It’s a well known fact that the recent mid-term election voiced the will of the people, which is specifically to Stop the onslaught of damage to the American way of life as set forth in the Constitution of laws, by the current regime in Washington, headed by the President of the United States. An attempt by the people to reverse the trek to a system of socialism which has already transformed America from a land of the free to Fascist-Communistic Socialism.

During the pre-election process of campaigning, Republican candidates presented themselves to the American people as being the ones to count on to reverse these conditions, by first stopping the onslaught of rules, regulations and laws placed in motion by President Obama. It was a well-advertised notion that this is what the people wanted and expected from representatives they elected in November, a month ago.

Some newly elected and some re-elected, and Congress is now in session to start the implementation of change, whether Democrat or Republican, those 535 elected are there to operate within the framework of the Constitution and the Will of the People.

But Stop, Look and Listen to what has happened in less than 30 days. Instead of the changes the people expected, none are forthcoming, and the Citizenry is being diverted with the same ole propaganda tactics of keeping your eye on one ball while we are working behind closed doors, to a continuation of business as usual.

The trickery and deception is out-pictured in their public display of further hearings, dominating the news about the snide remarks the architect of Obamacare made. If this ploy to divert your attention, on the reality of trickery by Congress, doesn’t make one stop and realize what’s going on I don’t know what will.

While the military is being dismantled to leave this country vulnerable to whomever decides to move in and take charge, to the gouging of producers via increasing exorbitant taxes, to the increasing destruction of private property by the indoctrinated youth, the laws of Constitutional protection ignored, while Congress is not performing the job they were elected to do, and diverting your attention on Congressional hearings, about snide remarks by a highly tax paid perpetrator of the thousands of pages of propaganda of socialized medicine.

Here we are in the month of December, while most have their attention on Christmas shopping, decorating and grocery shopping in preparation of holiday feasting and partying, highly paid politicians are pulling the wool over one’s eyes, once again, by arranging for controlled left-wing press to divert and dominate your attention, with the current Congressional hearings over remarks by a college professor.

Ending the year with the same tactics of diversion used the 12 months prior. After a year of Congress doing nothing to solve the problems they created, and still investigating and procrastinating with no solutions to anything, as my mom used to say, we wind up with zero with a zero on both sides.

While Congress is successfully diverting your attention, they are busy with plans for 2015 in three weeks, to carry on the downward spiral of Freedom, and restrictions on productivity, while we are invaded with illegals, inside this country and a vicious enemy attacking from the outside.

Never has the vulnerability of all the great and moral conditions this country stands for been so glaringly apparent. How did we sink to such a low, of being guided and misguided into a situation, listening to Congress question a college professor over remarks he made, while they do nothing to protect this nation from the onslaught of all that’s attacking us from every direction.

We have ignored the wake-up call. And ignored the realization we cannot vote ourselves out of the conditions we voted ourselves into. When it’s so obvious, Congress getting ready to go on Christmas vacation, departing Washington with no viable plans of solution to the conditions we face. But before they depart will get dressed up to appear on six o’clock news, with empty promises of what they will do when they return in January.

In previous articles, I pointed out the year 2014 would be the turning point of no return, with reference to returning this natiom back to the principles upon which it was founded. In 2015 further diversionary rhetoric will be used to place your attention on 2016 elections. Stop being fooled, because 2016 will be too late for any hopes of salvaging the remnants of the best of all worlds we once had. A country that provided the greatest good for the greatest number known to civilization.

If you are asking yourself, “What can I do about it?” Your choice is a simple one – Freedom or enslavement. There is no in-between.

It was Abraham Lincoln in his Feb 12th, 1863 speech who said: “The people are the Rightful masters of both Congresses and Courts, not to overthrow the Constitution, but to overthrow the men who pervert the Constitution.”

Let Freedom Ring
Just me AC


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