In the past I’ve written many articles about freedom, because so few grasp its real meaning, simply because there’s not much interest in it by the majority, decided to write a simplified version of what Freedom is and is not.

Untold numbers define freedom as doing what you want to, when you want to and how you want to. Additionally, TO whomever they decide to and that’s not the meaning of Freedom. This thought pattern describes a bully more accurately than Freedom. Because doing what some want to, means taking that which belongs to others.

Freedom is self-responsibility and self control. It’s assuming responsibility for that which you own, beginning with your self, body and mind. It’s your responsibility to sustain and maintain yourself. It’s your brain that thinks, your mouth that talks, your nose that breathes and your body that sustains itself by the decisions you make, relative to what you put in it.

Your body, mind and soul, is your responsibility to maintain and control, because you own it, no one else does. And it has boundaries. When another crosses the boundaries of your body, mind and soul, without your consent, that constitutes a trespass of your property.

Stemming from this premise, anything you acquire freely and legally belongs to you and becomes your property to sustain and maintain and protect. You are responsible for any property you own. Sound simple? It is, but complicated by those who decide to cross your boundaries of ownership, without your permission, which constitutes thievery.

And one must own, in order to exist. Embodied in this Universe, living among others, everyone is subjected to the same set of Universal law. And among those universal laws is the one which informs, you cannot own anything that you do not have a right to destroy. Because by our very nature mankind destroys to survive. You own a hamburger you eat as you destroy it. If you are not permitted to destroy that which you own without permission from another human, you do not in fact own it.

When you buy your home and pay for it, you may think you own it, however in fact you do not.To tear down, add to or renovate requires permission from a political entity to make changes, in most cases. To add a deck, a room or roof usually requires permission from someone else. Another who does not have one dime in the property you thought you owned, dictates to you relative to property you thought you owned. Ownership is a total concept. You do not own that which you are not free to destroy without permission from someone else.

Another criteria of ownership is that it requires a boundary. You cannot own anything that does not have a boundary, nor do you own it if permission from another is required to make changes. It’s this area of Freedom which deals with ownership that is the most misunderstood. Many areas of that which one thinks they own, is simply a share-cropper situation.

We live in a world that operates on Law, Universal and manmade law. All manmade laws are contrary to Universal law or commensurate with it. The law of gravity dictates everything that goes up must come down and water dropping below 32 degrees freezes. And universal law dictates one must own certain things to survive. Political manmade law contradicts that, by ruling that others can dictate your actions with reference to that which you own, by implementing manmade laws, rules and regulations relative to your property.

One’s Right to Freedom does not come from manmade government, but from one’s creator.The usurping of this God-given Right by others in government is the basis and cause of the problems of confusion we face today. And today gone so far as to dictate over one’s health and body, and genetically modified the food we eat to sustain life.

When you are born you are endowed with the Right to be free, own property and the Right to destroy your property. Not the property of others, but only yours. In our stupidity, we have defied Universal Law, and voted into power others over our bodies, mind and property, to take, rake, and steal our Rights to Freedom and property ownership. Which in no way destroys your Right to be free, but impedes and restricts your ability to exercise it,reducing us to a state of bondage, under a system in defiance of Universal law. Inherent in these manmade laws, are the laws set forth to punish non-compliance.

We are living in these conditions, because we voluntarily surrendered our Right to live free to others, for the strange reason that we thought others could manage our lives and property better than we ourselves, by voting them into power over our lives and property.

When I define Freedom as self-responsibility and self control, it is precisely just that. It’s the abdication of that self-responsibility which has resulted in the misery of bondage we live today.

We have abandoned the moral guides available to live by, such as the Ten Comandments and the Declaration of Independence.They inform us stealing and thievery is wrong, by crossing the boundaries of another’s property Rights. Even the Commandment “Thou shalt not kill,” admonishes we have no right to steal the life of another in violation of the will of the owner.

The only answer to recovery from the life of bondage we’re living in is by recognition of the meaning of Freedom and assuming the responsibility it requires, little by little, step by step, fueled by the desire to live free. You can only be free by educating yourself about its meaning. Start reading some of the many books available to inform. For example, “How I Found Freedom In an Un-free World.” “The Discovery of Freedom.” “This Bread is Mine,” “Witness,” “The Twelve Year Sentence.” Orwell’s “1984” and “Animal Farm.” “Summerhill” by Neal, “Pulling Your Own Strings” by Dyer, “Self-Sabotage” by Baldwin. And on and on, so much available to be informed to enjoy freedom.

When I began my journey to understand freedom, back in the fifties, two books that profoundly impacted me were,”Atlas Shrugged” by Ayn Rand and “The Ugly American.” I was so impressed by my beginning of discovery, I spent the next seven years seeking out teachers, books, schools and courses to understand the meaning of Freedom. Until one day, I said to myself, I got it. When I finally understood the real meaning of the Philosophy of Freedom.
We can regain our Country and freedom, by comprehending Truth and How we got here, to this state of Bondage we’re in today.

When we get rid of all the brain-washing and misinformation which led us to this undesirable state, it frees one up, and opens doors of ways and means to live free in spite of all the areas of enslavement we are subjected to daily. And one starts by a desire to understand freedom and a burning desire to have it. Freedom is not Free, and requires giving up some of the areas in our lives we’ve become accustomed to.

After years of study and arranging my life to live Free, I applied for a scholarship to Rampart College, where the Philosophy of Freedom was taught from a blackboard, and the Founder, Robert LeFevre became my mentor. When I applied, I won a distinguished recognition award to attend, with the highest score of a woman, from my application, titled, “The Moral Imperative.”

Before Rampart College, Robert LeFevre was editor of the Colorado Springs Gazette Telegraph, one of Harry Hoiles’ Freedom Newspapers I had been reading for several years. After attending Rampart, the new editor of the Gazette escorted me through a tour of the newspaper, a highlight in my life, then wrote an editorial about me, titled “to a Friend.”

Another one of my mentors was Dr. George Boardman, who lived in the ghost town of Chloride, Arizona, and I used to visit him and walk the desert with him as he taught me the Philosophy of Freedom.

Today, I’ve been writing about the philosophy of freedom and my life and journey on my web-site,, for the past eight years in the hopes of encouraging others to seek and understand freedom. It’s an exciting journey. Only by understanding it with a desire to have it, will we recover our country and the Freedom it was founded upon. One must seek it in order to have it.

Let Freedom Ring
JUst Me AC


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