The well known notion, that the government in the United States is never very far ahead of nor very far behind the tempo of the American people, is a truism, as evidenced by reported daily events happening across this Country.

Those traits in human nature which are good, decent, loving, caring and moral, remain the same, regardless of ignorance, greed, or religious persuasion. And those actions of individuals, which violate universal laws of the Universe, are not exempt from consequences, regardless of money, political power, nor actions contrary to that which is good and decent. A small child knows Right from Wrong. Money, religious standing and political position, exempts no one from the consequences of their actions, when they violate Natural laws.

The longer I live, the more convinced I Am, the final results of who we are will not be judged by the amount of money we contribute to any cause, but the degree of thievery, by taking from others that which does not belong to us.

I’m one who believes the Declaration of Independence informs us of our God-given Right to be Free and the Ten Commandments the moral guide which informs us stealing is wrong. There are positive Commands and the other seven inform us those things wrong to do. And those seven have in common, “Thou shalt not Steal.”

When I read about moneyed individuals like Bill Gates, promoting a one World Government, I shudder. Then I read about the family of Koch brothers, budgeting 889.million dollars to contribute to elections, what does one individual vote matter?

I don’t know anyone in the Koch family, but when I read about their election budget, I recall stories about their family squabbles in the past, then I recall seeing their name, as I recall back in the seventies, associated with Rampart College and its founder Robert LeFevre. Rampart College taught the Philosophy of Freedom, and Robert LeFevre, former editor of the Colorado Springs Gazette Telegraph was a true American Patriot in every sense of the word,who taught it.

Without knowing much about the Koch brothers, recalling their name in connection with a school that taught the Philosophy of freedom, leads me to believe their interest and intentions, relative to large contributions to the political process, must be in the best interest of salvaging the remnants of what’s left of all that’s good, decent and moral, which made this country Great in the past.

No amount of wishing this Country returns to the principles of Freedom and the Free enterprise System it was founded upon, will reverse the direction back to it. It’s going to take a lot of money to back a candidate who rises up from the ranks to lead. At this stage, no one knows who that will be. But the process of sorting through all the hopefuls has begun, and the 2016 election is almost two years away. Whoever that is will be subjected to all the howling and hate-mongering of that element now so entrenched in this country, determined to destroy.

Therefore it’s going to take more than money to salvage this nation from the jaws of the ill-intentioned, however money is a key element in conjunction with the Will of the people to restore America.

It’s a bad day at black rock, and sad commentary, when I read about the Rich and Famous, who have made it in this country, turn like a side winder on the very system of capitalism which paved the way for their money wealth.

I’m one who keeps up with daily on-going news about the direction we’re headed in this nation, with deep concerns for the future of the current and next generation, because I have several beautiful, smart, and decent grandchildren, still in school, growing up to face an uncertain future.

In this connection, I’m particularly interested in the movers and shakers who have a lot of money and influence to put to good use to influence the direction of this country. And I believe those like the Koch brothers, with money and influence, with an understanding of the philosophy of freedom, are in a position to make a positive difference in the ultimate outcome.

On the other hand, it’s going to take enlightenment and determination of every American citizen, even those without financial clout, to get behind the idea of Freedom, to stand up, speak out and take part in a return, with a “Root, Hog, or die” mentality which made this country great, beginning just over 200 years ago. The desire and aim to be free is nontransferable, and up to each individual to assume that self-responsibility and self control required to have freedom.

The American Revolutionists discovered the key to freedom, and acted to achieve it and left us the legacy. Admittedly we the people have squandered it, and face an uphill battle to regain. However, the American people have within themselves that same spirit, if the aim to reignite like Admiral Farragut who said, “Damn the torpedoes, full speed ahead.”

Therefore it’s going to take a lot of money, in conjunction with a determination of those without money to pull together with the same goal of return to individual freedom and the capitalistic, free-enterprise system that originally provided the greatest good for the greatest number known to civilization.

We innately know the American experiment, handed down to us by those who fought and died for it is the Right and moral route to take. And Socialism, the antithesis of freedom, is a rotten system that enslaves, as evidenced by history. And we must remind ourselves, none are entitled to sit back and do nothing to regain. But remind ourselves there’s a formula to be free, and must be reactivated. Freedom is a way of life that is not automatic. We the people have failed freedom – freedom has not failed us.There’s no magic bullet in waiting until 2016 to take back America. The time is now. And we can celebrate the victory in 2916 if we act now.

Chinese philosopher Mencius, 288 BC, said: “To act without clear understanding, to form habits without investigation, to follow a path all one’s life, without knowing where it really leads, such is the behavior of the multitude.”



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