I decided to write this kind of article, going backwards before going forward, about some of my background and belief system, leading up to current events after yesterday receiving a phone call from a man speaking very broken English telling me my computer had been hacked. It was difficult to understand him, when he put a backup on the phone, which was still not easy to understand. He asked several questions, when I heard him say “Microsoft” I asked him if he worked for Microsoft. He said no but rattled on. Then I asked him if there was a charge to take care of the problem and he said $299.00. I hit the fan and said give me your name and phone number, and I’ll talk to you later.

I checked with Norton and was informed there had been a hacking attempt but it had been blocked. Then I knew the call was a rip-off.

Afterwards I considered the conditions we are living in today, compared to all the Freedom I enjoyed growing up. Realizing the invasion of privacy, a type of thievery, was so bad and advanced, it had reached me. I live quietly, don’t belong to anything, not politically active and pretty much mind my own business, aside from the fact I write about conditions we face today and talk about Freedom.

Then I thought about my grandfather, skipped over to the fifties and wondered whatever happened to the Congressional Committee overseeing the Un-American activities, recalling the hearings of the Whitaker-Chamber Alger Hiss trial in the fifties. A hearing I listened to at the time about dyed in the wool Communists imbedded in Government in Washington. Alger-Hiss and Whitaker Chambers were both card-carrying Communists working inside Congress. Chambers defected and wrote the Book “Witness.” The most informative, well-written book I have ever read, detailing his life and role as a Communist, then his defection.

The Hiss-Chambers case dramatized a historical event about an experience which has touched all of our lives. A detailed writing about an ordeal, of a man’s struggle with his soul and his conflicts caught between his religion and materialism. Communism against his belief in Freedom.

To understand what is taking place today, everyone should read “Witness” because the detailed account of the dilemma Chambers faced in the fifities, is the same struggle we face today in this year of 2014. Everyone now is facing the ordeal of Freedom vesus Communism, because here we are over fifty years later, buried to the gills in the tenets of the Communist brand of Socialism.

In the War of Ideas which has involved the basic tenets of Freedom versus Socialism, now in full bloom and the Socialists are winning. In the book Witness, Whitaker Chambers details and explains in the simplest terms precisely what the battle has been about. So fascinating, difficult to put down once one starts to read. Witness is like several books rolled into one.

Putting aside Witness for a moment, many will recall the recent interview on Fox news’ Kelly Files, when Megyn Kelly interviewed Bill Ayers. A charming, likable man, an intellectual well-educated college professor, discussing his philosophy, and wishing he had done more to interrupt the status quo of conditions in this country. If anyone wonders why so many intellectuals embrace a different philosophy, which comes across as a difference from the Principles the American Revolution was fought over, go back and listen to that interview, because Bill Ayers presented some enlightenment which I found absolutely fascinating.

We have just gone past the mid term election, where Republicans elected in charge of Congress. Those involved in the election process had high hopes the Republican win would stop the trek President Obama is on. Has not even slowed him down, as we are now reading in the news about backing up, backing down, do nothing but talk and investigate Republicans in Congress. Not a hundred percent; still a few are struggling to come up with something to make a difference.

I’m just one lone individual, not involved in Politics per se, with a deep love of Freedom and concerns about the future of my grandchildren. However, I have previously written about the year 2014 as being the year the tide would make a drastic turn, while others placing their bets on 2016 for the tide turning. Many reject current reality for some future “might be.”

I have always stood up and fought for that which I believed in, but it appears to me now, the battle between Socialism and Freedom is pretty much settled, and now all they are doing in Washington is fighting over the division of power between the Congress and the Executive Branch, with the Executive Branch still winning. And when illegals are legalized to vote for Democrats, that’s the last push-over into the la la land of Socialism, to keep Democrats in control.

As things stand today there’s very little difference in Democrats and Republicans aside from Rhetoric. Up until this last election, Republicans talked the talk while Democrats walked the walk, however Republicans overall did not present any plan of real change before the election, and hopes for after election change appear even dimmer. Now they are fighting among themselves, over what? Not freedom versus socialism, just trivia.

Just today the news headlines about the Architect of Obamacare calling voters stupid, for voting Obamacare into law. It was Congress that voted into law and the Supreme Court declared it law. The people did not vote on it.

It seems the majority of the people and Congress lost sight of the difference in Ignorance and Stupidity. Ignorance is the absence of knowing reality and truth, and Stupidity is being privy to reality and truth but ignoring or denying. In this era of the information age, there’s no one in this country, who does not have access to the Truth about what’s taking place. It’s not ignorance but Stupidity which has led us down this path to bondage, living under the heel of Socialism. Undeniable.

“Oh what a tangled web we weave when we first practice to deceive” – OURSELVES.

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