Many have heard and read about stories in German Nazi concentration camps. Corrie Ten Boom, a survivor who came to the United States, told some of the horror stories. Towards the end of World War Two, Hitler rounded up citizens in armed guard trucks and imprisoned them in concentration camps.

The one Corrie Ten Boom lived in was filthy and just enough sustenance to survive. The other innmates complained about the flies. Corrie told them to bless the flies, because the filth kept the SS troops away from raping them. Without the filth and flies they would have been raped and beaten and may not have survived.

Last evening listening to President Obama’s speech, and his presentation of conditions here in the United States at this time, were totally contrary to the reality of conditions as they exist.

I’ve lived longer than most, and grew up in an era when life was different and better, before the first great Socialist FDR rose to power, and through his political edicts, laws, rules and regulations, changed life in America. But after World War Two, in many respects this nation bounced back and thrived after the war. The American spirit of Free-enterprise in a capitalistic system and for a period thrived by working and creating, with that “Root, Hog, or die!” mentality.

I can attest first hand to the rosy picture of conditions President Obama presented last night, describing conditions in this country, not true. As a matter of fact, his governing, by replacing personal freedom in a free-enterprising capitalistic system with the bondage of Socialism, have transformed this Country and we’re in the ditch, living in the worst of times I’ve ever seen in this Country, with reference to economics and restrictions on individuals.

Therefore instead of blessing the flies, we can today bless the lies, because his presentation of conditions are so contrary to reality, it’s an opportunity for the people to wake up and shake up the status quo, to change things, and no time to waste.

His presentation of conditions, so contrary to reality, even the least informed can recognize the distortion. A recognition of what Dr. Phil tells us and that is, we can’t change that which we refuse to acknowledge. The State of the Union speech last night was the wake-up call to acknowledge the reality of conditions, and in that connection, provides a reason to begin changing things today.

Instead of complaining about his presentation of distorted facts, we can bless him for providing the revelation this country needs to make the necessary changes to restore this country back the original Principles it was founded and thrived upon at one time in our history. And the power to make the change lies within the heart, soul and reach of every individual in this country.

Our founding fathers left us the legacy of freedom, and none are entitled to do nothing. It’s the responsibility of every individual, to leave the legacy of Freedom we inherited to the next generation. Therefore it’s time to take stock of what we have done and are doing, that brought us to this undesirable state. We set it up and let it happen, by listening to politicians, who lie to us consistently and continually.

We turned our power of self-responsibility and control over to a few elected politicians, who act in their best interests, not yours. Therefore we must take back that which we voluntarily gave away. How do you do that? By the same way you gave it away. But you must first rid yourself of the notion that “others” will do it for you.

The President took us to the woodshed again last evening, by painting a rosy picture with words about how well-off this nation and its people are. So distorted a picture, it was like Divine revelation, of a presentation of the opposite of reality and the truth about the way things really are in this country. And for the first time, in my opinion, the majority “got it.”

Unfortunately we fell right back in lockstep of complaining about what he says and does, when he has told us from the beginning he would “transform America.” Get off his back and on your feet, to stand up and take back our Country. Quite frankly, I bless him for his presention of such a distorted picture of reality he presented last evening. Dispelling any notion of the excuse that we don’t really know what’s taking place. You now have the knowledge to make the change.

The selfie picture  he presented of what he has done and plans on doing, is what this country needed for a wake-up call. Heed his words, and make the decision to change the currents, starting today. to take back our country, snatched away from us in broad daylight by a group of power-mad One-Worlders. Now having the unmitigated gall to announce to us how wonderful everything is with a promise of more of the same coming down the pike.

More than once I have pointed out how this set up is accomplished, by twelve years of indoctrination in the socialised school system. Now he’s telling us how he expects to polish it off by two more years of government funded college indoctrination at an additional cost of billions.

It’s up to the 300 million-plus citizenry in this country to put a stop to this tiger-trek of bondage and enslavement and must begin now. The time is now, not 2016 because then will be too late. But the propaganda has begun, to force feed the population into believing your chance of reversal is in 2016. That’s the Big lie. That’s the facade to create the illusion.

So certain the President is, his continued force feeding of Socialism will not meet with resistance, he told us about his future plans. And unless the people decide theyve had enough and act to turn the tide, he may be right.

Let Freedom Ring

Just me AC


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