Growing up on a farm in Northeast Georgia, back in the Depression years, there were two people who impacted my life more than others. My paternal Grandfather Henry and my very smart mother.

My Grandpa Henry was a rather large landholder with eight children, and the head honcho over a number of families living on his lands, working the farm, blacks and whites. He was a dyed in the wool hard shell Baptist and a stand up fighter for whatever he believed in. I recall his filing an injunction to have a large County School shut down over what was termed back then “an incidental Fee.”

The State PTA President was behind the act, and she and my Grandpa were always battling over something.

On my maternal side of the family my grandmother was a staunch missionary Baptist. There was a big difference in philosophy of the primitive Baptist religion and missionary Baptist. Plus a big difference in many throughout the County, who believed in the Individualism of Freedom, and the Paternalism of political government. I idolized my Grandpa and grew up listening to his rants about his strong beliefs relative to religion and politics, and watching him fight for his beliefs in religion and politically.

It was a few years ago when my son Ken and family and I went to the Freedom Mountain Academy in Tennessee for Patriot’s Day, a celebration of Freedom attended by a number of people who came from various parts of the country, and Ken was their keynote speaker. He began by telling stories about my Grandpa Henry. While I was wondering where he was headed, he then began talking about my connection, his influence on me, and the background philosophy which impacted my life and ultimately his.

After he finished, the founder of the Freedom Mountain Academy spoke and awarded me their prestigious “Freedom School Lexington award, 2011, Freedom Flame Bearer, much to my surprise.

All of this is via way of reporting, my love of Freedom, and willingness to stand up and fight for the things I believe in were ingrained in me from a child, influenced by my paternal grandfather, as I observed how he battled and frequently won, relative to his position. Later on studying the “Philosophy of Freedom” for about seven years before I completely understood it.

A realization there has been a battle going on in this Country since its inception between Freedom and Socialism. The main difference, Freedom being Individual self-responsibility for one’s life, and living under a centralized political system that dictates via laws, rules and regulations, designed to control one’s life in opposition to Freedom. Via first taking control of one’s private property (money) via system of imposed taxation. And from that imposed controls for any and all phases of one’s life, until the centralized system, so in control, the Citizenry enslaved in Bondage.

There are two major brands of Socialism, Fascism and Communism. In fascism, Individuals are allowed to retain name of business and productivity, with a centralized Government controlling, as Hitler did in Germany, and Communism, a greater degree of totalitarian centralized control. In the United States today we have embraced a combination of these two philosophies and are dominated by them.

We no longer live under the Principles of Freedom, handed down to us by our founding father Revolutionaries under the Constitution of Laws they left us. Instead we’re living under a different system, a Transformation of America, as promised by our current President in his pre-2008 campaign speeches.

Continued in PART TWO.

Let Freedom Ring
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