There is no substitute for Freedom, and it is a total concept. It’s alternative is bondage of slavery. But most folks already know this, intellectually. However, the majority pay no attention to all the acts and actions from those determined to control others, as laws rules, edicts and regulations, are perpetrated on the general population, frequently disguised as helping the citizenry.

We now live in a country top-heavy and over-loaded with political passed laws. If you live in a city, you are subjected to city prescribed laws. Then there are county laws, state laws and federal mandated laws. We now live in a country so over-loaded with man-made laws, where individual freedom has been so eroded, we now live under a different system of socialism.

There are established rules of Natural laws, all of us must abide by, to protect ourselves and property. I wish to be quite clear, I’m not advocating a lawless a la carte way of life, by any stretch of the imagination. But we have gone so far astray from common sense reality, most in bondage, not admitting only complaining.

This nation was originally created with a set of laws to live by, which provided the greatest good for the greatest number to live by, own property, be free, love and live their daily lives by. To work, create, acquire and live in peace. We were provided with the U.S. Constitution. And Amendement X111, section 1, states: “neither slavery nor involuntary servitude, except for punishment for crime, whereof the party shall have been duly convicted, shall exist within the United States, or any place subject to their jurisdiction.” Then goes on to say all are subject to equal protection of the law.

I live in a beautiful small town in Northeast Georgia at the foothills of the Blue Ridge mountains, where the main street is lined with beautiful well maintained antebellum homes. Just driving through, one is reminded of another time, long since “Gone with the wind.” A town filled with lovely well kept parks, a lovely college campus, and the government center for northeast Georgia.

But like most other towns and cities across this country, is filled with rules and regulations which erode one’s Right to own property. For example, one can’t replace a roof on a house they think they own, without adherence to certain city codes and regulations. If violated ordered to replace the roof.

When I first moved here from Atlanta, the State had revoked my drivers license, because my birthdate on State records did not match Social Security date. A mistake the State made. Therefore for five years my drivers license was revoked because of a mistake made according to the Patriot act.

I parked my car at the end of the driveway behind my house and never drove it again. I applied for the annual tag, but the money returned with denial, saying tag number did not match VIN number. A vehicle I had obtained the tag for five years previously. Another mistake of State government.

Shortly after moving here an officer of the marshal’s office came a number of times complaining about no garage door being on separate garage in rear of property.

My vehicle backed in and parked alongside garage and the tag was bent under, so one had to lie down to see the tag number. Then one day a policeman from the marshal’s office came and informed me I was in violation of city codes by having a car parked on the property with an expired tag. I invited him in and he sat down and explained to me, I was subject to a fine or jail for the violation and advised me to donate the vehicle, since I wasn’t driving because my license was revoked, and illegal to have vehicle parked on private property without a current tag.

Once my money was returned for the tag application, because the VIN number did not match the tag number, I never re-applied. I had had a major emergency operation, not able to drive vehicle because of revoked license. Imagine my surprise to learn someone had entered the property, going to the rear and lying down on the ground to discover the bent tag had expired, then informing me I was in violation of the law and subject to a fine or jail time!!

After the police from the marshal’s office left, I thought about the hassle and threats I had been subjected to, and called a company and donated my vehicle. I was quite disturbed, thinking about the 20-plus years of my life I had spent supporting an Air Force husband to fight in three wars for freedom of this country. It was a shocking revelation, to experience the forced threat which caused me to give property I owned away or face a fine or jail time. I still have the paper work the officer presented to me, explaining the violation and fine.

Afterwards I wrote a letter to the marshal’s office, informing them not to send anyone else to my home to harass me unless they had a warrant. And since that last visit, they never returned. I had been driving for years in this country and a foreign country and had no tickets nor violations, not even a parking ticket, when the government suspended my license for 5 years.

It was that experience which prompted me to write articles about conditions in this country, on my web-site and now have over a thousand posted to inform others relative to conditions in this great country, now mired to the gills in Socialism, going from bad to worse daily, internally and foreign threats to a way of life we once enjoyed in a free country.

Having lived longer than most, grew up in a period of time when I enjoyed a life in freedom. Far superior and preferable to conditions we live under today, which have evolved because we have failed to guard freedom, which does in fact require that “eternal vigilance” we know and ignore.

Only by understanding the meaning of Freedom, with a burning desire to have it, can we reverse the horrors of the onslaught from those who lust for power and prefer bondage of others over Freedom. “What fools we mortals be,” to accept bondage over freedom. The worst is yet to come, unless direction is reversed. Which will take an awakening of reality by the 300-million plus in this country, with a desire of freedom over enslavement of a centralized political government now dictating the terms of living conditions in this nation. We must first appreciate and understand the key to Freedom is ownership of Property. And I re-tell my personal story via way of explaining the extent those in charge go to, take and rake from others in violation of one’s rights to property ownership.

Ordinarily, under the circumstances I describe, I would have taken a different route to protect my property, but happened to be quite ill at the time, and unable to deal with engaging an attorney at the time it happened. Prior to the incident I describe, I had always stood up and fought back, against the onslaught of political power to walk in, threaten and take and abuse. Had I not been ill, I would have at least sold the automobile, rather than give it away, to prevent a fine or jail. However at the time, I felt like Macbeth, who said, ”Out damned spot.” I simply wanted to get rid of policemen harassment, to live quietly while I healed.

Capitulating, giving up and giving in as I did is not the route to take to sustain freedom and protect one’s property. Unfortunately recovering from major surgery prevented me from doing otherwise at the time. Fortunately, I recovered and survived to live another day to stand up for freedom, I so dearly love.

From Dorothy Thompson, 1894-1961, comes this quote: “It is not the fact of liberty but the way in which liberty is exercised that ultimately determines whether liberty itself survives.”

Let freedom Ring
Just me AC


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