I recall the era of Fidel Castro when he was a young rebel fighting in the jungle areas of Cuba, when a number of young American men migrated to Cuba to join him in his fight to gain power.

I was living in South Florida at the edge of the Everglades in the forties and early fifties in the middle of acres & acres of Sugar-cane country, where many Cubans came to work in the Sugar-cane fields, employed by The US Sugar Corporation in Clewiston Florida..

Back in theforties after World-war two ended, many changes took place relative to a way of life,as so many returning military faced re-adjustment to Civilian life after fighting in the war.As I re-call Havana Cuba, was a place just 90 miles off the coast of Florida, where many visited to drink,dance, gamble and have fun.It wasthe vacation mecca, to go to bask in the sun and have fun.Smoke Cuban Cigars, drink Cuban Rum, & dance the night away in Havana!

There were news items and rumblings about the young Rebel fighter, opposed to the political regime in power at the time,planning on overthrowing the regime in power, named Fidel Castro. Never any mention of Communist leanings and was actually touted as, ‘theGeorge Washington of Cuba’.A number of young American men, moved to Cuba to join him in his fight. As I re-call some were in the.movie industry.The news about gurellia- type fighting, led by young Fidel was like amagnet to a number of young American men who joined him.

With support of men and money from the United States, Fidel Castro gained power and took over Cuba.Once in charge,then it leaked out, he was a dyed in the wool Communist & hadbeen since age 17, hence began his totalitarian rule of Cuba as manybegan to flee thecountry. However there were American men, who had helped gain power who remained and many were incacerated.

There were many stories about the brutality of the Castro regime towards the Citizenry of Cuba, including some. American men .One story I vividly recall was Castro!s demands they bow to him. When some American men refused to bow, they were lined up before a firing squad and ordered to bow to Castro. Those who still refused had their knees shot out and once they fell were killed by the firing squad.

The take-over by Fidel Castro, established a totalitarian communist government in Cuba, ruled by the dictator Castro.

When Kennedy became president in early sixties, he tried several ways to free the Cuban people from the totalitarian rule of Socialist communism, to no avail.One such exercise, known as the,”bay of pigs” failed miserably and here we are fifty-plus years later,listening to reports of the misery & dire circumstances of a once free people, living in bondage in a Country just ninety milesoff the coast of the US.

Currently, we’re hearing stories about our current President, negociating with the Communist Castro regime in Cuba,the brother of Fidel Castro in Charge.And stories about the economic Collapse of the Cuban people living in poverty and bondage.

The story of the down-fall of a once thriving people into the depths of economic collapse and degradation,now dominated by Socialist Communism,is a story every Americasn citizen should take note of. Because our country, as of to-day, has embraced many of the tenets of the Philosophy of communist Socialism. Its the direction were headed.

There are two brands of Socialism, Fascism & Communism, and both are totalitarian rule and both the anti-thesis ofFreedom. And both lead to bondage and enslavement, with-out exception.

The history of Socialism thru out Civilization, offers proof of its bondage & enslavement.Freedom cannot co-exist with Socialism, and afools paradise thinking to believe otherwise.Once Socialism establishes its foot-hold, all is never enough, and once a totalitarian regime has a foot-hold, history proves to us enslavement is always the end result.

Heres a quote from American Philosopher Eris Hofer- ” People unfit for Freedom-who cannot do much with it, are hungry for power. the desire for freedom is an attribute of a, “have” type of self, it says, leave me alone and I shall grow, learn and realize my capacities. The desire for power is basically an attitude of a, “have not’ type of self.”

Beware of any type of negoiations with the totalitarian regime of Cuba.The question is why do the “haves” expect any kind of gain from the ‘have-nots’ of a totalitarian communist regime.? Freedom is ours to lose.

Let Freedom Ring
Just me AC
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  1. Sam Spade says:

    I’m throwing in with my old friend, Fred Reed, on this one:


    Castro would have been history in a moment had agents of US state left their grubby hands out of the cup cakes.