This upcoming Spring is busting out all over with an uprising of a slew of candidates vying for the seat of power to be President of the United States. The more the merrier I say, as the dazzling with footwork goes into high gear of competition among the candidates.

This Country is in dire need of a competent leader to fulfill the role of the president of the United States, which is to protect this nation and its people from Foreign and domestic enemies, first and foremost. And protection always works. At the moment it doesn’t it’s no longer protection. As the old carnival joke goes,we’re living in an era when the  “Organ ain’t playing and monkey on fire” in the hallowed halls of national political government.
Living in a civilized society, there’s a structure to it which requires a leader. A church needs a pastor, a family needs parents, a business needs an executive head. Boy scouts and girl scouts need a scout master. A sports team needs a director. A school needs a Principle and etc. and so on. Therefore this nation needs a President who is a leader to carry out the edicts of the Constitution of Law.

The current absence of proper leadership has landed this country in a situation of disarray and vulnerability to domestic and foreign invasion, which threatens the entire citizenry in one way or another. And it’s the responsibility of the people to rectify and right the wrongs, destroying a way of life in this America.

Unfortunately, there’s an element of individuals within this country, in positions of power out to dismantle and destroy a way of life as the legacy of personal Freedom left to us by our founding fathers, in such documents as the Declaration of Independence and U.S. Constitution, which have been violated.

This is being done by a particular methodology, and one facet of that is diversion of attention. I pointed out in articles in 2014, one of the methods of diversion would be placing attention on the 2016 presidential election, as a tactic of clouding attention away from the actuality of all that’s taking place by those elected in Washington. And sure enough, so much attention on Political candidates, over a year ahead of the 2016 election. With more and more jumping into the fray to head this nation, news spots dominated by them. Orchestrated by the managed press in most cases.

In this connection, I’m going to express my opinion, relative to news taking place. It’s not set in concrete, and I could be sincerely wrong, and all are free to agree or disagree. I begin with a suggestion, it’s the Democrats who pick the Republican candidate for President. In the last election, Romney was selected and backed because he was the most likely to defeat, because of his history as Governor that pushed through a socialized health initiative in his State when Governor. Despite his speeches to abolish Obamacare, it was unlikely the kettle calling the pot black would wash, because when in an elected position, as Governor, he backed socialized health care. therefore the Democrats wanted him as the most likely candidate to defeat. And sure enough, he lost. Now talk of a rerun. We don’t need reruns, we need a fresh face with the intestinal fortitude to stand up to those destroying this country. This Country needs a Leader!!

Republicans would be smart to recognize and take this into consideration and back Hillary Clinton as the Democratic nominee, because she would be the easiest to defeat, with her long history of baggage, she has been involved in her lengthy political career. Not anything I invented, it’s all a matter of record.

Right up front, I suggest to the voter, this Country does not need another Clinton nor a Bush at the helm to run this Country. Their record speaks for itself.

Then there’s Rick Perry of Texas former Governor, now a presidential Candidate, with a lot of savvy executive ability, who has proven his determination to protect the border, which is a plus for him, and I like Rick Perry.

Then there’s Mike Huckabee already in the mix, another likable candidate and former governor of Arkansas. My only familiarity with his record as top executive of that State is what he says he did as Governor.

Jeb Bush touted as a successful governor of Florida, but I’m not in agreement with his pitch on immigration nor “common core,” nor impressed with the record of family accomplishments.

My favorite among the increasing list of candidates is Scott Walker of Wisconsin. His record as governor is one that clearly makes decisions favorable to the citizenry of his State and has stood up against overwhelming opposition, from the leftist progressives to defeat his programs, and came out as the winner, by never wavering in the face of a tremendous amount of money and pressure to defeat him. In my opinion, a man of Principle and governs according to laws of the Constitution, for the people of Wisconsin. Standing up and defeating powerful Unions out to take him out, and winning hands down.

Observing his accomplishments as Governor as reported in the news, plus currently listening to his take on such important issues as foreign policy, he comes across as the most qualified to run this Country. Plus, he would be the most likely to retake this country to return to the principles it was designed for originally. I repeat this nation is in dire need of a competent leader, and his record of accomplishments in Wisconsin speaks for itself. He even returned some of the collected tax money back to the people. Never heard of anyone else doing that. Yesterday heard him say, the money belongs to the people and not the government. Never heard any other politician say that nor do that.

I’m just an ordinary citizen and not a political activist per se, with a love of freedom and this Country. However I have always stood up and fought for Principles I believe in, and today have grave concerns about the mess we are in, currently, which need to be addressed to preserve the Freedomswe inherited from our founding fathers, who fought and died for Freedom. It’s our responsibility to preserve to pass on to the next generation. None of us entitled to sit back, drawing entitlements and do nothing about the dire conditions we face today. We can and must stand up and face the reality of all we once had and lost and take a stand to regain. No one is exempt from that responsibility to act.

We were hit by the stun gun of reality, as a result of our expectations in the mid-term elections last November. Obviously conditions worsening, entering 2015, therefore a wake-up call, we’re doing something wrong, as a nation of people founded upon Christian Principles. At this juncture, nothing changed on the horizon, to reverse the transformation of America, now buried to the gills in Fascist, communistic style Socialism, the antithesis to the principles this nation founded upon, and thrived on, in earlier times when we enjoyed the best of all worlds. Now those in charge have such a foothold, the difficulty to regain, more difficult as each day passes, unless we act to reverse conditions as they stand today. And we cannot wait til November of 2016. Time is of the essence to act now. We must act to take back this country, and stop being brainwashed by all the horse-stuff and gunsmoke coming out of Washington, hallowed halls of political government, now in charge and not We the people.

We can’t vote ourselves out of the conditions we voted ourselves into. Obviously shown by the results of the last elections as business as usual continues out of Washington. Living in hopes, we will die in despair unless we act to reverse current direction. Freedom is not free, it has a price of eternal vigilance to act to preserve. And we have to date failed to do that.

Let Freedom Ring

Just me AC


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