As this school term winds down for the upcoming summer vacation, before resuming in September, it’s a good time to take an objective look at the public school situation in this country, which costs tax-payers over 50 billion dollars for the 50 states. Here in the State of Georgia, the last accounting I read a couple years ago was over eight billion dollars annually, more costly than anything else run and operated by the State.
It’s been awhile since I’ve written anything about schooling in this country, but was prompted to write this morning after reading an article about a controversy in school, as to whether or not it’s permissible for a student to eat an Oreo cookie in school. Which made me wonder, how much control over doles parents continue to tolerate, before standing up for education of their children, instead of tolerating indoctrination in place of education.
My disenchantment with public schooling goes a ways back, when I home schooled in the sixties when it was almost unheard of to home school. After a period of battling with the system, thinking I could change things. It took me awhile to conclude there was nothing I could do to change anything to improve Socialized schooling and recall making the decision, the next thing that happened in the school, I would remove my children. And the next incident that happened was my son being held in detention after school, for playing with a string in class the day my daughter came home with a notice to pay one dollar for her report card. In previous articles, I describe events which followed, living in Tennessee, posted on my web-site.
Lo, these years later, with grandchildren in the system, I have observed how conditions have gone from bad to worse in the socialised system, and concluded conditions in this America have revealed, we have been transformed from a Republic, Land of the Free to a country so steeped in Socialism, we’re only a shadow of that Land of the Free, designed by our forefathers, and left as a legacy of individual freedom in a Free-enterprise economic system. Which has all been brought about and accomplished, by every nine months graduating millions of students steeped in teachings of philosophy of Socialism.
Now so advanced, a young student faces controversary over permission to eat an Oreo cookie in the current school system.
If you are asking yourself, as a parent, “What can I do?” There is nothing you can do to improve the current system. Education in Freedom can only be accomplished in a free enterprise system, not in a government run and funded system of Socialism. Therefore one must face the fact, current schooling is a socialized system, funded and operated via a system of taxation, forcing all working and producing to pay for all those on entitlement doles.
In the past few years, some have opted out and home schooled, and others who can afford the expense on top of paying school taxes, to send their children to private schools. However the promotion and indoctrination into the philosophy of Socialism, is taught in the text-books, which means home-schooling and private schools teach pretty much from the same text-books as the public schools.
The philosophy of Freedom is neither taught in schools nor text-books, and inasmuch as most parents and teachers are products of same system their children taught in, where are students going to learn the meaning of Freedom?  Or the difference in a Republic and Socialist Empire? How does one distinguish between rulership via a King, and governed via laws of a Constitution of a Republic?  Ask your school child if he or she knows what a ‘Republic’ is.
The U.S. Constitution distributes Federal power between the three branches, however, today we are living in an era where the Executive branch ignores the Constitution and rules by an announced pen and phone via Executive Edicts. And the Congressional branch does nothing effective to stop it, aside from talking about it. You have nowhere to turn for change except within yourselves if you desire Freedom over Bondage.
Is there anything we, the people can do to change the course of events.The last midterm election is obvious notice it can’t be done via voting different ones into the seat of power to rule. Effective change can take place by changing the methodology of schooling, and this could be accomplished on a local level, inasmuch as school boards are operated by locals. A daunting task, to say the least, particularly in view of the clout of the Teachers’ Union, which is large and powerful, but could be accomplished if the people desire change.
On the other hand, this nation came from ancestors whose mantra was “Root, Hog, or Die!” and stood up against the rulership of a king living in another country, with patriots like Admiral Farragut, who said, “Damn the torpedos, full speed ahead!” and stopped at nothing to acquire and sustain FREEDOM.
Today we have become so brainwashed and confused, spending endless hours over Sergeant Bergdahl, a young man who deserted his military unit to voluntarily join the enemy, debating as to whether to label a “deserter” and courtmartial or not. Before we can change the direction this America is headed, we must first face the reality of Truth and turn our heads away from the confusion in Washington and a group of elected desiring a one world government!
From British philosopher Herbert Spencer, 1820-1903, comes this quote: “The Republican form of Government is the Highest form of Government, but because of this it requires the highest type of human Nature – a type nowhere at present existing.” But I must add, there is a desire for change in a few!
Let Freedom Ring
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