It’s pretty common knowledge the Republicans did not win the Majority seats in Congress to control that body, by promise of any kind of platform of change, but rather winning because the mandate of the people was “stop Obama.” Therefore they rolled into power, specifically for change, period.

Now voted into the seat of power, it’s incumbent upon the elected to outline a specific route of change. A change forward by first going backwards. And the change forward is a return to the principles upon which this nation was founded and thrived on in earlier times. Which was individual Freedom, to live, work, and be happy under the economics of the Free-enterprise system of Capitalism.

When I say go backwards I mean, stop procrastinating, relegating, and legislating. By procrastinating, stop putting off tomorrow what you should have done yesterday. By relegating, I mean stop relinquishing power to operate this Country to the United Nations and Foreign Countries. And stop legislating, by enacting more laws that restrict and impede personal Freedom, and operation of the Free-enterprise system. Repeal laws on the books which impede Freedom and curtail capitalism. Stop investigating and act upon all the congressional committee investigations which have already taken place. From Fast and Furious, to Benghazi, to IRS, to invasion of privacy acts by government, and on and on infinitum.

After clearing the deck of the massive government restrictions which have impeded personal Freedom, stopped Free Enterprise, screwed up Education to a point it’s now a system of indoctrination, by a number of tactics, like Common Core Standards, and too many other mandates to list. Just clamp it off and stop the interference.

The mandate to stop Obama, means not only stopping the things he placed in motion, but stop the process of support he has used with collusion of Congress. He did not single-handedly implement Obamacare, he had help from Congress.

To move forward, the Republicans must first undo the damage which has already taken place. Once that is accomplished, which requires a full plate agenda, to dissolve all the unconstitutional mandates in effect, then have a list ready of priorities to act upon. Which means addressing a number of problems, mostly dealing with money.

The Purpose of the Federal Government and number one job is to protect this nation from Foreign and Domestic enemies, and in order to do that must have a military capable of insuring that. Currently the military has been pitifully dismantled. To meet the challenge of threats from outside forces it’s imperative the first important job is restore the military, to stop outside threats and internal threats crossing the border. Must act to secure the borders without delay. After restoration of the military, to insure domestic tranquility, the second order of business is getting off the backs of business, by lowering taxes. Specifically lowering Corporate taxes, political government must get off their backs, so they can hire to produce.

Thirdly must destruct Obamacare.Then address the largest most expensive item of Schooling. Which currently does not educate but indoctrinates students into the basic philosophy of Socialism.

There really is not a long list of necessary changes to be addressed immediately. They are Protection via a strong military. Reduction of all the strain of production placed upon the capitalistic system, which impedes jobs and income. The hellish mess perpetrated upon the entire population via government intervention into the Health of the Citizenry, plus indoctrination of youth into the tenets of Socialism via the doled, controlled school system.

There you have it, the four major areas which require attention and action right off the top. The Military to Protect, the Economy to release gridlock on free-enterprise to produce with income. Remove the boot off the neck of Health issues, and free up the chains of grip on education.

And Health issues include ridding this nation of the control of genetically modified food supply. When Speaker Boehner spoke of current conditions “Poisoning the well water,” equal importance is stop poisoning food supply.

It seems so surreal and like a bad dream, we have allowed the destruction of issues and areas which made this nation the country that furnished the greatst good for the greatest number known to civilization. It appears so complicated to tackle to restore, however, breaking it down to four areas, National Protection, the Economy, Health and Education, it does not appear so monumental.

As they say in Poker, jacks for openers, a good idea to start firing the millions of do-nothing government workers on the backs of producers. Release them back into the workforce, to stop some of the wasteful drainage.

Does anyone out there have any better plan for restoration of the greatness of America than this four part plan I have outlined? If so speak up and present it. If not, jump out of the bed of apathy and get behind this plan to implement the return of this country back to the Citizenry of this nation, to jerk it out of the hands of those hell-bent to transform and destroy.

Time is of the essence, to dig us out of the ditch we are in. Now the election is over and a new batch of Republicans elected to the seat of power to implement the necessary changes, no one is entitled to sit on their laurels and do nothing.

We the people must return to that eternal vigilance and see to it that Congress makes the necessary changes they were elected to perform. Less than two months are left in 2014, with no time left to begin the changes now. Not tomorrow but today. How do you remove alligators from the pond? Very carefully one at a time.

Just Me AC


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