As the universe is unfolding as it should, and Republicans trying to get their “ducks in a row,” House Speaker Boehner yesterday finally came out with a list of things his fellow Republicans need to consider to effect a change in the direction of this Country. After a lengthy campaign era, when little to nothing was presented by Republican candidates, I for one was glad to hear his proposals. Which need several ideas of change added to his list. It would help to list things in order of priorities.

I was also impressed by what Senator Sessions said in his interview with Fox News Megyn Kelly last evening.

Inasmuch as political government has its finger in every phase of the lives of individuals in this country, one should start with ideas of change by asking the question, “Are you your brother’s keeper?” Because faced with all the doles and controls now in motion over the lives of the entire citizenry, it becomes obvious the government assumes this position.

I’m reminded of an experience I encountered back in the seventies, when my major mentor Robert LeFevre, founder of Rampart College, used to pass through Atlanta on his way to teach executive sessions for Milliken Mills in South Carolina. As a student of Rampart he frequently called me when he stopped over in Atlanta and asked me to join him as his co-guest on call-in radio programs. On one occasion an elderly man called in and asked me if I thought I was my brother’s keeper. My response was, I did not claim to be an expert on the Bible, but as I recalled, “Are you your brother’s keeper? was a question asked in the Bible, but never actually answered. I told the caller since God did not choose to answer the question, I would pass.

The position government has assumed by the exorbitant taking from “the haves to re-distribute to have nots,” it is readily apparent political government has assumed the position it is the brother’s keeper. And there-in lies the root of the problem we face today. No question about it, a system of thievery of arbitrarily taking the property of one without consent, by a gun or threat of a gun, to re-distribute to others, is the epitome of assumption, political government is its brother’s keeper.

In this connection, at the top of the list for change in this country, should be a recognition that political government should abandon the premise of playing “God,” because stealing is wrong. And to promote and participate in this system of raking and taking from producers to re-distribute to non-producers, playing “brother’s keeper” is an obvious wrong.

According to the U.S. Constitution, the role of Government is to protect the Citizenry from Domestic and Foreign Enemies and given the power to collect taxes for that purpose.There’s nothing in the Constitution that mandates the President nor the 535 Congressmen to collect property (money) to support “brother’s keeper” claims.

Living today in the era of the inverted pyramid, that is government in control of private property, the place for Republicans to start with meaningful changes is from the premise they are not their brother’s keeper.Then present their list of changes to return this nation back to the Principles upon which it was founded, basically Freedom of the individual in a system of free-enterprise, with ownership of private property at its core. Then dismantling the exorbitant number of laws, rules, and edicts perpetrated by the centralized government, which have brought about the transformation we are experiencing today.

Now after the mid-term election which placed the Republican party in charge, they have the power to make the changes necessary to return this country back to the sanity of the Principles upon which it was founded. Will they do that? we will soon find out. It’s actually up to the people to hold their feet to the fire with demands they make the necessary changes to return the country back to “the land of the Free.”

Before they start, it’s important to consider that which must be stopped. And that which must be stopped is the notion that political government is its brother’s keeper. Perpetrating the brother’s keeper idea is the core belief of Karl Marx Socialism. And the political regime in charge has embraced the philosophy of the tenets of Socialism, Which is the antithesis of individual freedom. Therefore before we can expect rational moral changes, must first get rid of the system this country has embraced, to cause the conditions we face today. Not an easy task, but it’s the moral imperative.

The philosopher Bertrand Russell said, “Envy is the basis of Democracy.” A time in the past, this country was the envy of the world. Today we are no longer envied but despised by the rest of the world for the most part. We can hang our heads in shame, or muster up that “Root, Hog, or Die!” mentality of our forefathers, to pull ourselves out of the ditch we are currently in. Our chance is now, not in two years, when it will be too late.



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