great Socialist President Roosevelt in early 1940, towards the end of his second term as president, said, “Lay down your shovels, fall on your ass, and light up a Camel, this is the promised land.”
Today Congress has kicked your ass, stolen your shovel, taxed all your property, raised the price of Camels, taken charge of your children in public schools, rule over your health and every other phase of your life, while we the people have bought into the notion it’s taboo to even discuss freedom.
Then after a dynamic speech about Civil Rights in Selma, President Obama returned to the South again this week to speak before the students at Georgia Tech, outlining all his plans of government-funded tuition for college.  From cradle to grave notion of government schooling.
From Moses, to Roosevelt, to Obama today, I digress back to my early days of schooling, growing up on a farm in Georgia, during a time in a family where parents, grandparents, aunts, uncles and children all discussed politics, I recall the heated discussions when Roosevelt ordered cotton crops plowed under and many believed he deliberately started World War Two, as the forerunner to game plan to run for a third term. Oh yes, a sitting President stayed for a third term.
During that period, history and civics classes in school taught the Principles of our founding fathers, and we studied the Constitution and Declaration of Independence, sang patriotic songs in school, and frequently had prayer before events in school. And young school children were very aware of events taking place in local, State and  national politics. Therefore my interest in this country, freedom, and politics were ingrained at an early age.Then the war came along which further raised one’s interest in patriotism and love of freedom and Country.
Having lived longer than most, I grew up in a different period, when Principles of Freedom and property ownership were highly valued. A period in time whem thousands fought and died for the principles upon which this great nation was founded. Those undeviating, immutable Principles which never change, only our value of them have changed.
So where are we today and where are we headed tomorrow? That is the question. I have no crystal ball, only an opinion, based upon that which, I see, hear and feel. And I could be sincerely wrong in my observations and opinions, about the future of the citizenry in this country. We’re headed for the dumpster, and already living under a different system of Socialism.
Still among us is an element of that “Root, Hog, or die!” mentality of our forefathers. Plus an element of  “American Exceptionalism” scattered throughout the population. However, it appears to me, the majority of those who still value Freedom, and respect and value property Rights, have been blindsided and brainwashed by the leaders of this nation, and now like a ship off course without a rudder, not knowing what to do nor where to turn.
While dozens of individuals in positions of political power, are now all scrambling under the guise of Republican or Democrat, heating up for the top position of power, like a Chinese fire drill, conditions go from bad to worse daily.The reigns of power to continue this onslaught on our former way of life, in my opinion, are held by an elite few, and this reign of power will continue to be held by the same participants through the 2016 election.
The promise President Obama made in his pre-election campaign speeches, to “transform America” is now a reality. Not something going to happen but that which has already happened. Already rumblings and mumblings about a third term are beginning to circulate. And already disbelief among the uninformed, kidding oneself into disbelief because it’s not according to the Constitution.
It’s interesting to me that the Democrats have no one in the wings to run on the Democrat ticket but Hillary Clinton. As smart as the Clinton political machine is, their claim to fame and power is a has-been notion. However, in my opinion she will remain front and center for a time. Her position and aim are no happenstance, but part of the greater scheme of things to come.
To grasp what is taking place, one must be reminded that political power thrives and proliferates on two things, dependency upon it and opposition to it. Therefore it appears Hillary is an important cog in the wheel, to remain front and center for the time being, because she represents opposition. While President Obama is making speeches for more and more dependency upon the central figures in the scheme of things, equal time news and play on opposition towards Hillary and the Republicans.
The formula for totalitarian government is in full swing, i.e., dependency upon and opposition to, is that which sets the stage for the final outcome.
There is nothing new in the game play of political power takeover of a country.The formula has been the same throughout history. Sadly, this great country, which furnished the greatest good for the greatest number known to civilization, is in the ditch. A country which thrived on the free-enterprise of capitalism, is on the verge of  collapse.
The 2014 mid-term election, when we the people still thought electing Republicans would change the course, must know by now, it ain’t happening, as Republicans join Democrats and Democrats join Republicans in the hallowed halls of Congress, to continue the course they have been on long before last election. The bottom line is, we the people can’t vote ourselves out of the mess we voted ourselves into.
If you are wondering what you can do, the question is what is it you want to happen. In the meantime bless Hillary, because she is so representative of so much that has taken place in this country for the past several years. The Clintons are political pros, and nothing amateurish about her.
I end this article by repeating myself, i.e., I could be sincerely wrong, but the facts and conditions of what’s happening and likely to continue happening speak for themselves. And I simply express my opinion.
From William Randolph Hearst comes this quote: “We hold that the greatest right in the world is the Right to be wrong, that in the exercise thereof people have an inviolable Right to express their unbridled thoughts on all topics and personalities, being liable only for the use of that Right.”
Let Freedom Ring
Just me AC
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