I wonder how many of my readers remember the Watergate hearings. A time in our history when the President and the people were on trial. A Tennessee senator kept asking the question about the President, in reference to the Watergate break-in case. “What did he know and when did he know it?”

I’ve been quite amused this Monday morning, reading Facebook posts about butter. I recently posted a notice about eating asparagus with burnt butter, and received several responses from readers with questions about it. What does that have to do with Watergate? Nothing, except what do you know about butter and when did you know it?

Adding to the mix of Watergate and butter. I’m periodically asked “What do you attribute Longevity to?” My stock answer is,”Not what I do but what I don’t do.” Not entirely true, because I apparently do a number of things out of the ordinary, like only eating real butter.

In this connection, I’ll turn the pages back to my growing up years on a farm in northeast Georgia during the depression years, with a very wise mother, whose mantra was, “Be your own doctor, own counselor, own banker, own preacher.” With additional emphasis on eating natural foods, coming from the earth. Plus emphasis on having a list of things  “not to do,”  which included a list of words prohibited from use. Among those, two words we were not allowed to use, “diet” and “retire.” As a result I have never been on a diet, and never had a weight problem. Other than a period about a year ago, when I lost my appetite and a lot of weight,  and compensated with a lot of vitamins and minerals to regain my normal weight.

I was taught we must have everything in our bodies that’s in the earth, which means we eat foods that come from the earth, and not created in a laboratory. And a lab-created substitute for butter is a classic example of tampering with a natural food, to replace that which nourishes the body. Disguised with all manner of false advertising, like it causes weight gain. If this were true I would be a size 40, because I cook with butter and eat a lot of it.

We have become so educated beyond the capacity to think, we now live in an era of  genetically modified foods, difficult to find naturally grown healthy food. Those out to destroy the human race have taken over the food supply, then getting rich over promotion of vaccinations, to promote health with a needle. Some dying from shots, as reported in the news.

We have become so saturated with propaganda, we think margarine is real butter, the political government knows more about child-rearing and education than the common sense of the parent; Monsanto knows more about nutrition than Nature itself, and Freedom is something defined by politicians, and awarded to the Citizenry by political government.

We are living in an era of “The Big Lie” which has so eroded our common sense, we don’t know what real butter is, nor recognize it’s a natural food, to nourish our bodies. Even our water supply is so saturated with chemicals, we have no idea what we are drinking. For years I have been drinking and cooking with distilled water. And have a filter on my kitchen faucet.

I grew up being taught that there are 40 minerals and vitamins necessary to sustain life which comes from the earth. Because the food supply is so tampered with, I compensate with vitamins and minerals.

I believe we were created with innate intelligence, therefore my body knows more about its requirements than any political entity, and I listen to what it needs to survive. I don’t have all the answers, however, I’m now past ninety years old, and the common sense teachings taught by my mother have served me well, and for me as true today as they were as a child.

It’s not my practice to tell others what to do, however, I do write articles explaining what one “can” do if they choose. Whether it’s about parenting, nutrition, health or Freedom, my way of viewing things is a bit different than the average. Something I was not so aware of, until I posted on Facebook about eating asparagus with burnt butter. I thought everyone ate asparagus with butter, imagine my surprise when I discovered otherwise.

I have been so intent upon writing about the glories of Freedom, it came as a big surprise to discover so many avoided real butter and preferred a chemically created product to the real thing. Not only do I eat butter, every day I drink half and half milk. Not reduced fat stuff so highly advertised.

Apparently the majority have gone so far astray from Nature itself, many now believe laboratory-created food is superior to the Wisdom of nature. And in this connection, I remind my readers, Nature is always going to have its way in the long run of life on this planet. No amount of political brainwashing is going to change that fact.

Another thing my mother taught is that a bout of sickness is the healing crisis. I’ve never had a flu shot, but a recent bout with the flu reminded me I was going through a healing crisis. I drank a lot of water, took vitamins and minerals, slept a lot and got past it without taking drugs.

It may sound like old-timey, homespun wisdom, but I woke up this morning thanking butter for the opportunity of explaining my usage of it to my readers. Not only is it good for you, it makes food quite tasty.

Here’s a quote from “unknown:” “The capacity to learn is a gift, the ability to learn is a skill. The willingness to learn is a choice.”


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