How about all those C-packers this week in Washington whooping and hollering at each other, vying for your support (money) and vote to be the 2016 Republican candidate for President of the United States. And who out there does not recognize this Nation is in dire need of a leader, to head this nation according to the laws of the Constitution?

It is self-evident, a school needs a Principle, a family needs a parent, a church needs a minister, a business needs a CEO. A ship needs a Captain. A plane needs a pilot, and a country needs someone to be ahead of affairs, according to specific laws and limitations. In this country, the original laws were designed to “Protect.” To protect from what? Specifically foreign and domestic enemies.

The current President and Congress have failed to do that, because we are now invaded with enemies inside and outside this nation, why is that? Because we, the people, have sat idly by and accepted “transformation.” We are no longer a country of the people, by the people and for the people, but a Socialist system in direct conflict to the original founding fathers.

You can go to Black’s Law Dictionary for the definition of Socialism, or you can read Karl Marx’s, “The Communist Manifesto,” or you can be reminded of life in Germany under Socialism. In this connection I quote the following: “The Nazis are well-remembered for murdering well over 11 million people in the implementation of their slogan, ‘The public good before the private good.’ The Chinese Communists for murdering 62 million people in the implementation of theirs, ‘Serve the people,’ and the Soviet Communists for murdering more than 60 million people in the implementation of Karl Marx’s slogan, ‘From each according to his ability, to each according to his need.’ Anyone who defends any of these, or any variation of them, on the grounds of their ‘good intentions’ is an immoral [NOT amoral] enabler of the ACTUAL [not just the proverbial] road to Hell.” This quote from Libertarian writer, Rick Gaber.

Copy this and tack it on your refrigerator door, as you will be hearing more and more propaganda from political hopefuls for the 2016 elections. And keep in mind, those elected in political positions in the Executive and Congressional seats are responsible for bringing us to this brink of Disaster. And daily promote its furtherance.

Only one who has operated a business successfully, or managed affairs of a State honorably qualifies to run for President. And Scott Walker has a record that speaks for itself, and publicly announces money collected via politicians belongs to the people and not the government, and refunds overage taxes back to the people of his State.

Conversely, no one person can return this nation back to the Principles it was founded upon and thrived on in earlier times. The citizenry of this nation must inform themselves of the meaning of Freedom, rise up and act with the self-responsibility and self control Freedom requires.Those living off the backs of others must get off and be responsible for their actions and start taking care of themselves.

It’s my personal belief that 2016 will be too late to return this nation back to its former exceptionalism, and 2014 was the turning point to elect representatives to honor the Will of the people.

As it’s turning out these first few weeks of 2015 reveal Republicans in bed with Democrats and Democrats in bed with Republicans, and both have failed to reverse the fast track trek to the totalitarianism of Socialism and a “one world” system.

Therefore, in spite of all the political rhetoric coming from speeches and TV appearances, the direction has not changed, and Scott Walker is the only one whose record of governing reveals his intentions of sincerity. I wrote articles still posted about him months ago. And he is just now reaching national prominence to reveal his ability to lead, as shown in his governing of Wisconsin.

The left-wing element is barking at his heels, because he doesn’t have a college degree. When most colleges indoctrinate, not educate. Then others complain he has no foreign governing experience. When the Pentagon houses thousands of experts to advise a President on foreign affairs and War. This country needs a leader who listens to experts on the foreign and domestic problems this nation faces.

America is in dire need of a leader to support the capitalistic, free-enterprising system this country was founded upon, and one who leads according to the basic tenets of the Declaration of Independence and laws of the Constitution. Scott Walker has proven by his record as Governor, he will adhere to those basic tenets of personal freedom, and national security.

While other candidates are yelping about each other, talking the talk and not walking the walk, Scott Walker has a proven record of doing what he says he will do, and saying what he can and will do.
At this juncture this nation is in dire need of two things: For the citizenry to understand Freedom, and take responsibility for it, and elect a leader whose record reveals he is capable of leading this nation back to the greatest Country on earth, and who at one time in our history, provided the greatest good for the greatest number known to civilization. We are currently in a ditch, mired to the gills in Socialism, the antithesis of Freedom.

Freedom comes from our creator, and was guaranteed by our founding fathers who fought and died for it, then left us the legacy in the documents they handed down. What happened? We the people squandered it, swapped Freedom for bondage. It’s now our responsibility to regain, to leave for coming generations. No one is entitled to do nothing about the mess we have made of things in America.

We are overdue to stop lying, cheating and taking that which does not belong to us, specifically private property belonging to others, in this era of entitlement government programs. Now a country clearly divided into two groups, producers and non-producers. So glaringly apparent, a child knows the difference.

Adolf Hitler said, “National Socialism is what Marxism might have been if it could have broken its absurd and artificial ties with the Democratic Order.”

Let Freedom Ring
just me AC

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