The founding fathers of this great nation set up a system of political government, which guaranteed two things, Freedom for the individual, and a centralized government designed to protect this nation and its citizenry from foreign and domestic enemies. Their underlying aims, desires and plans were based upon Christian Principles, based upon the Ten Commandments, as I understand it.
On the news early this morning, was a segment about a controversy here in Georgia, stemming from a military base where there have been vocal objections over anyone saying “Have a Blessed Day.” The story on is on national news. When I heard that couldn’t help recalling my grandmother saying, “What’s the world coming to?” The illiogical absurdities of such action defies rationale and stuff one simply can’t make up.
In this great country, a way of life was born out of a few determined farmers who decided to defy the rulership of the King of England, fought and won the Revolutionary War, for individual freedom to live one’s life as one chooses, so long as there’s no intrusions on property of others. But that basic principle has been defied by a centralized political system now in charge, dictating terms to all individuals, according to their lust for power, which has already “transformed America.” And we the people have allowed it to take place without a shot being fired.
There are certain essential steps which must be taken to sustain and maintain Freedom, and we have failed to adhere to those steps.
Samuel Adams said: “It does not take a majority to prevail, but rather a tireless minority, keen on setting brushfires of freedom in the minds of men.” And we have failed to do that.
Daily news is filled about political government and individuals setting brushfires across this vast entire country, to destroy and defy the  very essence of Freedom. All the lying, conniving, mean-spirited acts by those in elected seats of power, which have enslaved a nation of 300 million-plus citizens, have been met with nothing more than objections over one saying “Have a blessed day.” We ought to hang our heads in shame over the absence of any meaningful resistance of the take-over of an entire nation, by a handful of individuals who lust for the power of a One World government.
It might be instructive to go back and read one of my previous articles about Cora Ten Boom, a former German lady incarcerated in Hitler’s concentration camps, where she survived by “blessing the flies and filth.” And if one keeps up with the news, reports are for concentration camps already being set up in this country.
Why are we spending time name-calling and criticizing all the news relative to information on individuals, in positions of political power currently, and previously, who by their deliberate design, have brought about conditions of bondage we face today, while they live the life of Riley they enjoy from the system of robbery of producers in this country. The tools of secrecy and lying they have used for the setup of results we’re experincing today, have been exposed.
Remember the story about the man who died from drowning, and when he passed through the pearly gates, asked God why he allowed him to drown? The answer came back, “While you were sitting in the middle of the flood on a roof top, I sent a boat, and you refused to jump in. Then I sent a helicopter hovering above with a rope to grab on to and you refused. I didn’t drown you, you drowned yourself!!
We are currently in the midst of news exposure, naming persons, places, conditions and details of massive wrongdoings, causing death, torture, thievery, lying, conniving, and what’s the response? We name call and complain about the messenger and ignore the message. There seems to be so little interest in truth and doing anything about the exposure, we are hearing now daily. But more focused on pundit propaganda about the personalities involved, who have brought this current drowning of freedom into reality. Medicating our feelings with this false sense of reality, to excuse ourselves from taking responsibility for control over the results which we the people have allowed to take place.
The self-responsibility and self-control which Freedom requires is non-transferrable. No amount of entitlement programs initiated by a central government taking from the haves to redistribute to have nots, will ever result in anything but the conditions we face today. Loss of Freedom, lives and property, and life in bondage of a different system of socialism.
No point in naming all that has transpired which has brought us to this brink. It might be instructive to pay attention to the last throes in the news, that is Control of Ammunition for the guns you still have, and plans to nationalize local police takeover by the federal government, plus those in power to stay in power, who have dismantled the military. All this propaganda to condemn and kill policemen is no happenstance, but a well-organized plot.
That government of the people by the people and for the people, has stripped the citizenry of means of protecting one’s self. The original role of a centralized government, designed to protect from foreign and domestic enemies, no longer exists. How could we be so thoughtless, disinterested, and uncaring about freedom to allow this to happen? Leaving a nation of citizens disarmed of actual means and disarmed of caring enough to step up to the plate and stop the onslaught.
Read John T. Flynn’s book, “While You Slept,” for some of the answers. We are past due to take inventory of ourselves individually, for answers to the conditions we face today. The question is, what is it we have done and not done, to be sitting on the precipice of collapse and disaster. Those in charge no doubt laughing at a people sitting with their guns and no ammunition. Sitting with exposed news of reality of what’s taking place and ignoring the message. 
And if you are still wandering what’s happening, obtain a copy of Dr. Meyer’s “Brainwashing Techniques,” about Koreans in the Korean war, for enlightenment on the techniques used today, to stall and stump the American citizenry, and set up for reality of happenings today.
Here’s a couple of interesting quotes: Aesop 620-564, “The Dog and the Shadow:” “Beware lest you lose the substance by grasping at the shadow.”
From a political commentator: “Once the government becomes the supplier of people’s needs, there is no limit to the needs that will be claimed as a basic Right.”
Then from Sir Francis Bacon, 1561-1626, “It is a strange desire to seek power and to lose liberty, or to seek power over others and to lose power over a man’s self.”
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