For the past eight years, I’ve been writing articles on my web-site, Usually twenty-plus a month. Covering a multitude of subjects, with emphasis on “the War of Ideas” we’ve been involved in. Since last November I’ve only written 3 or 4 articles. After warning my readers to pay attention to activity in Washington during December, no one listened as Congress rammed through bills that drove nails in the coffin of freedom, amounting to billions in taxes, now all they are doing is discussing funding in 2015, for acts in 2014.

In the November mid-term election, the American people were led down the bridle path of expectations of change for the better by electing Republicans to be in charge. s conditions go from bad to worse, we the people must face the reality, there’s so little difference in Democrats and Republicans, if you put them in a paper bag and shook them up, the same people with the same aim to destroy this country would fall out.

Any interest in restoration of this once great country must begin by answering the question, “Who’s in Charge?” Certainly not the People. It’s 535 Congressmen and one President, making the laws and executing the laws which have brought us to this state of bondage. While they lie, connive, rake and take, while Congress consciously allows its power to change slip through their hands.

Old, tired and often corrupt elected Congressmen, referred to as the seniority system, set the tone, promote their agenda to stay in power, protecting their special interests of a patriarchal dictatorship, ignoring the Constitution and the will of the people to protect this nation from Foreign and domestic enemies. Any newly elected vibrant voice excited for change, is relegated to the bottom of the heap and politically impotent.

The abdication of the role and direct link with the people, Congress makes it easy for a President to enlarge his role of power, and become maker of law, rather than executor of the Constitution, which all swore on a Bible to uphold.

Without going into specifics of each branch, the web of politics so entangling and in charge, the hoarding of authority, invasion of freedom,and deception by the elected, so now in charge, we are now transformed from a nation of 300 million-plus free people to a state of bondage under Socialism.

The veil of secrecy in the branches of political government in Washington, must be ripped away. Power corrupts and currently, the power of rulership lies in the hands of the elected in Washington. So in charge, they now arrogantly thumb their nose at the Will of the people. Using the same tactics of diversion, by placing attention on 2016 elections, to trick the people into believing they have the power to reinstate the principles upon which this nation was founded. Using the same propaganda tactics which has brought us to this brink of disaster..

What’s wrong with We the people, when anyone with one eye and half sense can readily see all the promises of change for the better in the mid-term election in November just two months ago have been the big lie. Those elected Republicans sent to Washington to stop the onslaught of take-over via the executive branch, have done nothing but more talk, and changed nothing for the better. The United States now possesses millions of documents hidden from public scrutiny by the censor’s stamp. Classified to keep the American people from learning about the bungling of power at the top.

A reminder of the invisible pyramid of political government, which in the beginning, in its broad base, the people held the key to power with the tip representing the limited power of government. Now the inverted pyramid and teetering to topple. Inasmuch as the elected hold the power of the broad base, while the people hang on to the illusion they are in charge, with attention on the next election in 2016. As I see it, 2016 is too late to change anything. The year 2014 was our chance to change things, but the majority deluded in the mid-term election, into believing a Republican Congress would turn back the clock, to the Principles upon which this nation founded and at one time provided the greatest good for the greatest number known to civilization, but it is apparent, just two weeks into the new term, such is not the case.

Instead of stopping the onslaught of Executive branch take-over, most are in bed with the status quo.  The people of this nation were lied to and tricked into believing a Republican Congress would right the wrongs perpetrated upon the people of this nation.

There are still a few good and well-meaning elected in Congress, but they are so out-numbered in a system where majority rules, they are ineffective to change the currents. The question is what can one do at this juncture of take-over of a once free nation? First is admission political government is not working for its intended purpose, ie, to protect this nation from Foreign and domestic enemies. We are invaded from without and within by enemies of freedom, and the free-enterprise, capitalistic system of original design and  purpose. We must recognize we’re in a “fool’ paradise” by thinking change will come from the top down. Positive change will only come from the  bottom up, and a decision by the people to assume the responsibility, it’s their business to effect the change necessary to return this nation to one of free citizens. Wishful thinking and the notion “others” will do it for us, is the sure-fire route to totalitarianism enslavement and bondage.

Freedom is not free, There’s a price to pay to have it. Dr. Suess said, “Sometimes the questions are complicated and the answers are simple.” Then Edward R. Murrow said, “The obscure we see eventually. The completely obvious it seems, takes longer.”


Let Freedom Ring

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