How many out there remember an advertisement for a watch company several years ago, which said “Takes a licking and keeps on ticking.” An ad which displayed abuse of a watch, dropped from a height, then in a pool, and other depictions of abuse, and kept on ticking. I’m reminded of that ad this morning as I reflect upon the concerted attack on Freedom the past few months. To keep on ticking we must stop the licking.

A lot of news attention, starting long before January 1st, 2014, building up to the November mid-term elections. A build-up of so much propaganda hype, over Republicans winning the election and being in majority rule in the Congress. The thrust of the hype was to stop the onslaught of Socialist programs, via President Obama, that he’s been shoving down the throats of Americans, to “transform America.”

This country was mesmerized by oratorical speeches Barack Obama made prior to his 2008 election, when he repeatedly stated he would transform this country. I listened to those speeches and kept thinking he would talk about freedom, but I never heard him mention in his first campaign speeches the word freedom. As I listened to him in those first campaign speeches I wondered why anyone wanted to “transform America” when we had the best of all worlds in our system of government, handed down as a free gift from our founding fathers.The Declaration of Independence and the U.S. Constitution of laws, in support of individual freedom and an economic system of free-enterprise.

In his first four years as President, a fore-runner of his plans to run-herd and demolish the capitalistic system of economics and personal Freedom, ignoring the Constitution. By the time he reached the half-way mark into second term, the cat was out of the bag, relative to his intentions, and the majority thought that voting Republicans into power would reverse the direction of the road we’re on to enslavement and bondage.

Here we are, less than a month after Republicans elected, and things going from bad to worse. They presented no platform for change during the campaign speeches before the election, and a recent article by Michelle Bachmann, a Republican member of Congress, reports that there is no plan set forth since the election by Republicans, to stop or reverse the road to bondage we are now on in this country.

The millions of dollars spent by the citizenry of this nation, writing millions of letters to Congressmen, begging for a change in direction have been for naught. So the people voted Republicans into power after writing millions of letters crying for change, and what happens? Nothing to change the direction of transformation of this once Great nation of Freedom, to the bondage and rubble of socialism, using tactics of both brands of Fascism and Communism.

So what has happened since the mid-term election? Instead of the American people holding the newly-elected accountable to make the necessary changes they were elected to implement, most Republicans still investigating and procrastinating, getting dressed up to appear on six o’clock news, diddling and fiddling while Rome burns. Re-cycling propaganda, placing attention on the 2016 election, for anticipated change.

Wake up America, 2016 will be too late to reverse the direction this nation is headed. To have Freedom, we must talk about it, understand it and demand a return to it in this country. And currently we are failing miserably to do that.

Some of you may recall the story about the man caught in a terrible storm of flooding and managed to reach the roof of his flooded home. A friend swam to save him and he refused to come off the roof. Then a boat was sent to rescue him and he would not jump in. Then a helicopter flew over and lowered a rope and he refused to grab hold and drowned. When he entered the pearly gates he asked God why he allowed him to drown.The answer came back, “I sent you help three times and each time you refused.”

So it goes with conditions we face today here in America. We have had so many warnings and opportunities to preserve and restore this country back to the Principles upon which it was founded, the greatest country of opportunity to live and thrive in Freedom known to civilization, and we have ignored and squandered it.

So here we are just over 200 years since the American Revolution, where our founding fathers fought and died with a “Root, Hog, or die!” determination to leave us this legacy of Freedom, about to enter the year 2015, wrapped to the gills in tenets of Karl Marx Socialism, unwilling to talk about Freedom, much less do anything to regain or sustain.

“What fools we mortals be,” to embrace the tenets of Socialism in favor of a life in Freedom. The chances are slim, but we could resolve before New Year’s Eve, to understand and embrace freedom. And we start by talking about it, understanding it and discussing it with our brainwashed children, products of a socialised system where they are indoctrinated into the tenets of Socialism.

It will take a big leap, to dispel the notion 2016 will bring about change. Sadly it will be too late. Time is of the essence, we are fast reaching a point of no return. Change can only come from the hearts, minds and determination of the American people, by facing the fact reliance upon those in Washington brought us to this brink, and cannot be depended upon to get us out of this ditch of Socialism. Despite the fact there are a few patriotic individuals in the government, only a handful, and obviously not enough to turn the tide in Washington.

It is the self-responsibility of the people to return this nation back to that which was its original intent, individual freedom, operating in a free-enterprise economy. No one bar none, entitled to sit back and do nothing by leaving a nation in shambles for the next generation. Like the drowning man, we have by-passed opportunities for change and return to a way of life we once had. To the point we are at today, on the verge of collapse.

Let Freedom Ring
Just me AC

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  1. Sam Spade says:


    “…Wake up America, 2016 will be too late to reverse the direction this nation is headed. To have Freedom, we must talk about it, understand it and demand a return to it in this country. And currently we are failing miserably to do that…”
    * * * * * * * * * * * * * * * * * * * *

    My ongoing mantra, Ms Freedom Lady, is that I can be free. Here. Today. Where I’m “at”. I am a sovereign state. Sui Juris.

    I have no need to change you. Or your proclaimed “representative” over in a place that I think of as the District of Collectivism — especially those lunatics. My Representative sits on the committee that maintains the rotation of the earth on its axis.

    Some of my kids (I have 7 — the eldest soon to be 60. Yikes!) were avid supporters of Ron Paul for grand Wizard of the Klan. I met Dr & Mrs Paul and some of their children. They are delightful people. I supported my kids, had lots of fun staying with grandkids while Mom & Dad did their electioneering; but turned them down in their seeking my “support” for Ron Paul. I would not let them put Ron Paul signs in my yard. I had to explain to them that my support of any politician would go against everything I believe and stand for.

    The problem with expecting anything from any central political “authority” dating back to (and long before) your referred “our-founding-fathers” is that human government systems simply do not offer anything like “protection”. They never have. They never will.

    I simply ignore partisan politics. I’m sad for those who can’t do so.

    There are free people in Cuba. And Iraq (even after warriors of US destroyed much of what made many of them “free”). And Iran. They’re free because they chose to be free. Individually. Because they learned to be totally indifferent toward politics.

    They learned how to side-step the beast.

    Of course folks our age have it a lot easier being indifferent to “authority” than those who are still raising young families and needing to get along to get by. I understand that.

    Last time I participated in a bread-and-circus event (“election”) was 1964. In 1964 I had 5 kids. During summer break from teaching I burned all the roads and highways of Texas (well, almost all — Texas is a big place) trying to get Barry Goldwater elected. I was devastated when Lyndon Johnson “won”.

    Ten or so years later I came to see that the election of Goldwater could have done nothing towards you or I acquiring any greater handle upon “freedom”. I gradually had come to understand that depending upon third parties was a losers’ game. If freedom’s to be, it’s up to me.

    So nowadays I urge all my family, friends and neighbors to abstain from beans. Sam