In the face of all the aridity of political power which has landed this Country in the ditch mired in Socialism, after discovering the problem and its results of bondage, the antithesis of Freedom, one may begin to wonder, what can I do? The good news is, there’s plenty you can do and should do, beginning with an understanding of the meaning of freedom.

It’s not my lot to tell others what to do, I do spend a great deal of time and effort suggesting what one can do if they choose a life in Freedom over the bondage of political Socialism. The power of politics is very seductive. Decent men will lie and cheat for power over individuals and their property. The American political system invites corruption.

A reminder no political government has anything until it first takes from others. The struggle for the top is expensive, both in precious currency-dollars and human integrity. The main marketable commodity in Washington is power. We are informed via the news, there are thousands upon thousands of government employees in the Executive branch of government, drawing large salaries and produce nothing, but paid by those working to produce. Extracting payment via a system of thievery.

Taxes by definition is an involuntary relinquishment of one’s property – money, hence thievery. Stemming from the formation of a government designed with the purpose of protecting this nation from Foreign and domestic enemies, an admirable and necessary job. But winding up, supporting forces internally and externally, which have taken this country from the land of the free, to a socialist state, both fascist & communistic style socialism.

All by design pretty much according to the Karl Marx Communist Manifesto. Originally, the grand design for this country was individual freedom. A system which allowed individuals freedom, to be self-responsible to live their lives according to each individual preference. A system which supported the grand idea of Ownership. The bedrock of Freedom is ownership. But in today’s climate, ownership has been so eroded and controlled by government policies, edicts, rules and regulation, government has taken over every facet of our lives, right down to the nitty-gritty of one’s health.
Today we are a nation controlled by the power of politicians, surrounded by obedient aids and fawning servants, riding around in bulletproof limousines.

Instead of government being the watchdog over our Rights awarded us by a higher power, the elected have become lapdogs, rulers over the lives and property of the producers in this country. Instead of being watchdogs over abuse of power and growling about it, they wag their tails and seek approval for their abuses of power.

The role of a free press was so important to the founding fathers, they made freedom of the press the first amendment of the bill of Rights. Without freedom of the press they knew other freedoms would be adversely affected.. Now-a-days the Freedom of the Press has largely become the tool of the power seekers to further their agenda, instead of criticizing and condemning the acts of politicians. The last thing a politician wants is exposure of wrongdoing, therefore control over the press enables the suppression of truth with reference to reality of what’s happening.

Of  interest to everyone should be the recent worldwide attack on the press as evidenced last week in Paris, France. The exposure of Government wrongs, exposed in the press is now top priority to suppress. Because the Truth can set one Free it must be suppressed by those who seek absolute power over others. In order to sustain power, the people must be bridled by propaganda of lies and deceit.

This original Government of the United States as designed by our founding fathers is no longer working, but has been taken over by a small group of elected politicians in Washington, in charge. This government of the people, by the people and for the people, no longer exists. Congress has allowed its power to slip through its hands. And capitulated to the power brokers.

In the recent mid-term election, the people deluded into believing if they elected a Republican Congress, they would reverse the control out of the hands of the executive branch. But such is not the case. In spite of all efforts to suppress the game plan for a One World Government takeover, the truth about the game plan is out.  The hour is late, and the gains of political takeover quite advanced, is it too late for the people to take back our country? Surely in this information age we know enough to take back that which belongs to us. The question is whether or not we have enough of that “Root, Hog, or die” determination to take the necessary steps to regain Freedom from the chains of bondage perpetrated upon an entire nation. Have we so embraced all the entitlement trickery of political government, to the extent a desire for change is not there? I personally don’t know.

What I do know is all the eggs placed in the basket of the newly elected Republican majority, do not appear to be any magic bullet for return to a Country of Freedom.  As I see it we are being doodledbugged by a lot of rhetoric out of the mouths in Congress, while there’s business as usual going on behind the scenes. And those in power are not being held accountable to the people nor the tenets of the Constitution. And more and more letter writing to those in power is a hopeless, worthless effort that changes nothing.

As soon as the weather warms up we will be further deluged with more and more illegals flooding this country. As Iview it, conditions going from bad to worse daily.

At one time I believed the people of this country had the strength of purpose and nobility of spirit to stand up against anything to preserve all the good and decency this nation stood for, but today I’m not sure they will. No one has turned the tide yet.

Let Freedom Ring
Just me AC

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  1. Those who thought a Republican congress would reverse course from tyranny and collectivism haven’t been paying attention for the past several decades. Insanity: doing the same thing and expecting a different result.