Because of so much intrusion into our lives by political government, particularly a Congress acting like a gristmill grinding out more and more laws, plus a President adding to the mix via executive order, I’m amazed at the continued disregard for Ownership. Plus continued disregard for the most elementary laws of the Universe.

Is there anything we can agree on? For example, is the world still round, the sky still blue, and it rains and floods periodically?

This nation was formed with a notion of individual Freedom just over 200 years ago. Everyone knows that. And freedom is self-government. Additionally, a political government was formed for protecting this nation from foreign and domestic enemies. And the presumption of individual liberty guaranteed by Constitution and Declaration of Independence. Between these two factions, self-government and political government, a war has raged for quite sometime. A war between self-government and political government. The bottom line is the war we’ve been engaged in is over freedom, and individuals losing their Freedom of ownership.

The very essence of Freedom is about Ownership of Property.  And ownership is about control. In the past few years, the people of this Country have lost control of a great deal of ownership of most everything. Including Land, Homes, Business, Schools, vehicles and means of production, in free enterprise.

The last vestige of ownership has been surreptitiously taken away and that is one’s body. As evidenced by political takeover of one’s health issues. by passage of Obamacare.

Each individual by our very nature, owns our bodies, simply by virtue of the fact, they control it. No one aside from each individual can breathe, nor digest food for another individual.  No one can run, play, cry nor express joy and happiness for you. By virtue of the fact we are alive and exist, is evidence we own ourselves. And proof we have an inalienable Right to Ownership.

However, because of the intervention of a glutinous, small group, whose lust for power over others has gained control to the extent they now lay claim over our very health act as though they now own us.

The coercive power of the Federal Government has taken over control of food supply by GMO laws passed, and control over your children, via compulsory school attendance, with mandatory vaccinations before entering. Plus passing such extensive laws regarding ones health issues, some can’t afford a doctor when in dire need of one.

Here in America, we were free to reject this onslaught on our ownership of property, however because we have neglected the eternal vigilance to protect our inalienable Rights to freedom, and stood up to retain, it’s now under the control of a centralized control of a bunch of Bureaucrats in Washington, the people elected. It’s a bad day at Black Rock.

This “limited” political government, left as a legacy from our founding fathers, has been hijacked. And as they say in the south, “hog-tied” the Citizenry of this nation via control of the last vestige of Ownership, ie our bodies and the health decisions to sustain it.

The Constitution states the guardians of  “public health” under the governance of States and not the Federal Government. Which has been hijacked in broad daylight by the federal system. Which means when there’s an outbreak of some disease threatening entire citizenry of a state, the responsibility to step in to control massive outbreak of disease is up to each state. However, what I point out is the Federal Government has acted to make us sick, by genetically modifying the food supply. Then after causing the citizenry to become ill from unhealthy food supply, control the means of healing via Obamacare laws of cost and restrictions. At one time in our history we were free to reject this kind of onslaught of bondage, now so advanced and entrenched with so much acceptance of doles and controls, we face a severe crisis in this country.

We lost control of our farms back in the Roosevelt era. Then subsequently under other political rule we lost the Free-enterprise, capitalist system, which made this nation the greatest country known to civilization. Now we are down to our very health and lives, under the control of a political force, in Washington.

The Christian religious freedoms this nation founded upon, a few days ago we heard a finger-shaking speech from the President at a National Prayer breakfast, telling us how awful Christian Principles have been in past years. Pointing out the adversities of Christian teachings and actions. Blaming current conditions on past Christianity.

Regardless of anything the President preaches to the contrary, we still have the Rights to Freedom, ownership we have always had. We just must re-claim it.

From American journalist, Paup Thief, comes this quote -1964,  “Let me get this straight. For the past quarter century or more, the Central Government has been stealing hundreds of billions of dollars each year from competent, hard-working, successful people and giving it to incompetent, lazy failures. As a result, middle class America has increasingly been impoverished while the poor are even poorer. Now comes calls for reinforcing the system, and liberals are denouncing reformers in the vilest language. What planet did you say liberals are from?”

Let Freedom Ring

Just me AC


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