As conditions go from bad to worse daily in a country founded upon the ideals of Individual Freedom and the Free-enterprise System, we the people are overdue to Stop, Look, Listen, and change our course, before it’s too late.

Could we just for a fleeting moment take our attention off football, the lottery, Black Friday sales or whatever trivia it is that’s preventing us facing the reality of our demise into bondage long enough to wake up sufficiently to jerk us into the reality of that which has already happened to this Great Nation and Personal Freedom.

Let’s just take a look at conditions and where we are today arithmetically. Starting from the standpoint Freedom is a Total Concept. Which means each individual has the self-responsibility for control of their lives, actions and decisions, one hundred percent to be totally Free.

Therefore if Freedom is a total concept, i.e., one hundred percent, what is the degree we are enslaved today? How much of the dollar you earn today is demanded and taken away by a political system? That government of the people by the people and for the people. For some it’s twenty percent, forty percent, sixty percent and even more. Let’s say for example it’s fifty percent that Caesar demands out of money you earned, robbing you of half your income, which is your property.

The fifty percent you have left, you buy groceries and pay a tax on the total. Then you fill up with gas for your vehicle and pay a tax at the pump. You buy clothes or go to a movie and taxed on almost everything you do. The one hundred percent pay check you earned is subtracted from, every time you spend a dime to live on in your daily life.

Ownership of property (your money) is also a total concept. You don’t own anything you don’t have control over. When a force outside yourself controls with rules, regulations and edicts, it means you have sharecropper status, not ownership.

Then that same political system, which was designed to be for the people, by the people and of the people, now so in control, you no longer own the house you paid for, only possess it. You can’t do anything with it without permission from others who have never paid a dime into property you thought you owned.

The children you have and responsible for raising, have so many restrictions placed upon them by the centralized political power from Compulsory school attendance laws to forced immunizations, to laws on discipline, you are responsible for something you have less than control over.

Aside from your money, your home, your vehicle and your children, now under orders and control by a political system, now it’s your health under assault and control via an entity of Government, obviously not in your best interests.

After taking control of all these areas of one’s life, now that 535 Congressmen, nine Supreme Court Judges and one President, have insinuated millions of illegals among us, causing greater problems to numerous to list, and after all this, hiring individuals which workers and producers forced to pay millions of dollars in salaries, now going on national news media telling us how stupid we are.

After demolishing the Free-enterprise Capitalistic System, dismantling the Military, and taking control of one’s money, property, children and health, a handfull of individuals now going on national television, thumbing their nose at 320 million citizens making no bones about what has already been done and bragging about their next move.

Dear Hearts and Gentle People, you are no longer living in a land of the Free and Home of the Brave, but under the totalitarianism of a Communist, Fascist system of Socialism. Under a regime that continues lying and defying, and promoting propaganda two years down the road in 2016 next election, you have some say so in the process.

Without a shot being fired in this War of Ideas, the enemy has Won. Via the propaganda of simple artithmetic, taking from the haves to give to have nots.

That which has been taken is your Freedom. Stripped of Freedom, leaves one enslaved and in Bondage. How has this taken place? By the billions taken from producers to support a school system that indoctrinates generation after generation into the Tenets of Socialism. Every nine months graduating a new batch indoctrinated into the tenets of Socialism, who go to the polls and vote for more of the same.

Now living in an era of six generations schooled to accept Socialism, for some peculiar rationale, today thinking they can vote themselves out of conditions the majority haved voted this nation into.

It was the Communist Lenin in the 1920s who said, “We shall not have to attack the United States, it will fall into our hands like overripe fruit.” And so it has. No outside enemy has brought us to this precipice of Collapse. We the people have done it to ourselves. Stop looking to some outside entity to save us. Only by looking within and admitting we have done it to ourselves, can we expect a solution of our transformation from Freedom to bondage.

Remember the Emperor’s Clothing Story? When a small child spoke up and said, “He’s Naked!” The naked Truth is, we are where we are because we have done it to ourselves. The only hope of change is recognition of this reality, with a resolve to face Truth, and a Willingness to change by changing ourselves from an acceptance of Socialism, back to the self-responsibility required to be Free, that’s a tall order, inasmuch as the majority believe the answers to our problems lie in the hands of politicians.

Change comes from a question. What is it you want for the future of yourself, your children and this Country? And secondly, what are you willing to do about it?



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