We have just passed the 2014 mid-term elections, won by Republicans to be in charge and stop the onslaught on the Citizenry by a centralized regime in Washington, that appears to have abandoned the basic Principles of the laws in this nation left to us by our founding fathers.The two major ingredients- protection of this nation from Foreign and domestic enemies, and un-hampered freedom of the Individual.

Here we are already into December, preparing for Christmas celebration, shopping, decorating the Tree, playing Christmas music, and millions of children anticipating Santa Claus bringing the list of things they want.
Living in a Country founded upon Christian Principles where the Life of Christ is the center of Christian Philosophy, And his life is celebrated around the Christmas holidays, A life of loving caring and Peace And good will towards all others,
The reality is we are in the midst of a war of ideas with an out-break of upheaval across this nation involved in destruction of property spreading everywhere with vicious mobbery setting fire in communities across this country, with rabble rouser leaders cursing America on national TV.

What happened to the grand & glorious idea of Freedom? Hardly anyone talking about its meaning. What happened to it?Why is there such disinterest in this founding Principle in this Country? As rampant property slaughtering taking place.

Words are power, and the conditions we face today are the result of a change in the meaning of ordinary words in the Language. We are living in an era of unconscious incompetence, ie a stage where you refuse to admit you don’t know what you don’t know, and brainwashed into a condition of fear,of recognizing truth and reality.

For example, take one word, “Amnesty”. A word dominating the news now-a days so used and abused to mean a multitude of things, with different meanings to individuals. Bantered around to promote confusion, while Political government plays the con game to promote their agenda, by mis-use of common words in the language.

By definition, ‘amnesty” means “A soveregin act of forgiveness for acts, granted by a government to all persons, for to certain classes of persons who have been guilty of crime or delict, -generally political offenses- treason, sediction,rebellion, draft evasion and often upon their return to obedience and duty with-in a prescribed time.”

Included in the concept of pardon is, “‘amnesty’, which is similar in all respects to a FULL PARDON, inso far as when it is granted, both the crime and punishment is abrogated, however un-like pardons, amnesty usually refers to a class of individuals, irrespective to individual situations’ Currently referring to millions of illegals in this country.

Pay close attention to this part of legal definition , “Amnesty is the abolution and forgetfulness of the offense; pardon is forgiveness. Usually adressed to crimes against the soverignity of the nation, to political offenses, & condones infractions of the peaceof a nation”
In a nutshell, Amnesty is a political pardon for crimes committed against this country and its citizenry.

Freedom means self-responsibility, ie each individual assuming by taking charge of their lives and responsibility for the property they own, with recognition of the boundary lines of every other individual to act the same in order to be Free.

An executive order, attempting to grant amnesty, ie forgiving criminal activity, to millions of illegals in this country because its a crime to enter illegally is in direct definance of the very meaning of the Principles upon which this nation was founded, ie individual Freedom. Inasmuch as Freedom means responsibility for ones action, And entering this country illegally is an irresponsible crime, once here commiting other crimes, we are past due to grasp what is taking place in this country today, rampant with crime & destruction.

Unless theres a renewed committment to Freedom, by talking about it & recognizing its meaning, and adherence to its requriement, then standing up and fighting to regain & sustain, in short order, just after January 1st , 2015, without a shot being fired Freedom of the Individual, will be a thing of the past, and we will be living under the bondage of a different system, A transformed America, President Obama promised us in his pre-2008 campaign speeches.

Founding father, Benjamin Franklin said; “Those who would give up essential Liberty to purchase a little temporary safety deserve neither Liberty nor Safety”


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