Here we are just one week after the 2014 mid-term elections, and already reports of some elected Republicans waffling about their direction, and what to do. After receiving a mandate and elected to implement changes, it’s unconscionable to be undecided over the route to take.

Aa I see it their major problem is they were shooed into power on a mantra of “Change” without any clear cut list of just what that should be. As a very concerned American citizen, who loves Freedom and this Country, I sat down and outlined a list to consider implementing. I did this after listening to news reports in general and House Speaker Boehner’s proposals in particular.Things like the “pipeline” may be important, but in the “pecking order” of things to do, not at top of the list.

The absolute most important consideration at the top of the list is to secure the protection of this country. It’s the number one priority of the role of Government to protect this nation from foreign and domestic enemies, and so obvious it’s under seige from two major areas, internal illegals and external threat of ISIS. Therefore, at the top of the list of things to do is, reassemble a strong military, to protect internally and externally.

If one’s house was being robbed or on fire, one would not be considering the desire for a new couch.The priority would be to stop the robber or put out the fire. This nation is being burned by socialism, and under seige by a group of robbers.

A quote I read this morning from the book “Bad Trip” by Joel Miller states, “What we have to remember is not everything is under our control.” And in this connection we absolutely must recognize protection of this country is out of control, and it’s that fact which is imperative to be the first agenda to address by the new batch of Congressmen. Establish a line of defense and protection for America, now under seige by enemy forces. Recognition that we have been at war for sometime and losing is imperative, to recognize and address first and foremost, if we are to survive. It’s a no-brainer when it comes to the responsibility of addressing by the newly elected. Secure the borders and prepare to meet the threat of a foreign enemy that’s beheading American citizens.

Reason and commonsense rationale, where art thou, while our homeland is on fire, being robbed, and under seige by an enemy in opposition to the very Principles this nation was founded upon? Not something which might happen, but taking place now.

We need to remind ourselves of the Emperor’s New Clothes story and the little boy who yelled out, “He’s naked!” The analogy is America stands naked, absent the proper defense to protect itself from an enemy already within, and promise of more to come from outside hoodlum type threats, already displaying heinous acts of what they can and will do, on their trek to destroy and rule America.

Where is that American”exceptionalism” so described by Dinesh in his book “America, Imagine a World Without Her”!!!

It’s unconscionable, this Monday morning, just one week after the 2014 election, we are dilly-dallying around, listening to the newly elected, without a viable plan of restoration of America. While the progressive, liberal, left wing, Communist style news grabbers still promoting their agenda. We are at war and have been for quite sometime and the first order of business is restore a military sufficiently trained and prepared to win the battle in this country, now on American soil.

There is no time to waste. We must adapt the mindset and determination of those before us, like Admiral Farragut who said, “Damn the torpedos, full speed ahead.” There are only two ways and means of living, in Freedom or Bondage, there is no in between. And as things stand today the American people have been stripped of Freedom and strapped in bondage under a transformed system of Socialism, embracing a combination of both brands of Fascism and Communism.

While a newly elected Congress straddles the fence in confusion, wondering what to do. As the old Southern saying goes, “Enough to make a preacher cuss.” While the American people backed into a corner against the wall. Waiting and expecting new elected to act to implement the changes they were elected to do. The course of proper action is clear cut. Stop dilly-dallying and politicking, and step up to the plate and do that which is necessary to restore America. And the priority begins with first Protecting this nation, from the onslaught of foreign and domestic enemies and their foothold.

We have arrived in this hellish condition because we abandoned our responsibility to maintain and sustain, by relinquishing our power to sustain and maintain to a few now in power, who took advantage while we slept.

Abraham Lincoln warned: “Prohibition goes beyond the bounds of reason, in that it attempts to control a man’s appetite by legislation and makes a crime out of things that are not crimes.”

Let Freedom Ring
Just me AC


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