When I go to sleep at night, I’m thankful for the residuals of Freedom we have left, only to wake up in the morning with an additional blast of “transformation” from the entity in power, on a tiger trek of destruction.

Having lived through fourteen Presidential regimes, it seems unfathomable we have reached this place in our history, to have one in charge who swore to uphold the Constitution, which is an oath to protect this nation from foreign and domestic enemies, now abandoned, placing legalized citizenship of some sick, with criminal backgrounds, illegals, a priority aim over the Oath he took in violation of the Constitution.

Even more shocking is the fact that we the people of 300 million-plus, have elected 535 Congressmen to oversee and also protect this nation from domestic and foreign enemies, have been complicit in the direction, and not exercising their power to prevent the direction.

Most of the thirty-seven percent who flocked to the polls to install a Republican regime in power, expected them to stop the onslaught of illegal activities and edicts, but so far, same song second verse of march to the totalitarianism of Socialism, dismantling of America, wrecking bar on continuation on one’s personal freedom. Nature is always going to have its way, and it’s in the nature of the universe, human beings born free.

Freedom carries the responsibility of taking care of ourselves, but the majority have abandoned the responsibility for themselves or tried to, by doing everything in their power to relinquish their power over to a political system to take care of them. And in the last presidential election, voluntarily relinquished their responsibility to be free over to a man and his regime that told us in the beginning his plans were to Transform America.

At the time I heard him say this in his speeches before 2008, my thoughts were, why would any one wish to transform America when we lived in the best of all worlds? But the majority voted him in power not once but twice, and it’s only in the beginning of the second half of his second term, a few are waking up to the reality of the transformation, and angry about it. Then in the middle of his second term voted in Republicans to stop Obama, only to discover the beat goes on while his opposition is still just talking, investigating, and threatening to do something, with no common sense plan, and have seemingly lost their nerve to act in opposition to the onslaught.

In a previous article I spelled out a four step plan on action which must be taken to turn the tide. It’s not rocket science, just common sense. We must recognize we are at war and have been for quite some time. A war of ideas, and the enemy is winning. Because neither the majority of the people nor Congress have placed a higher value on the principle of Freedom, than their desire to have babysitting of socialism.

We the people have allowed those who lust for power to takeover. Not only allowed, set it up to help and promote their agenda as a result of the lust for entitlements. Which simply means approval and backing from those who have to give to those that prefer living off stolen loot in preference to working and earning, then complain about “no job.” Still thinking a politician can and will deliver them from the ditch they are in because of their attempts to abandon their responsibility to be free.

One cannot defy Natural Universal law and expect to be healthy, wealthy, wise and happy. Because Nature will always have its way. And one of the beauties of nature is, it is the great Teacher. Because we have not abided by its teachings by defiance of its rules, we keep on bucking, as if we were riding a wild horse, and on the verge of collapse into the totality of the transformed system of Socialism, embracing both brands of fascism and communism. Foolishly using energy attacking the man who heads the transformation, while he’s thumbing his nose, and bragging about what he’s doing next. That is legalizing the millions of illegals he allowed into this country. He was not elected to represent them.

No change of direction on the horizon, because the majority have not admitted their wrongs in behavior and keep blaming those they placed in charge with power to transform, and have initiated that transformation.

Still can’t come to grips with the reality, we cannot vote ourselves out of the bondage we voted ourselves into. So engrossed in the lies of Propaganda, and so taken, line, hook and sinker by controlled media propaganda, too painful to admit the mistake individuals have made. And do not want to assume the self-responsibility and self-control required by freedom. And refusing to admit that’s the reason we are where we are today.

“What fools we mortals be.” Refusing to recognize and believe it’s our abandonment of the fact Freedom requires “Eternal Vigilance” and our decision to neglect, then defy that Universal truth, is the cause of our dilemma ending the year 2014.

A reminder apropos relative to making illegals legal, comes this quote from the book “Inherit The Wind.” “I say that you cannot administer a wicked law impartially. You can only destroy. You can only punish: I warn you that a wicked law like Cholera, destroys everyone it touches – it’s upholders as well as its defiers.”

Let Freedom Ring
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